Rachel Dolezal Breaks Her Silence: ‘I Identify As Black’ | TODAY

Rachel Dolezal Breaks Her Silence: ‘I Identify As Black’ | TODAY

Rachel Dolezal, fomer NAACP chapter president, sits down with TODAY’s Matt Lauer for an exclusive live interview.
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Rachel Dolezal Breaks Her Silence: ‘I Identify As Black’ | TODAY

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20 Responses

  1. captain explosions says:

    transracial we hit a new level of insanity.

  2. Kim Sisto Robinson says:

    I identify as Angelina Jolie, but I”M NOTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Damn it.

  3. captain explosions says:

    now I identify as an attack helicopter.

  4. Brady McGriff says:

    She’s so hot

  5. Floridianbostonian says:

    She’s a liar. Plain and simple. 

  6. BlkFx says:

    I identify myself as Gouda Cheese, please, respect my choice. 

  7. Kim Lambertz says:

    White woman grows up and hates white parents. She makes choice to reject
    them as fully as possible (except when she is pregnant remains white so she
    can sue the university). Lives life as black, though in reality she is not.
    Her sons are now confused.
    To be continued……..
    By the way, I “identify” with having a new car……..

  8. Salimia100 says:

    If someone who was born male identify himself as a female everyone says its
    courageous, and gender is biological no matter if he changes his identity
    he will still be male. However for example this lady identifies as black,
    people think shes crazy or disrespecting the race, how so? she can
    identify as black if she wants race is purely physical, there is nothing
    biological about race.

  9. dblewis9 says:

    Ok, I give up and tip my hat to The Onion for this brilliant put on and
    piece of political theater.

    The break through moment came when people came up with the term
    “transracial” and THEN began to defend this woman’s theft of an entire
    racial identity to satisfy her oddly neurotic needs.

    We are completely thrugh the looking glass.

  10. baby duck says:

    i didn’t know we can do that

  11. Logan Loalbo says:

    i honestly dont get whats wrong . ppl can do whatever the hell they want
    and i dont get what the big deal is .

  12. Maher Fattouh (HUN73R) says:

    the hypocrisy is too visible
    SJWs are cancer to their cases

  13. BObbYpWNz says:

    If your skin colour is white you ain’t black. 

  14. Jay Patel says:

    First transracial to come out…..

  15. halffox102 says:

    wow really is this what we have come to, people can now identify as a race
    they are not? because you are around black people you are black? are people
    getting crazier everyday?

  16. kiki261191 says:

    Why the hell do people care so much what she wants to look like and if she
    thinks of herself as black on not?

  17. Executnr says:

    She handled the interview good

  18. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    If you identify as Optimus Prime does that make you a transformer?

  19. Gin san says:

    If shes black, then I am white, just gime some *privilege* and tax break

  20. Prynce NY says:

    She’s obviously ashamed of being white. Which is a first I’ve seen. The
    limit most white people go is getting a tan. Not identify as another race,
    that probably really hurt her parents.