R2D2 ANA Jet unveiling

R2D2 ANA Jet unveiling

Boeing and ANA unveiling the R2D2 Dreamliner, the first of several Star Wars Dreamliners the airline will add in the months ahead. Read my full post at http://www.travelpro.us/2015/09/ana-and-boeing-unveil-first-star-wars.html and see http://www.travelpro.us/2015/08/ana-to-add-more-planes-in-star-wars.html for more on the other planes to yet come!

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20 Responses

  1. Bryan Cortez says:

    the next day all 284 passengers were lost at sea.

  2. Dota Bytes says:

    at *Space

  3. Hermie Merlos says:

    I rate it 9/11

  4. anthony15601 says:

    +HWCentral Boo hoo I am offended

  5. LittleBigTazbio says:

    Jet fuel can’t melt steam beams

  6. Herp Derp says:

    +Hermie Merlos would give it a 10/11 if its jet fuel could melt steel beams

  7. Hermie Merlos says:

    Why are people hating on my rating, sad face.

  8. Jpo C says:

    Japan, safe clean, no crime no Blacks

  9. Jacob Graber says:

    +Jpo C idea situation all around

  10. King PeanutButter says:


  11. Mobius One says:

    A beautiful aircraft no matter what paint job it has.

  12. Smelly Ass Cheeks says:


  13. Chaitanya Goyal says:

    This will go viral.. I call it

  14. POOpStiNkPiE says:


  15. korencek says:

    it looks like a flying cigar. and it will probably burn out like a cigar.
    ppl should learn not to trust boeing. plane problems are like 100 to 1
    compared to airbus.

  16. Carl Dombek says:

    +korencek Sorry, your “statistics” are dead wrong. When you pull out the
    crashes that are pilot error, like the Asiana 777 that crashed at SFO or
    the two 747s that collided in Teniriffe, Canary Islands, the manufacturers
    are about even, and both have excellent safety records.

  17. Rob Barrett says:

    That’s it. Japan just officially got more awesome!!!

  18. BolivianFishKeeper says:

    I was not planning to go to Japan ,but will have to fly in this beauty

  19. evodevo says:

    ⭕️⭕️ Are all the $$$ , they promo it to juvie kids with outdated Star Wars
    ka ka❓Jeeeez… this just ain’t goin viral / guaranteed it won’t❗️

  20. fredfred burger says:

    R2D2’s penis