Radiohead – I Promise

Radiohead – I Promise

I Promise is one of 3 previously unreleased tracks from the album OK
Computer OKNOTOK 1997 – 2017 – available to buy now at

Directed by: Michał Marczak
Produced by: Pulse Films
Cinematography: Monika Lenczewska
Android head designed and constructed by Hanson Robotics
Executive Producer: Rik Green
Service Co Producer:
Tomek Morawski @ HAKA FILMS
Producer: Anna Różalska @ MATCH&SPARK
Production Designer: Mela Melak
Art Director: Jakub Knapik
Production Manager: Marek Skupień
Production Coordinator: Oskar Pimlott, Agnieszka Krawczyńska
Assistant Director: Krzysztof Bagiński, Łukasz Grudziński, Hanna Maciąg
SFX Make Up: Ewa Drobiec
Costumes: Małgorzata Karpiuk
Steadicam Operator: Sebastian Stawowczyk
Casting: Hanna Maciąg
VFX and Grading: The Mill
VFX Lead: Stefan Susemihl
VFX Producer: Claire Meila
Color Grading: Oisin O’Driscoll
DIT: Fixa Film
Editor: Nikodem Chabior
Additional Editing: Piotr Starzyk, Dorota Wardęszkiewicz
Android Operator/Animator: Vytas Krisciunas
Android Creative Consultant: Stephan Bugaj
Android Designer: David Hanson
Android Animator: Zbigniew Czapla
Stills Photographer: Anna Włoch

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20 Responses

  1. Nathan Aaron says:

    I will never stop listening to Radiohead…I promise

  2. Eric Tyler says:

    Phew, for a minute there, they lost themselves

    (love you all)

  3. supposin says:

    Hello Radiohead, Why don’t you play more shows in the UK so fans can get tickets?
    also the north east of England DOES exist. We have newcastle and fish & chips

  4. UnsolvedMysteries says:

    I love you Radiohead..I promise

  5. Stefan Nekvapil says:

    Damn it’s good to hear Thom’s young voice again. We’re blessed to have new old Radiohead!

  6. Wild Mitchell says:

    We’ll forget about that pitiful livestream, shall we?

  7. Ryan Munnelly says:

    The songs RH throw in the bin are still 100X better than most other artists, the consistency and quality of this damn band is just other-worldly.

  8. Black Rouge says:

    Radiohead – I Promise
    I won’t run away no more, I promise
    Even when I get bored, I promise
    Even when you lock me out, I promise
    I say my prayers every night, I promise
    I don’t wish that I’m spread, I promise
    The tantrums and the chilling chats, I promise
    Even when the ship is wrecked, I promise
    Tie me to the rotten deck, I promise
    I won’t run away no more, I promise
    Even when I get bored, I promise
    Even when the ship is wrecked, I promise
    Tie me to the rotten deck, I promise
    I won’t run away no more, I promise

  9. Kossies says:

    Can I start masturbating now?

  10. Rizky Syaiful says:

    If Youtube Live COMPUTER is NOT OK,
    proceed to plan B: conventionally upload it.

    And here we are in the plan B.

  11. Climbing Up The Sounds says:

    Radiohead, come to GUATEMALA please 😅

  12. dmnsn Inc. says:

    so good to hear some Radiohead’s acoustic song

  13. Jashmon Dhabekar says:

    Beautiful song. Nothing extraordinary, which is why we can see why it didn’t make the album but is perfect as a B-side.

  14. PakkeuZ says:

    Thats the guy from paranoid android video. The hat is so similar.

  15. Green Grass says:

    this sounds way more similar to The Bends than to Ok Computer

  16. Maciej Korsan says:

    Filmed in Warsaw, Poland
    Starring: Agata Buzek
    The bus is Ikarus
    Directed by Michał Marczak 🙂

  17. Nicole Lopes says:

    alt-j, arcade fire and radiohead all in the same week? im having the time of my life

  18. DirkDiggler says:

    I am crying tears. I am crying tears.

  19. Akun Yutub says:

    No more covfefe, I promise.

  20. nednednerb says:

    20 years since OK Computer… The Android is perhaps beheaded, but it no longer looks paranoid! Thanks, Radiohead!

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