Race Highlights | 2022 Belgian Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2022 Belgian Grand Prix

F1 returned after the summer break with instant drama at the start!

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42 Responses

  1. ThatDudeinBlue says:

    I feel like being a driver and seeing Verstappen in your rear view mirror you would just take a deep sigh and say “oh great”

  2. TheApexHound says:

    I think Sainz deserves a lot of credit for holding on to the podium considering how much faster the Merc looked towards the end of the race.

  3. Senninha mcl says:

    Ohhh, What a constant performance. Trying to get an extra point, just to lose two.
    Ferrari never disappoint!.

  4. Gothbeast11 says:

    Verstappen just racing himself at this point. Every race is basically free practice

    • CatSandpaper says:

      @oness I just hate the bias against max when he is clearly an extremely talented driver, not gonna say he is the better than the others listed but, he could be given time

    • CatSandpaper says:

      @Loogi Balloogi if you don’t think max is a special driver given all he has accomplished and his track record than I can only say you are horribly biased against him and don’t know wheel.

    • Loogi Balloogi says:

      @CatSandpaper There have been many drivers who have gone from LAST to first. Max didn’t even start from last. He isn’t special.

    • Syed Saad Ali Qazi says:


    • Gordon Freeman says:

      Some of you are like: “iF Max rODe a DonKEy woUld hE wIN?”

  5. Daltira says:

    Wouldn’t be a normal race without Latifi crashing

  6. Pe11e says:

    It’s just mind boggling at this point how much Verstappen is quicker.

  7. RodHammett95 says:

    One of Max’s best wins! Dominant victory from P14, man is in a league of his own.

    • thesnackbandit says:

      @Marwan Mabrook Perez??? You didn’t think that through did you? Obviously the car plays a massive role, but he’s in a league of his own currently.

    • robert says:

      @Marwan Mabrook yep, just like Sainz was faster than him at AT, Kviat had to stay at RB, Ricciardo was sabotaged, Gastly, Albon…. And the 2021 was only 1 racd and that was the last where …..
      We always see types like you. Nomatter what the facts are, they have their own creative twist.

    • Bony says:

      @Marwan Mabrook well 7 world championship of Lewis’s wins on Merc proves your argument

    • Roman says:

      @Marwan Mabrook yes they are?💀💀💀what are you on

    • fnsniper42 says:

      @Lourenço Dias what a well sophisticated answer

  8. TheSighBored says:

    Ferrari continuing their self sabotaging streak, great success!

  9. Zangko says:

    Love how the strategy department in Maranello is always coming up with something new to entertain us. Thats creativity at its best.

  10. Osmar Sanchez says:

    Gotta love Ferrari, they never disappoint me at disappointing me

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