RAINBOW FRIENDS Become DOORS?! (Cartoon Animation)

RAINBOW FRIENDS Become DOORS?! (Cartoon Animation)

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The Rainbow Friends are teleported into Roblox Doors and must find a way to escape. But when Purple is infected with the powers of Glitch, he starts transforming all the others! Green becomes Figure, Orange becomes Rush, Red becomes El Goblino and Blue becomes Guiding Light!

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30 Responses

  1. Watnch says:

    It’s impressive how he can make these animations and upload once a day.

  2. Noelle Wallace says:

    Can we at least see how the rainbow friends make it back home safely sides ending it with a portal at the end?

  3. Sugerblast 1993 says:

    0:56 love how they added the heart thing like they did in the game

  4. Dyoll says:

    I like how orange looks good with a rush combination.

  5. Noob69 says:

    Wouldn’t figure and green just aimlessly walk around, do nothing to eachother, aware of themselves being in the place knowing both have the same traits except their designs

    • You Failure says:

      no, I played the “rainbow friends” game once and the pool noodle thing has REALLY loud footsteps. judging on how aggressive the figure usually is, it’ll probably locate green pretty quickly and pursue him until one of them specifically gets their head ripped off.

    • Professor V says:

      @drawerisballer No.

    • Mavis June says:

      I know

    • 약태풍 says:

      저는 도어즈에서 도망칠 생각 보다 최되한 어떻기 싸울까를 생각해야 할 거 같아요.
      하지만 도망쳐야만 할때가 있죠

  6. Will Nack says:

    How long until Rick tries to take back the portal gun? I get the feeling he won’t like how much people have been messing around with it!

  7. 120Loveheart says:

    I just love these animations Gametoons make, they always so fun to watch❤

  8. Moody Hammoud says:

    I love how gametoons makes so much effort to make this content its so cool

  9. LegoWorldWithJay says:

    5:04 Piggy reference
    6:19 Pick A Door reference (At least I think so)

  10. Darky_Gamer says:

    Dude this is so impressive on how they now do tons of doors stuff and etc we love you keep up the support

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