Rafael Nadal v Daniil Medvedev Extended Highlights (Final) | Australian Open 2022

Rafael Nadal v Daniil Medvedev Extended Highlights (Final) | Australian Open 2022

Extended highlights as Rafael Nadal takes Daniil Medvedev in the final of the Australian Open 2022.

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Welcome to the official Australian Open TV YouTube channel. The Australian Open 2022 main draw runs from 17-30 January in Melbourne. The tournament takes place for the 110th time and is the first Grand Slam of the year. Novak Djokovic is the men’s singles reigning champion and Naomi Osaka is the women’s singles reigning champion. The tournament takes place on 25 hard courts, including Rod Laver Arena, John Cain Arena and Margaret Court Arena. Look out for highlights, press conferences, memorable moments and much more!

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36 Responses

  1. Tudorinc says:

    This is why we love sport – don’t need to even be a tennis fan to appreciate that display of heart and guts

    • MOG MOGGERSON says:

      @J M no offense but if you try to nit pick every little stat then of course you can make it look like every player has failed. Djokovic won 3 out of 4 majors last year, and made the final in the 4th. That’s an INCREDIBLE accomplishment and in all likelihood he would have won this tournament too. His recent losses here were in 2017 and early 2018, the year and a half span of his career where he experienced the worst form of his career and needed surgery.

    • J M says:

      @Garrett1111 Cry some more Covak fans….just as Covak is doing right now in his Serbian bunker. No medal at the Olympics, USO loss in finals, loss at the masters, deported for all the world to see at the AO, proven as a liar and Covid super-spreader. What a difference 6 months makes. LMAO

    • D says:

      Nobody cares. Go back to dark cave

    • Garrett1111 says:

      Every single person who played that tournament has no balls (literally & figuratively) because they stuck a needle in their arm that has literally ZERO to do with health & wellness. When you do everything your government tells you to do you end up a slave. Resist. Say no. Hold the mother f’n line. 🇺🇸

    • J M says:

      Greatest fighter in the history of our sport. Most majors, two career slams…one of them being the golden slam.

  2. Mac Mini says:

    This man is the definition of a fighter, his greatest achievement on the hard court surface. My GOAT

    • Sai Droid says:

      Holy cow you people are such fools feeding the troll that is @mog moggerson. If you recognize a troll, why keep feeding it? He may not even be novax fan but instead a fedtard trying to stir up shits between the nadal and novax fans.

      Stop feeding trolls

    • Stueww says:

      @MOG MOGGERSONHey clown. Rafa just outplayed Daniil in the last 3 sets, period. Even Daniil said Nadal was insanely good after the 3rd set, no excuse. Keep crying Nadal is top 1 GOAT now.

    • T Thompson says:

      @MOG MOGGERSON What make you so sure. Medvedev got Djokovic’s number. Medvedev would choke Djoker again. You’ve forgotten that Djokovic lost twice in the Olympic last year to Zverev and Pablo Carreño Busta. Then he lost to Zverev again in the Nitto semi. With your reasoning, I could also argue that Djokovic should have lost to Federer twice if Federer didn’t choke. If Nadal didn’t choke, he would have won the 2nd set and won the match in 4 sets.

    • Joshua Johnson says:

      🤡 clown comment.
      Stay salty and bitter.
      Haha. You are getting a cyber beat down. 🤣👍
      Rafa= GOAT.

    • Aloha says:

      Mac Mini – You cannot be in the top of pro tennis if you are not a fighter!..

  3. Ron H. says:

    The most improbable and impressive comeback I have ever seen. Nadal would have won the first 2 sets if it was clay. The fact he did a 180 turn and switched it up and produced the best ball striking he’s ever produced down 2-0 at the age of 35 is spectacular. Medvedev was phenomenal, the fact Nadal looked less tired in the 5th set than he did in the 2nd set is something I will never comprehend. What a champion 🏆

    • John Boy says:

      @CHRISTIAN KAMAL thank you for your kind response as well. Now that Medvedev has risen up, he’s kind of taken the place of Federer as far as stopping Djokovic from winning more. But we’ll see what happens in the future.

    • MOG MOGGERSON says:

      @Icebox 1234 Djokovic hammered med at AO final last year. Nadal has never beat Djokovic at AO and hasn’t won a set against him on hard court in nearly a decade. What kind of simpleton do you have to be to believe that this is the year Nadal’s bald ass would change that? LOL. It’s funny how morons like you can’t connect the dots…the only time Nadal won this tournament is “coincidentally” when the best player is not allowed to play.

    • Stueww says:

      @MOG MOGGERSON This Nadal would have beat Djokovic in 2019.

    • Tennislover says:

      Danielle completely choked in the middle of the third set I’m sorry I just don’t see it as a come back

    • Ron H. says:

      @dk RaWk ok go ahead and name them lol. Djokovic at the French Open 2021, Gaudio in 2004 at the French Open…who else in recent history?

  4. Zak A says:

    Probably the most impressive comeback of all time

    • Mildred Amiegbe says:

      @MOG MOGGERSON who cares?

    • jerzzeehotboy says:

      @MOG MOGGERSON blame novak for not getting the vaccine

    • rnsflores says:

      Im guessing all three goat players have had multiple comebacks being 2 sets down. I don’t know how many in a final though

    • Michael Jordan says:

      @MOG MOGGERSON Okay. Djoker just lost in straight sets to Medvedev at the US Open. Nadal beat Medvedev in two Epic 5 setters at the US Open and Australian to win the title. Not to mention, it’s Djokers fault for not following the rules of a country he’s visiting and choosing a team that lies.

    • Angelo Nunez says:

      @MOG MOGGERSON Should Wimbledon 2019 (blown Federer MPs (while serving)) have an asterisk?

  5. VenkataKrishna MS says:

    10 years back a heart breaking almost 6hr finals loss, Now a fighting come back from 8month long injury, and a 2 sets down against a marvellous Medvedev to win a well deserved 2nd AO, and 21st record Grand slam, to break the big three tie. This win erases all the heart breaks of your losses in the last 13 years time and again in Australian Open. Your Finals appearance has a pattern of 2 & 1 year gap alternatively. 2009,2012,2014,2017,2019,2022. Rafa Nadal – a definition for Humbleness,Perseverance, passion ,hope, never give up attitude and respectable perspective of life .. a big THANK YOU Rafa for your continued and a renewed inspiration 🔥 👏🏼👏🏼🙏. Daniil though i wanted Rafa to grab this last chance after years of heartbreaks in AO, i was hoping you win as well from the beginning of the match, have been a huge fan of you ever since I saw you fight in 2019 USO in NY, and no one deserved it better than you as well, cant wait to see you win many many more Grand slams titles in the decade plus to come ..thank you for your magnificent level of tennis and how honestly genuine you seem to be … lots of luv and wishes to you ..keeeeep going 👏🏼👏🏼🙏

  6. miller says:

    Me sacó lágrimas. Esto es lo hermoso del deporte, esforzarte a fondo haciendo lo que amas. Tremendo Nadal. GOAT.

  7. Roy Santiago says:

    The defining moment was in the third set when Nadal was down 0-40 on his serve. Had Medvedev broke serve, this match would’ve been his. Nadal is such a fighter and shows how it’s not over until the very last point. So proud of this man!!!

  8. Daniel M.M. says:

    Nadal on court is the biggest inspiration somebody can possibly be. I love so much watching him win matches like this. It’s not the first time he gave me such emotions, but possibly it was the biggest one… Thank you for being a reason to my happiness Rafa

  9. Samuel Savard says:

    It’s never easy to beat a legend

  10. Ben Lewis says:

    That was one of the greatest sporting achievements in my lifetime.

    Down two sets. 2-3, 0-40.

    The will. The spirit. The drive.

    I don’t think we’ll ever see a competitor or player like Rafa ever again.

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