Race Highlights | 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix

F1 is BACK! Watch all the best bits from our opening race of the season.

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41 Responses

  1. FORMULA 1 says:

    Commentary for the Bahrain Grand Prix comes from F1 TV’s Alex Jacques, David Coulthard and Jolyon Palmer.

  2. NTX | imPULSE says:

    Fernando Alonso is a legend!

  3. r e v e l a r e_ XVII says:

    It’s insane to see Aston Martin on the podium let alone see Fernando back on the podium after so long.

  4. Sue D Lamb says:

    Fernando to Hamilton in turn 10 is like watching Zidane dribbling across the field. Such a class.

  5. Menandro Plan says:

    Alonso’s talent is immense. Crazy to see him picking right back where he left off

  6. Hypernoxies says:

    Alonso all of a sudden unleashing his inner prime for 2023 🔥

  7. Drake says:

    Watching Alonso take an alternate line through a corner to setup the overtake at the next is just masterful. I’m so here for this.

  8. MBA 95 says:

    Aston Martin has created a monster. Both of their drivers felt so fast and confident in the cars.

  9. pliniogti says:

    Uma Honra assistir Alonso num carro competitivo, combativo e limpo nas disputas roda a roda, sempre deixando espaço e fazendo movimentos inteligentes, espero que ela tenha carro pra competir assim essa temporada toda.

  10. Red MGL says:

    Alonso at P3 is just everything!!!! ❤️ I really gonna love this season for sure.

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