Raiders vs. Eagles | NFL Week 16 Game Highlights

Raiders vs. Eagles | NFL Week 16 Game Highlights

The Oakland Raiders take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 16 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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87 Responses

  1. SydneyFootball says:

    Not good Eagles

  2. Austin Fisher says:

    Sloppy boring game

  3. GOLD STRIKE says:


  4. Robert Velazquez says:

    Our offense is garbage 😭😭 I’m not looking forward to going to the charger game on New Year’s Eve 😭

  5. Bird Gang says:

    We going one and done lol

  6. Westcoast 57257 says:

    Jimmy G> Derek Carr #FACTS

  7. Marco Castillo says:

    At this rate 49ers and the Raiders will have the same Record lol 😂

  8. Freddy Loma says:

    Eagles will probably get knocked out of playoffs first game seeing how they have been playing recently

    • Mahea Lani says:

      As an Eagles fan I have to agree. Foles has to line up with his receivers. Also, was it just me or was the Center not hiking the ball high enough or was that just Foles not being able to get a grip on the ball. I think he even dropped it once.

    • Mahea Lani says:

      I will say that our defense is getting tired because our Offense is not up to par. Our defense did a great job recovering the second to last fumble, but then Foles threw too high which caused an interception ON THE FIRST DOWN. *face to palm* So Foles has a lot to work on with this Offensive line if we are even going to make it into the play offs. Hell, I’m nervous about our last game against the Cowboys. 😥

    • iKenneth on iFunny says:

      Bird Gang lmao nope

    • Mason T says:

      Freddy Loma But they won’t plus they have a bye

    • Mason T says:

      Mahea Lani we already got the bye and home field advantage don’t worry

  9. Vince Lopez says:

    Derek Carr looked terrible

  10. Devernair Lindo says:

    Get well soon Carson wentz

  11. Eric Serrano says:

    Carr is weak af

  12. Marc Goldberg says:

    It was a close game one minute I was excited the next minute I was like come on

  13. Jon Carr says:

    I think we played down to the raiders because of our situation. Clinched and underestimated. A win is a win is a win. All of the top teams have had close nail biters or lost to mediocre/bad teams

    • AquaticSoda says:

      True that. Funny how folks forgot about the Patriots getting their clocks cleaned by the DOLPHINS a few weeks ago.

    • AquaticSoda says:

      Kaepernick is a disrespectful punk who committed career suicide with his antics. No team will sign him and plunge their revenue into the nether, even for a superbowl win.

    • xenteko says:

      Yeah, Kaepernick really didn’t do himself any favours with his Black Panther antics.

    • Micah Moore says:

      Brick wall, the playoffs are full of good teams though, not bad ones.

    • AquaticSoda says:

      His point is that a couple of awkward or close games do not a loss make. The Patriots almost lost to the Texans and to the Bucaneers, for example. The only game in which the Eagles slumped at all was in Seattle, and Kansas City was a VERY close loss with both teams doing VERY well.

      Honestly, if they get themselves consistent and Pederson stops playing uber-conservative and like Andy Reid, they’ll be great. To their credit, the Raiders were on point for locking down recievers monday night, and frankly they would have been foolish not to.

  14. hicks727 says:

    Foles…not the answer

  15. Ali Alshami says:

    Did lynch forget to eat his skittles?😂

  16. Ashton Johnson says:

    Game Summary – “He’s lost the football!”

  17. Xavier 76th Man says:

    My Sixers and Eagles both won on Christmas🎅

  18. Donte Franklin says:

    Turnover Bonanza

    • Joe Martin says:

      Donte Franklin there was like 3 in 4 minutes ha real real awful game to watch and eagles won’t make it out of the first round

  19. Jake Reid says:

    A win is a win period.

  20. Lun Hing says:

    Tom Brady is the GOAT he will win the Superbowl

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