RAID: Call of the Arbiter | Limited Series | Episode 3: Kael

RAID: Call of the Arbiter | Limited Series | Episode 3: Kael

Unification or destruction. The future of the Elven people hangs in the balance. Can Kael secure a brighter future?

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Executive Producers: Nicholas D. Day, Gary Rosenfeld, and Jay Oliva
Produced by: Eric S. Rollman
Directed by: Jay Oliva
Written by: Kendall Deacon Davis & Alex Haughey
Music by: Jesper Kyd
Based on a game created by the Plarium Ukraine Studio

Animation production services provided by TeamTo.

Click here for full cast and crew credits for RAID: Call of the Arbiter.

Listen to music from the RAID: Call of the Aribter Official Soundtrack from Lakeshore Records here:

This series is dedicated to the people of Ukraine.

“We will get through all this together because our unity is our strength. Take care of your loved ones and yourselves; we will rebuild our beautiful country once all this ends.”

-Plarium Ukraine Studio

© Plarium Global LTD, 2023. All rights reserved.

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Based on the mobile & PC game RAID: Shadow Legends.

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35 Responses

  1. Raid: Shadow Legends says:

    🥚 Easter Egg Time!
    Each RAID: Call of the Arbiter episode has a code you can redeem for rewards in the game, RAID: Shadow Legends.
    Check out how to get involved with the code chase at
    Speaking of Easter Eggs… have you seen any Deathknight cameos yet? 🧐

  2. Eric Strutton says:

    Elhain and Kael hooking up was not what I was expecting 😂

    • StrobeFireStudios says:

      But it was what we needed. Kael got to see those puppies unbound. What a lucky guy

    • Raid: Shadow Legends says:

      But you like it… right?

    • pasdeapfe says:

      @Raid: Shadow Legends no

    • DoesItMatterWhoIam says:

      ​@Raid: Shadow Legends I like it. A lot people right now are anti age gap so expect a flurry of offended snowflakes. LoL

    • DoesItMatterWhoIam says:

      ​@Raid: Shadow Legends also, you should probably go for more a comedic edge in these, because your commercials are hilarious. They are like a satire of all the video games and epic stories in this genre.

  3. Jacqueline Andrea Pozo Benavides says:

    Thanks for a beggining in Teleria history.. Its amazing to play this game with a historic soul. Congrats guys!

  4. Игорь Я says:

    Every episode is goosebumps.Thank you, Plary

  5. Skorpion says:

    I feel spoiled! It isn’t even Elhain’s chapter and already so much of her is shown! [Edit] I actually feel for Kael. I would have expected Elhain to be the more gullible one. Pretty cool to see ‘the dark one’ was actually the one whom befell the pain. I love these two starters even more now!
    And then also to see Sniper alongside the march of the Dark Elves! Both my first and second ever champions I started my journey with!
    Awesomeee! ! !

    I guess this is also the first of a twoparter. That cliffhangar cant not be continued/resolved in the next chapter.

  6. Troy Raiven says:

    What A Cliffhanger!!! The storytelling is beautiful and compelling as always. Great Job Plarium!!! I can’t wait to see Elhain’s story. Awesome!!!

  7. i, ikarus says:

    It’s time for my boy Kael. 💪🏽

  8. Mercy Triumphs says:

    This animated series has taken RAID to a whole new level by giving depth to the characters we already love. I’m so impressed by the quality of the series and can’t wait for the next one!

  9. DonettaSting4488 says:

    I appreciate all the effort put into these videos. They are awesome to watch.

  10. Chris Gamage says:

    These really do just get better and better! I’m curious to discover how Queen Eva ended up becoming a dark elf. Maybe she got corrupted… we shall have to see!

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