Race Week DAY 1: Check In and Racing – Ruby and Leroy Make AWESOME First Passes!

Race Week DAY 1: Check In and Racing – Ruby and Leroy Make AWESOME First Passes!

Here we are on Day 1 of Rocky Mountain Race Week! Leroy and Ruby throw down some awesome first rips, and survive for the drive to Denver!
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66 Responses

  1. Welcome To The Madness says:

    Now I want to know what’s up with that video in the VAULT!

  2. MrDavidelliottjr says:

    Missed seeing Leroy make passes. The gear changes sound so good. The attention he draws is awesome

  3. Roscoe Coltrane says:

    Who needs a speedometer when you can look at James’ eyebrows?

    Edit: Another observation, James definitely became a mechanic by necessity lol

    • Roscoe Coltrane says:

      @boxed fenders You might think he is lookin at it from the job security standpoint, but he treats his car the same way lol

    • boxed fenders says:

      @Roscoe Coltrane and the wago if you watch that redemption video of the boosted boiz that’s what made me think that it’s every. Car. He. Drives.

    • Caleb Bitz says:

      @Roscoe Coltrane im sure he is secure. Cleetus probably gives him a salary and he has to work when cleetus says. No matter what it is.

    • Roscoe Coltrane says:

      @Caleb Bitz Yeah “work” riiiiiight

    • Talon4x4 says:

      @boxed fenders Gotta admit though, the shifts in wago were on fucking point. No chance of missed gear the way he was going.

  4. Cody Vivit says:

    It’s magical when Cleetus uploads a video, because every time I hit the like button, I hear the bald eagles scream!?

  5. Colin says:

    yep — vault video take a bow…………. awesome day boys — thanks for posting. can’t wait til tomorrow. Happy Father’s Day y’all.

  6. MyWasteOfTime says:

    Going to love watching this adventure no matter how good or bad it goes! Really enjoy your style of video and how charismatic everyone is!

  7. nineoclockhero says:

    Hard to explain but you guys make me feel like part of the team. Even though I’m in the UK! Rootin’ for you guys. Bog Deep, do it for Mur Ica, do IT for the world.

  8. Rory Malloy says:

    Cleetus, James is correct. People who come to run 8.50 will run 8.50 on the button if it’s a good driver and car. Need to have 8.5x every pass to win

  9. 79tazman says:

    Cleetus you gotta show us James and the laptop restricted video LOL!!

    • Richie rich says:

      Unlock the vault we need to see

    • Tim Benedict says:

      Come on Cletus don’t leave us hanging bro…..?

    • haterr plays says:

      @Joe danero lol, i was a little sad to see that one die because i own one that has almost 300k miles on it and its still going strong.

    • Joe danero says:

      @haterr plays I have one too in my DD and it’s been a really solid motor. I love my little 4.8 LS. If it breaks I’ll fix it. Stupid easy and cheap to get parts for and really easy to work on. Can’t ask for much more.

    • Lesser Logic says:

      I’m more curious about that, than a lot of things now

  10. GixxerGuy1000 _ says:

    Damn Jamie deserves alot credit for this one.. shoulda had a Dodge pulling the stacker from the beginning I guess.. sad for the Ford guy and his truck though hope everything is ok in the end

    • rjk ‪ says:

      Yeah he never ended up explaining the trailer situation, did his truck break down or something?

    • FishFind3000 says:

      rjk ‪ yea I’m interested what happened.

    • Revmaynard says:

      @rjk ‪ Yea really #truckgate

    • GixxerGuy1000 _ says:

      @rjk ‪f350 believe it blew up and started on fire had oil all over the trailer and everything.. I believe the guy was fine and luckily the trailer didn’t catch fire I don’t know how big the fire got.. watch 1320s video

    • dominick253 says:

      @GixxerGuy1000 _ I just can’t watch the host of 1320. Seems like a really nice guy. Just not a good video personality.

  11. james ellis says:

    Happy fathers day to james, who coincidentally has the same name as me, so happy father’s day to both of us.

  12. Oliver Lewin says:

    Last week at work I finally nailed something that had been bugging me. So I yelled “hell yea brother!”. From the other side of the workshop I heard, “you are on the Cleetus Mcfarland Youtube channel”. A good chat was had ?

    • Cjbarker2 says:

      Oliver Lewin Back when TikTok got big, this was everyone’s thing to do with “Hit or Miss.” I freaking hated it. I’d kill to hear a hearty “Hell yeah brother!” from across the way.

    • Thomas Orfano says:

      I guess they never miss, HUH??

  13. Stan Chase says:

    Should have let James crank Rubester on up a notch to get closer to the 8.5

    • crampynz says:

      James was right. They needed to run another pass that was closer to 8.50. 2 tenths off isn’t going to cut it with this style racing.

    • unsaved013 says:

      yeah i agree, 2 tenths off is a lot, some of the racers at Rock Mt Race Week take it serious and have their stuff on point. Wouldn’t be surprised if a couple guys didn’t run 8.5X already.

    • George says:

      Are they allowed to run an 8.3 to make the average 8.5? Or can they not go faster than 8.5

    • unsaved013 says:

      @George as far as i know in that class they can only turn in 8.500 or slower time slips
      the rules say “– Cars 8.50 and slower.”

    • Wizdom Werks says:

      If your objective is more tilted towards competitive racing and winning then the old saying “risk it for the biscuit” applies. But if you wish to play it safe and have fun while trying to win they made the right move I think. Good luck to them for the rest of the trip!!!

  14. Daniel Rouhi says:

    Cletus goes 8 second
    Cletus: It was slow

    Itsjusta6 goes high 9s
    Gavin: oh my god! I’m shaking

  15. Ben Jones says:

    It would be cool to have a graph overlay before each run to show air temp etc

  16. Let It Reign says:

    *we did as much preparing and planning as we could.*

    Jumps golf carts, rides sketchy bmx bike. Lmao ?

    • dominick253 says:

      Can only study so much before you need to relax and have fun. Being in good spirits is as important as anything.

  17. Tyler27B says:

    You left out the details of what happened on the way there. Awesome vid!

  18. MrHondablink says:

    Love that when you hit the brakes, the front parking lights on LeRoy come on. Classic.

  19. DJBATMANGOLD says:

    The sound of Ruby has changed a lot, and I like it!

  20. 710thcentury digitalboy says:

    you should swap out leeroy’s current old clunker horn for a proper iconic “awooga” horn.

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