Race Highlights | 2022 British Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2022 British Grand Prix

A dramatic day of racing at Silverstone as we witnessed a new driver take his first step on top of the podium.

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50 Responses

  1. REVERSAL says:

    Crazy to think people used to doubt the halo. I’m so relieved Zhou is fine!

    • Saabjock says:

      @chuck meister You must be new.
      Tell that to Francois Cevert and Jochen Rindt’s families.

    • gallahant says:

      Crazy that i can’t remember any GP that i have been watching from 95 onwards that someone was in danger of losing his head because of the absence of a safety device like the halo. (That is except Jules crash). Now all of a sudden we have multiple instances per year that a driver is saved because of the halo. I hate the look of it, but it is for sure a must have protection.

    • Apexclip says:

      @chuck meister Absolutely. The “new” F1 fans think drivers were dying left and right in F1 before the halo. Meanwhile, MotoGP riders ride very close to this pace and don’t even wear a Leatt type neck brace.

    • Gags Double J says:

      Excuse me Sir/Madam
      Are you saved?
      If you died tonight are you going to heaven?
      Jesus loves you

    • Fazlur Rahman says:

      Big relief that Zhou is unhurt! Thanks to the huge steps in safety.

  2. Vishnu P says:

    How leclerc competes with his 27+ older hard tyres against fresh softs , this man is a true hero. Ferrari strategists should take care of him.

    • Jnn Nkc says:

      @Popistan Iuliu Dude,how can you compare it? Abudhabi,Hamilton had 44+ laps old hard tires and one lap,while Leclerc had 27+ laps old hard tires and 10 laps,with faster car than the others,no brainer why he could pull all that.

    • Post Captain Aubrey says:

      @lorenzo massetti 10-15 more impressive

    • Ryan Waugh says:

      @Andre Walters even fresh hard tyres are no mat or soft. Plus it takes longer to warm hard tyres and even longer still to warm used hard tyres. He was brilliant on those tyres

    • Isaac M says:

      @Michał Kasprowicz Sainz had the same car has Charles and he passed after 2nd corner.

    • Isaac M says:

      14 laps old hard tyres. Why the need to exaggerate?

  3. Le Patron says:

    This race was full of surprises throughout and you couldn’t stop watching for a single moment. The top 6 finished within 11 seconds of the leader while the top 10 were within 24 seconds! Finally the smooth operator got a win and I have never seen so many drivers fighting for the podium without making contact. The best race in F1 after a long time without any interference from the FIA!

  4. Geo Gmz says:

    crazy race! I’m a Mercedes fanboy but I have to admit not having a team so dominant every single race made this season a lot more fun to watch.

    • timonxDlol says:

      Can‘t agree. It‘s pretty boring, because they are slower than rb and ferrari, but faster than all others and always end up behind the rb and ferrari unless some random stuff happens

    • Mark Sutherland, Jr. says:

      I don’t like Mercedes, but with the way things have been going for them. It WAS nice seeing them tangled up in the front! Makes for better racing when everyone has a dog in the fight!!

    • Metrofilmer88 says:

      Agree however, Red Bull have been pretty dominant this year

    • Panucci75 says:

      What are you talking about? The pace of the Redbull is a no match. Same thing is with the Ferrari. We can only for a reliability problem or other circumstances like the one from yesterday in order to catch up with them. But I think by mid-season Mercedes will be on par with these two front runners

    • ecstasy says:

      Indeed! Sad Russell had to sit this one out

  5. Kuranes says:

    Leclerc overtaking Hamilton at Copse on the outside with older tires is quite incredible

    • zach robert says:

      @Varna2varna that ferrari is still clear of mercs. With a more recent PU it’s Leclerc and ferrari they were going to bottle it either way. Ham was ridiculous setting fastest pace esp in the middle sector

    • Burn Stick says:

      @Rins K Also shows how washed Perez is, Leclerc had a broken car, old hard tires and still overtook him.

    • Burn Stick says:

      @Michał Kasprowicz if hamilton causes crashes as soon as someone goes wheel to wheel that how did leclerc go twice through copse with hamilton on the inside? hmmm

    • D B says:

      @Varna2varna his “old” hards were 15 laps old and a broken wing cost around 5 points in aero which did not make a difference during the overtake but go off. I am a Ferrari fan but you guys gotta stop this narrative.

    • Seve Garza says:

      I know! I was so frustrated when they showed Leclerc’s onboard though that corner instead of showing them side by side. Could have had an amazing highlight.

  6. Pieface23 says:

    7 minutes isn’t enough I think we need another extended special, one of the best races I’ve ever seen!

  7. Param Drall says:

    The BEST Race of like last 5 seasons !!!

    Kept everyone on edge of the seats !

  8. Alex Roberts says:

    “Why do you watch F1? its just cars going round in circles”

    This. This kind of race is why we do it!!

  9. Laureus says:

    Despite starting with a horrific (but thankfully, non-fatal) crash, this was a great race! An excellent win for Sainz! 👏👏

  10. Eric Munoz says:

    Today is the day Checo went from been “The Minister of Defense” to become “The Commander in Chief”. What an amazing race

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