Race Highlights | 2022 Dutch Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2022 Dutch Grand Prix

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49 Responses

  1. Edison says:

    Ferrari never fails to disappoint, but I still support them because their drivers are actually rather talented and above average.

  2. Jona de Geus says:

    Russell pulled a killer move demanding softs and racing his own race

    • Dietpepsivanilla says:

      @Z Sure, keep telling yourself that. Some of you Lewis fans are tools.

    • Dietpepsivanilla says:

      @BA Lewis could have overruled. He’s done it before in his career. He relies too much on his team and not his own savvy.

    • Dietpepsivanilla says:

      @dvs9019 Boy that’s delusional. Lewis was the one who juked over on GW during the pass. Had George not been alert he would have run into the back of Sir Lewis and then both Mercedes’ would have been out. That would have been Lewis effing over the team. Fact.

    • Jay O says:

      @instantsurgery explain to me how he isn’t? and how lewis is?

    • instantsurgery says:

      @Jay O Russel is not a team player

  3. Kayla Bond says:

    Guys ferrari are actually masterclass strategists. They noted how hamilton won at silverstone with only 3 wheels so they looked at emulating that as surely they can win in a similar fashion.

  4. ETTEM says:

    I love how Sainz before this GP defended Ferrari’s incompetence just to get rewarded with… Ferrari’s incompetence.
    Typical Ferrari moment.

  5. notions. says:

    Ferrari never disappoints me at disappointing me.

  6. AlexF1 says:

    Lewis’ race turned around faster than Ferrari’s season

    • Danish Meman says:

      @The Barça Boardroom Ferrari should consider themselves lucky they even got into the top 5 in this race. Russell took the gamble and Mercedes should have called Lewis in. The safety was another bonanza for Red Bull and saved them from fighting at the end and coming out behind the Mercs.

    • Elnaz Afarin دکتر آفرین says:

      love u from Holland 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

    • Themoparman says:

      @Freddarau maybe Lewis will take notes so next time he can get the podium too. Lol

    • Mark Williams says:

      @Mark Jones With Leclerc lapping _nine-tenths_ faster than Hamilton when he passed him, he probably would have followed Verstappen past both Mercs and might even have taken first.

    • Diego Garcia says:

      @Sparks Fly I’ll send some sweet snacks your way to counteract the large amount of salt brewing on your end, its not healthy m8

  7. Dan says:

    Redbull: “We’re doing a third pitstop”
    Mercedes: “We’re doing two cars for our pitstop”
    Ferrari: *We do three tyres for our pitstop*

  8. Ian Coenradie says:

    we cant ignore the fact that Perez’s first pitstop (with the wheelgun accident) was PERFECTLY 2.0 seconds

  9. Hamza Chaudhry says:

    Underrated performance from Fernando. P13 to P6, defending on old tyres at the end.

    • Bird Without Wings says:

      @LeonardiLifter cmon man alonso is the guy who nearly won a championship in a shitbox ferrari

    • LeonardiLifter says:

      @Tom Webb Alonso is probably not as quick as Max but better with tire management and defending. Not that you’d have to defend too often with that Red Bull though lol

    • Tom Webb says:

      Max was voted driver of the day but i reckon Alonso matched it but midfielders never get as much love. I wonder how Alonso would do in a Red Bull? Not that it would ever happen

    • borjinha10 says:

      And attacking Checo in the last 2 laps. That last safety car was bad for him but a mega performance anyway.

  10. Ilyushin says:

    Nico is a Menace… my man literally said “ *Formula 2 and 3 teams have a better management and strategy team for races then Ferrari does* “ 💀

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