Race Highlights | 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

An unbelievable race to end an unforgettable season…

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37 Responses

  1. Pongfinity says:

    Unreal scenes, what a season finale. Hats off to both drivers for bringing us all the best F1 season of all time. 👏👏 A season that will be remembered forever 🙌

  2. REVERSAL says:

    What a season!
    Won’t ever forget this one.
    Thank you Max & Lewis.

  3. Oregon Adam says:

    The excitement in Max’s engineer’s gives me goosebumps. You can hear how much it means to him and the team. Pure emotion 😄

    • Altered Data says:

      Thats Alex Albon who jumps on the radio first.

    • muhammad wahyu hidayat says:

      @Altered Data Jos Verstappen (Father) and Dustin Poirier has now proud for Max Verstappen wins the world champion by age of 25 years old. Congrats SUPER MAX!!!!👍👍👍💪💪

  4. S W says:

    This moment when Letifi failing to overtake Schumacher leads to Hamilton failing to overtake Schumacher

  5. CubeHead says:


  6. MsOnkel01 says:

    You can say, what you want, but Perez did an awesome job! Hamilton lost 5 seconds in 1 lap. That was incredible!

  7. Star Lord says:

    Perez’s defending,
    Kimi’s send off
    Nail biting tension
    Last lap decisieve battle for the title.
    What an absolutely incredible race..
    Edit: let’s not forget Yuki’s p4

    • Love and Peace says:

      It didn’t matter what ever happened during the 57 laps of this race. This race could have been 1 lap and end like it did today. Ridiculous…

    • Conekiii says:

      @Love and Peace cope

    • Da Coco Nut Nut says:

      Smoooooooooth operator at it too!!

    • Casey Brooks says:

      @Love and Peace after reading multiple articles in which multiple regulations were brought up and all settled with the stewards steadfast in their decision confirmed him the winner. Had it gone the other way, it would most certainly be the same way. But in either case, the way the rules were interpreted holds verstappen as champion.

  8. Osama Pungky AL-Marokhi says:

    Checo is a absolutely legend, he hold max until his engine broke, what a man, he fight realy hard for his teammate, what a man

  9. Bingun Fernando says:

    Checo is the type of teammate we all need🔥 what a legend 💯

  10. Michael Ludovici says:

    Max: “Checo is a legend”
    GP: “Absolute animal”

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