Race Highlights | 2022 Singapore Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2022 Singapore Grand Prix

Our return to the Marina Bay Street Circuit was an action-packed one! Watch all the best bits from a dramatic race, as F1 returned to the streets of Singapore for the first time since 2019.

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31 Responses

  1. Miguel Dias says:

    I think the defense master of this race was Latifi, putting Zhou against the wall was genius

  2. Biggest Chad says:

    Checo was driving at new level for him this race, unbelivable

  3. Vishal Singh says:

    Perez creating that +5 second gap towards the end, because of the penalty , was stellar 👌

    • Krishnendu Kes says:

      @Antonio Di Marco I don’t know why you are saying this. But okay.
      Just for the record, the precedence of such an incident was 5 seconds. And Perez was asked to build that lead.

    • Krishnendu Kes says:

      @Lew Hui I think so too. But he could have tried to keep it under 5 seconds since they discussed on team radio.

    • Lew Hui says:

      Tbf leclerc backed out after 2.5s rather to bring it home 2nd than dnf

    • Antonio Di Marco says:

      @Krishnendu Kes it’s a fact not an opinion, the penalty had to be given during the race, thay had the images and the time to do so. They just waited to see the gap and apply a penalty to keep him 1st.

    • Trey Ræz says:

      I think it was more charles running out of steam(and tires), over the radio it sounded like checo didn’t even know about the penalty until a while after. Regardless, dude mopped the rest of the field

  4. KnightWolf says:

    The most cutest moment of the race Perez and Charles sitting on the ground relaxing after a long tiring drive

  5. Drunken Hobo says:

    Verstappen’s win streak ending at 5 really shows how special Vettel’s 9-in-a-row was. Even the best driver in the best car can have an off-day. Think it’ll remain as one of Vettel’s unbeatable records.

  6. showsen_ few says:

    Checo is a beast on street circuits. When Pérez is really focused, it’s almost unbeatable.

  7. Aarón Cadena says:

    En mi opinión esta es la mejor carrera de Checo desde el inicio hasta el final, demostrando lo que vale y callando bocas…
    Fuerte abrazo Checo, desde Cancún…
    México, Claro!!!

    • Gregorio Ortiz says:

      Con todo respeto pero Checo no tiene nada que demostrar ni callar a nadie, desde que debutó en F1 ha demostrado su capacidad dando grandes resultados con pocos recursos; los que conocemos la categoría sabemos que es de los mejores, aunque tal vez nunca logre ningún campeonato ya que no es tramposo ni egoísta como los consentidos de la FIA. P.D. Podríamos decir que heredó del “Ojos de Gato” la maestría y seguridad al conducir, así que su mote de “Ministro de Defensa” está más que justificado.

  8. Jose ramirez says:

    felicidades checo todo México vibra de alegría por este triunfo que has obtenido hoy en Singapur gracias por poner el nombre de México en lo más Alto,wooouu🤩🤩🤩🤩

  9. Prince Fandi says:

    Imagine if max get the pole

  10. Thunderhawk51 says:

    That team radio they gave to Perez, “let’s disappear” was absolutely amazing. And Leclerc never saw him since! 😁 I’d be severely disappointed if that’s not included in F1 animated. Too bad it wasn’t here either. They didn’t cover the penalty at all.

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