Racist Joke from Hillary Clinton and Bill De Blasio

Racist Joke from Hillary Clinton and Bill De Blasio

Read my article: http://thebernreport.com/hillary-clinton-and-bill-racist-joke/
Hillary literally has no shame. #HillNo. So there is no confusion. C.P stands for Colored People
Im shaking im so angry. Im sorry for whoever this offends, but this has to be shared

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20 Responses

  1. RASHAD GUPTAR says:

    Achhahahhaha that was funny ok give her that

  2. Sean Strader says:

    What is this? These two old politicians are really here to make jokes?
    That’s a joke in and of itself. And cp time? Really? You guys seriously
    rehearsed this and thought that would be ok? I hope you lose votes because
    of this Hillary. You won’t but a man can dream.

  3. Tori Smith says:

    I mean, SNL has done worse

  4. Paul S says:

    link to full video?

  5. Titan NiP says:

    White is a colour to.

  6. Anchor Senjaro says:

    What’s sad is that she’s a democrat that has been demonized by the
    conservative party and right wing media.
    She probably has the intellectual capacity to pass legislation effectively,
    but can’t make up for her for public appearances.

  7. TopShot501st says:

    when you have the black vote in ur back pocket you get away with stupid
    shit like this…

  8. Andrew Usry says:

    I like Hillary for this. I think its ironic and funny.

  9. Max Adams says:

    Haha and people think Trump is rascist while Hillary is making race jokes!

  10. William Scott says:

    Yeah well Bill deserves a F.U

  11. Bread Canful says:

    Yet the majority of black voters still support her…

  12. George Garcia says:

    what is bt time

  13. Steadno says:

    he has black kids. he gets a pass.

  14. Tool0GT92 says:

    I ain’t in no ways tiiiiiiirrrred….

  15. Anti Mage says:

    I am going to vote for Hillary Clinton because I am not a cowardly Bernie

  16. darkespeon64 says:

    i dont get the jokes

  17. lame jules says:


  18. gilbert feliciano says:

    Sick racist

  19. Dana Gorga says:

    hate to have to explain the joke but it wasn’t c.p. time for colored people
    time. It was c.p. time for cautious politician time. If you listen
    carefully and pay attention you would have gotten the joke. It was a lame
    joke but no racial joke. She explained it in the video.

  20. tate dutoit says:

    im a bernie supporter, but this is petty