Raiders are creating an escape plan from the Antonio Brown deal — Nick | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Raiders are creating an escape plan from the Antonio Brown deal — Nick | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Eric Mangini joins Nick Wright and Cris Carter to talk about Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown and his reaction to the fine imposed on him by the team and what the team is doing to try and handle his behavior. Nick believes Mike Mayock and the Raiders are creating an escape plan.

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Raiders are creating an escape plan from the Antonio Brown deal — Nick | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

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58 Responses

  1. First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright says:

    Will Antonio Brown stay on the Raiders?

  2. K Mac says:

    Tell the Steelers to stop laughing. I can’t hear.

    • Cinomod6066 says:

      @Adam K wishful thinking even if that does happen all the other facts still stand Ab is on an island on that team. What’s bill bs favorite tactic? You take that star away double triple teams whatever it takes every team will make sure ab will not heat them because they can afford to put that pressure on an because theres no1 else there.

    • Mike Miller says:

      Adam K he was referring to getting rid of ab and his baggage

    • ChoppaCal says:

      FR LOL

  3. Ouzy 360 says:

    What happened to it was mostly Ben ? ??

    • judy wilson says:

      @Ash Lamagra that is not true Ben has always blame himself for lose I think you need to go do some research

    • Ash Lamagra says:

      judy wilson On the the play against the pats where he threw an interception in the end zone he called out his OC Tod Haley for calling that play. Instead of saying it was a bad throw. He does not take accountability all the time. He calls out receivers for the routes instead of maybe just saying bad throw or saying the offenses as off. Why do you think he came out and apologized last week, and also why he’s not doing his weekly call in anymore. Ex teammates have come out and said yeah he wasn’t the greatest leader. But that doesn’t excuse they way AB acts. Like I keep saying two things can be true, AB can be a locker room cancer and Big Ben can be a not so great leader.

    • W. Dearth says:

      These talking heads are awful. Yeah, Ben Roethlisberger is clearly the problem. He said Brown ran the wrong route ONE TIME during ONE GAME on ONE RADIO SHOW. Big f’n whoop.

  4. realtalkboys777 harris says:

    How come nobody is talking about his brain might be damaged already??

  5. Befour Four says:

    António brown it’s a clown ?
    Didn’t he said he didn’t need football
    That he got the money ?
    Stupid clown childish

  6. 780 D says:

    Cris Carter got cut by Buddy Ryan? Wow!! Haven’t heard this story before.

  7. T Martin says:

    Have not been a Mangini fan, but this was a good show. Loved his analogy with being mad at a slow player, when you know he was slow. And you still picked him up.

  8. EtelorveHc49 says:

    0:35 wassup with all these hands coming across the screen? lol

  9. Matthew Grice says:

    Football will cease to exist when AB leaves the game… least that what he thinks

  10. J R says:

    Nick look like a failed back street boy

  11. Mike Velez says:

    The season hasn’t started and they are ready for him to leave ?

  12. Cory Carter says:

    Lol he just got suspended from the team?? ab is a lil girl in a man’s body ??

  13. Vbat 421 says:

    Eric Mangini: “It’s like drafting a guy who is slow, don’t be mad at him because he is slow… What did you expect?” Straight face-hahaha. Well said!

  14. me e says:

    Poison in locker room.Poison to your record and morale ,good by sucka.

  15. uncletido99 says:

    “if you draft a guy who is slow, don’t be mad when he’s slow” – Eric mangini
    Greatest quote of all time lmfao

  16. dirty 310 says:

    How about them raiders ??

  17. Joshua Vega says:

    Anyone wanna make a bet ? he doesn’t play the whole season before getting cut ?
    He might not even play a game lmao

  18. Vladimir Santos says:

    Sure, Steelers enabled AB. But the Raiders are a different place – shame on AB for continuing bad behavior.

    • dippster357 says:

      I hear you on this! But he might be having psych or emotional problems and don’t count out CTE just like you heard CC said you the public will never know all about what happens behind close NFL doors. PS. If these antics don’t stop! He will be joinin the ” DYSFUNCTIONAL UNSUITABLE GUYS” ( or D.U.G ) aka “THE DRAMA DIVA’S OF FOOTBALL! ( who’s careers had to end way before their talents dwindled, PRESIDENT of the club Chad Johnson , VP OF THE CLUB Terrell Owens and i hear they are making room for another member! LOL! give a thumbs up if you agree!

    • Joe Cabrera says:

      dippster357 agree. This reminds me of when randy moss (my favorite player) was traded to Oakland, he was not perfect by any means. But the man didn’t complain about his helmet and just not show up

    • Joe Cabrera says:

      dippster357 seems like the Oakland raiders have this issue with star WR they spend a lot of $$ on

  19. Wade Baswell says:

    I’ve lost all enthusiasm for AB’s football talent. He’s a drama queen and I despise drama..

  20. Vinnie Hugo says:

    Antonio Brown does not respect Mike Mayock as he doesn’t believe he has any real power. Mike needs to show him.

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