Rachel Maddow Recounts Her Phone Call with Donald Trump

Rachel Maddow Recounts Her Phone Call with Donald Trump

Rachel Maddow talks to Seth about the impact the Trump administration has had on the news cycle and recalls an unrecorded conversation with Donald Trump during Republican primaries.
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Rachel Maddow Recounts Her Phone Call with Donald Trump- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Name Relevant? says:

    Having Trump look at you is legally defined as sexual harassment in Canada.

  2. Sate Anne says:

    Nice to see him a bit happier than he was on election night. Chin up fella, that’s the spirit.

  3. rob nisch says:

    Oh,guys afraid of a smart woman.

  4. AdiHD says:

    Filipino here: A warning to most who will criticize our president duterte. A cult-like swarm of die hard filipino nationalists will attack you if you are perceived as “biased” or anti-duterte! Not all filipinos are like them but they are the most rabid group.

  5. Louis Mireles says:

    She’s completely lost credibility since her “groundbreaking” reveal of Trumps tax returns.

  6. A1 VIBES says:

    lol such a crush on racheln?

  7. New Message says:

    Only Lecter could speak in complete sentences.

  8. yahcub says:

    Gosh shes so smart that its actually sexy

  9. Michael Winter says:

    2:15 – Of course those are her shoes.

  10. Diane Owen says:

    You are a hero Rachel. Intelligent, articulate, competent, strong. Keep on!

  11. David Stagg says:

    Seth, how DARE you compare Hannibal Lecter to Trump. First of all, Lecter was highly intelligent while Trump has the mental ability of a 6 year old. Lecter could also remember things he said for more then 5 seconds, whereas Trump has the memory of a goldfish when it comes to what he said previously. And I also recall at least one moment in the film when Lecter shared with another human being. Whereas Trump steals from hardworking middle class piano dealers.

    Hannibal Lecter for president!!

  12. crapstirrer says:

    That last​ point was remarkably accurate. 45 can’t stand it when there’s “FAKE NEWS!” about him but at the same time never stops watching it. A lot like his fans commenting on most news media.

    It takes a special kind of stupid to keep doing this. Either that or they’re just masochists.

  13. Hekat the Evil B-tch says:

    Donald J Trump wants love and acceptance and for everyone to ‘know’ he is all powerful. Kim Jong-un wants love and acceptance and for everyone to ‘know’ he is all powerful. If Donald J Trump and Kim Jong-un meet, they will either explode together or merge into one being…

  14. TheSergio4570 says:

    “Put the deplorables in the basket!”

  15. Kryptonia50 says:

    Trump will never go on her show because she will expose him. Lol

  16. Zzzzzz... says:

    Donald Trump: maybe one of the worst presidents in history.

  17. Diana Pizarro says:

    Rachel, you could do it. You have the passion, the fervor to discover the #russia issue.
    Need volunteers? I’d be more than happy to help get this Neanderthal out of an office he obviously not qualified.

  18. ALL LIVES MATTER says:

    i wonder how much these so called comedians and untrustworthy media outlets get paid to hate trump

  19. Kamion Klarion says:

    Both Rachel Maddow and Madonna should be jailed. One is an terrorist and and the other for releasing Trump’s taxes and failing at it.

  20. Tucker Ecke says:

    Rachel is way funnier than people give her credit for

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