Raccoon swims in pool

Raccoon swims in pool

Raccoon swims in pool and his brother tries to get him out. Cute!

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20 Responses

  1. Sand W says:

    nice video..enjoyed!!

  2. Amber Archbold says:


  3. Alpha Columbia says:

    Can we eat racoons ?

  4. TheTerrairan Genius says:

    Thank you! Finally one with the competence to hold their iphone sideways!

  5. Catherine3385 says:


  6. OrDiNaRy Mo says:

    awe ?

  7. MakeMeThinkAgain says:

    Great names. I guess the next one will be either Tompall or Jessie.

  8. Dan Langdon says:

    Did I hear right? They’re called Willie and Waylon?

  9. branflakes says:

    i couldve watched that for an hour

  10. Shane Brock says:

    I’m just saying I hope those are your pets and you keep them clean because
    I work in pool management and racoons carry a deadly strain of bacteria
    that chlorine doesn’t kill

  11. J Butera says:

    please tell what camera you’re using

  12. MrLight54 says:

    Since when could you domesticate racoons?

  13. MELI107 says:

    This is too cute for words!

  14. IvyatHeart says:

    So sweet…I love their names. Such cute little gaffers.

  15. Joel Carretero says:

    They are re-creating Titanic.

  16. Aaliyah Ealy says:

    Awww, it looked like Willy was trying to pull him out the water lol. Too

  17. Curtis McAllister says:

    Those are the cleanest looking raccoons on earth.