Rabbit Hole – blink-182 [LYRIC VIDEO]

Rabbit Hole – blink-182 [LYRIC VIDEO]

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Available everywhere July 1, 2016

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Video Made by:
Momcilo Motzo Bozic
Digital Marionette Studios

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20 Responses

  1. RazeAVillage says:

    Is this a song about skepticism? I like it.

  2. Matt Bell-Roberts says:

    It’s the Mark Mark and Travis show

  3. Kyle Phillips says:

    This song is written towards Tom! Watch the video of toms UFO interview and
    he talks about his last show about notfalling into a rabbit hole leaving
    the band

  4. Del says:

    Matt Skibba keeps this band real!


    It is best to blink since 2005

  6. Khai The Grouch says:

    i can actually see this being on TOYPAJ.

  7. AlterFX says:

    I became a huge fan of Blink just after Tom had left and I always had this
    constant feeling that I will never get a chance to experience Blink 182
    like other fans did when Albums like Enema, TOYPAJ and Self titled were
    released if that makes any sense. Nirvana was always like that for me I
    grew up listening to them but I was born after Kurt’s death so I never ever
    got to experience new song releases or live shows. But the fact that Blink
    is now releasing new music and playing shows I actually get to live this!
    Im so so so fucking happy to know that i get to hear a album while they are
    still together and I’m happy that I get the opportunity to see Blink in
    September. It is honesty a dream come true. Not to sound like a bitch or
    anything but I will legit cry tears of joy at the show in Portland
    (probably not) But im really looking forward to it. I will be so content
    with my life after that hahaha

  8. Across The Sea says:

    +44 is killing it!

  9. Wulfgang Stern says:

    (unlike fall-out boy) Blink-182 keeps to its roots and continues to kick

  10. Willian Viana says:

    BRAZIL !!!

  11. Smokey Zebrah says:


  12. JAIME BM says:

    Cant wait until california

  13. Rocky Gomez says:

    Blink 182 rulez ??

  14. Venomous Vince says:

    Cry some more, Matt sounds great with Mark and Travis

  15. Chris Thornley says:

    I’ll be seeing you guys next weekend at Firefly music festival

  16. marc diaz says:

    Como q al principio no me convence pero luego ya me van gustando

  17. Punk Skates says:

    well done guys fucking love it !!!!!!… plus im happy to hear matts voice
    as well :)

  18. Niko The Ferret says:

    they still exist umm what

  19. Sam Weingart says:

    I think it’s hard for a lot of fans to appreciate the new vocalist of this
    band because Tom was so important to how Blink-182 sounded. It’s a common
    problem for other bands who replace their vocalists as well. Each vocalist
    is the frontrunner for the band in a way; they’re the ones in the front of
    every band picture – The face that everyone associates the band with. So
    when someone new comes along and they don’t fit in with the fan base right
    away (which is almost all the time), it’s because it doesn’t seem like they
    give off the same “magic” that the first vocalist helped create.

    We also have to consider the singer’s songwriting abilities as well,
    because they usually are a big player in that process as well. So even if
    the band manages to “sound” similar to their old selves, the song
    structures, melodies, and lyrics of the new material might feel off. We
    don’t know why, but it just doesn’t give off that nostalgic “vibe” that the
    old music gives us.

    Even if the new music does sound like older Blink, it is not older Blink.
    It does not FEEL like older Blink.

    There. I said it.

  20. Juan Andrés Mendez Jiménez says:

    Prefiero más a este blink que el blink de neighborhoods Tom estaba
    convirtiéndo a blink en ava