Race Highlights | 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Another huge twist in the story of 2022, as the championship hots up in the Land of Fire…

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52 Responses

  1. REVERSAL says:

    Everyone at the start of 2022 season:
    “Red Bull has so many reliability issues!”

    Ferrari: “Hold my beer!”

  2. Andre Ungerer says:

    The way Vetel swung around to rejoin the race was probably the best moment in the race.

  3. old chief smoke says:

    vettels 180 and taping up a rear wing was the most exciting part about the race

  4. Solzy says:

    That spin vettel did at 2:00 is just wonderful! maybe could have been p5 without the mistake but what a recovery by seb.

  5. Semi says:

    Ferrari is so generous this year, literally gifting podiums to other teams to keep things interesting

  6. Udit Shah says:

    It’s incredible how Vettel puts his foot down to bring his tractor home. He’s literally Flintstone-ing that medieval cart

  7. Ivander85 says:

    Perez now 2nd in the drivers championship gotta be another huge slap in the face for Ferrari. Max went from “underdog” and chasing Leclerc to distancing him at now 34 points. Crazy turnaround within a couple of months.

  8. Patriot36 says:

    Ferrari, the only richest team that could introduce every possible mistake or mechanical to lose a championship. No other team could do it like them.

  9. Player says:

    Hats off for our guys Gasly, Vettel, Alonso and Ricciardo

    • Eugen says:

      And driver of the day went to Hamilton, did his mom get more PCs to vote or what?

    • レーヴェースガーボル says:

      To Yuki too btw. Yuki has so much bad luck tbh

    • f says:

      @Angus Pickering tbh they were just way too slow on the straights. They did very well to get some points.

    • Angus Pickering says:

      @Azar Alamouri would have been better if DR was allowed to overtake Lando in the 1st stint. Might have caught Alonso when it was on Hards. Medium didn’t work for either McLaren.

    • Azar Alamouri says:

      I kind of like these guys especially Riccardo, Riccardo improved but did not perform today, also, you forgot that always, always hats off for Norris, and hats off for Ocon today as well managing those tyres, and hats off for Albon no being last.

  10. Sketchupdave says:

    I’m no Ferrari fan, but it hurt even me seeing that double dnf.

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