Race Highlights | 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

It was all GO on the streets of Baku! Enjoy all the best bits from Azerbaijan.

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35 Responses

  1. ezay says:

    Whoever managed to stretch this video to 7 minutes, deserves a medal.

  2. Higor Gomes says:

    O Pérez tem algo mágico com os circuitos de rua!

  3. johnowow says:

    Glad to see Leclerc’s form back, Red Bull is still wildly fast

  4. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Great to see Leclerc finally getting a podium. It was the best possible result given the Red Bulls are in a league of their own. Perez once again proving he is a street circuit king while Alonso gets another great result. Also, Baku usually delivers great races but this one was a snoozefest.

  5. Richard Roe says:

    So we’re just going to pretend like FIA didn’t have a bunch of people standing in the pit lane while the race was still ongoing? Could have been a fatal accident right there. F1 once again covering their own skin by cutting out the embarrassing parts.

    • Matt Woodworth says:

      @Fastbikkel easily one of the most talked-about points of the race. If it wasn’t embarrassing it would have made the highlight reel, 100%.

    • Togg Tlas says:

      @Fastbikkel @Fastbikkel Jesus. I hope you’re at least getting payed by the F1 PR people to sell your soul with posts like that. Hands down most embarrassing take of the week.

    • Roo Roo says:

      @Fastbikkel lol boot licker. That was the most talked about moment of the entire day and you’re going with ‘they had to cut it’.

    • MoD1982 says:

      I’m surprised I had to scroll down this far to find someone saying this

    • Alex Rod says:

      Finally someone!

  6. dmasters 180 says:

    Very happy for Perez, he 100% deserved that win. Alonso did brilliantly and liked how he was helping Stroll with feedback, nice teamwork there. Hamilton did great on the restart too. Not a particularly action filled race but hoping the future will change that.

    • HunterZ The Lunatic says:

      @Jason Kiigespere Uhhhh meatrider

    • Disguised Poro says:

      I think I heard verstappen says he’s strugling

    • Aniruddha B says:

      @Detueftler how low can you go? Seriously? Now blaming the set up of his car. You made me laugh man

    • dmasters 180 says:

      @Christian path_090 yep remember last year when LH got terrible experimental setups earlier in the season and all the toxic haters just called Lewis slow at driving. Now the tables have turned and hypocrisy is at an all time high.
      These fans that said “oh Max just had the wrong setup” I guarantee are those people that gave Hamilton s*** when he was on different setups. Only on this race Lewis not only was in the same (if not worse position than Max after the safety car came out) overtook not only his team mate but also 2 other cars within 2 laps after the safety car.

    • Christian path_090 says:

      @Detueftler so? If true it just means Checo is better at setting up his car in a short amount of time, and only adds to his prestige here.

  7. a6a50934 says:

    Bien hecho Checo y Red Bull Team!!! Vancouver Canada supports you, Never Give Up!

  8. Mustakim Rahman says:

    I just can’t get over Alonso. Race after race the legend delivers.

  9. el almirante says:

    De Jalisco para el mundo , felicidades Checo Pérez por este logro . Viva México y viva América !!!

  10. Vortex Lunaa says:

    Checo is just perfect on these street circuits

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