R2-D2 Screaming Door

R2-D2 Screaming Door

This hotel’s lobby door sounds just like R2-D2 screaming when it opens.

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19 Responses

  1. Hank Hill says:

    I opened a door at a walmart once and it said “BWAAHA””

  2. Jack says:

    I like how the first suggested video I see is called “noises from hell”

  3. NEON MULLET says:

    The only video worth being trending in months.

  4. Dude says:

    (949) 226-1131
    Call this number and tell him he’s a child molesting fuck. And call him
    Richard (his name isn’t Richard and he’s going crazy because people keep
    calling him Richard lol).
    Sit back and have a laugh.

  5. Nam de Porceri says:

    here at 484K views

  6. Lando Lanstetter says:

    BB-8 ain’t got shit on R2!

  7. Trip says:

    the texas chainsaw massacre was a staged false flag HOAX setup by the CIA
    in order for the government to take our chainsaws away

  8. Josh McDonald says:

    Oh man! Where’s C-3PO when you need him?

  9. dedpxl says:

    doesn’t sound the same to me.

  10. Minister Apparently says:

    You’re gonna need some WD40 for your R2D2 door. That’ll be $320.

  11. Letonqua Jackson says:

    Obama says they didn’t build dat! Someone else made dat happen.

  12. peter lee says:

    A reaction to a door opening…. Fine bros are coming

  13. Magnesium Fluoride says:

    All of the best skipping rocks are in the middle of the lake.

  14. YamiZee says:

    Plot twist. This door was used in the recording of the movies.


    DAMN DANIEL~~These people must live in the town of Bumblefuk…

  16. Jameson Koolio says:

    only amerifats would find this funny

  17. Strong Hoov says:

    HAH That`s hilarious

  18. Syirine says:

    This is so stupid…
    Why the hell is this trending…?
    Why so many likes…?
    Are you people retarded…?

    Seriously though, what the fuck.

  19. tyrone biggums says:

    this dudes laugh is better than the door noise