Rainbow Paint on a Speaker – 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Rainbow Paint on a Speaker – 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan are back in the old garden. Using two cameras they’ve never used before, they revisit paint on a speaker. Both cameras were borrowed, but it ain’t an ad or anything. This is the first video presented at 50fps playback. Because of the new high recording frame rate, we can afford to play a lot of the slow mo back at double speed. Why 50 instead of 60? All our videos were originally shot in PAL because we are british and that.


Thanks to Hasselblad for lending the H6D 100c and thanks to Vision Research for lending the Phantom v2640.
Rainbow Paint on a Speaker – 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

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50 Responses

  1. Aussie Dave says:

    The super slow show was fun and everything, but I really, really appreciate the level of detail you get from actual superslow footage.

  2. gizanked says:

    I liked the super slow show but I’m glad I don’t have to pretend to be impressed by 1000fps anymore

    • Matthew Fowler says:

      I think they were sticking to 1k framerate to be able to get 4K resolution, which (I personally believe, but have NO EVIDENCE to support) was probably part of their funding deal with YouTube. Slow-ish-mo in 4K looks amazing, YouTube wanted to add some really well-produced 4K content to their platform, and paid the (obviously pretty serious) production costs of the Super Slow Show in order to get advertiser-friendly, fun and interesting 4K content.

    • MilkyMalkum says:

      Matthew Fowler nice theory, I like it.

    • RDV says:

      Matthew, they sould’ve called it the “High-res slow show” then, there was nothing super about that slowness.

    • Paul Dennett says:

      Oh my word, whinge some more mate.

  3. Izices says:

    You ABSOLUTELY need to revisit the CDs spinning on a motor with that faster camera!!

    • Toby Harriman says:

      Yes but the camera they filmed that at could only do 2500fps at full hd, if they were to do it on this one they would be able shoot at higher framerate for the same resolution, because as you increase the resolution the framerate must decrease, so if you were to decrease the resolution your max framerate will increase. Meaning that if they set the resolution on this one to the same as they had on the other at 170000 then they will be able to have a higher framerate on this one, potentially up to 850,000

    • Daniel H says:

      I dont know if physical shutter speed allows 850k fps, whereas with the other camera the limit was set due to memory and processing (digital) speed.

    • Toby Harriman says:

      A brief research gives a minimum exposure duration of 142ns which if we invert gives us a maximum frequency (shutterspeed) of 7,000,000

    • Alex Huddart says:

      The phantom website says it can do up to 28,760fps at 480p. It does film up to 300k fps but the resolution is only 1792×8

    • Daniel H says:

      It is not that easy. First, minimum exposure is nice, but you cant just assume the camera beeing able to shoot the next picture immediatly after the exposure before, ehich you do in your calculation. Second is another topic, with that short exposure time you need a really bright lighting

  4. Taikamuna says:

    It’s been a long time

  5. TakiGames says:

    I missed the backyard stuff the big tv show type stuff was fun but this is the OG Slowmoguys content! Very refreshing.

  6. Ciaphas02 says:

    Super Slow Show was cool in its own way but IMO the show is much improved by being this way; just two dorks in their backyard faffing about with really expensive nerd stuff for the Internet fame (and also because it looks really cool)

  7. Some Fairlife Milk says:

    Wow that Hasselblad Camera is really cool! Think I’ll pick that up! *Looks at price* oh only $32,000? Nevermind lol

  8. Shory Aayush99 says:


  9. Logan says:

    I like this way better

  10. Stuart Carden says:

    Yaaaaay! While I enjoyed the super slow show, I still prefer this way of doing things 😀

  11. Pierre Jalon says:

    Really didn’t like the slow show, like the classic garden vids.

  12. SUBHAN ASIF KING says:

    this was awesome

  13. Alexi GVS says:

    What is the name of the music during slo-mo? Thanks!
    P.s. I’m glad you guys back! Like good old times..

    • Georgia Scheltema says:

      I recall Gav saying it’s a Mac (Garageband I think) sound that is itself slowed down immensely. There are some Q + A vids on the channel and I’m pretty sure you can find the exact answer in one of those.

    • Marcus says:

      I love that even the music they use is in slow mo XD Georgia is right, it’s called ‘Synthetic Design 02’ and you will find some extended mixes on Youtube 🙂

    • Alexi GVS says:

      Thank you!

  14. Shell-Martijn says:

    It’s beautiful, awesome camera’s!

  15. jellyfish says:

    Could you do this with water? Perhaps with coloured lights in the background

  16. T- GUERREIRO_ says:

    Now this is content. Longer, improvised, no script, limits (…). Proper entertainment. Everything I said above is the reason why i watch YouTube instead of TV these days. But YouTube official shows or whatever they call it, feel just like another cringe TV show… Glad you guys are back at the garden! Way much better.

  17. Let's be Honest Official says:

    I found someone who is awesome: 9:15

  18. verdatum says:

    Hassleblad?…all the photographers go “HRRRRRRNNNNNGGGGG”

    • MikeNYC7 says:

      Unwichtiger Nebencharakter Hasselblad are amazing medium format cameras and iconic. To my knowledge they have an excellent reputation.

    • NRC. says:

      Unwichtiger Nebencharakter they are expensive af

    • Richard Dufault says:

      HRRRRRRRNNNNNGGGG is the sound you make when you see the sexiest thing in the world, and you can never have it.

    • Spike Kastleman says:

      Nope. I wouldn’t ever buy one. Too expensive. Which usually turns into: “The Hasselbland? No, I don’t want to bring/use that one. Too expensive, so if anything happens, I can’t fix it.” I mean, sure they’re great cameras. But I personally believe no equipment that costs more than many brand new cars is ever worth it.

    • Nobody Interesting says:

      And excellent price in this particular example 31080 Pounds.

  19. xKatjaxPurrsx says:

    GAV: Could you please put the 100MP stills from the Hasselblad up for download? I bet if you put it on the pirate bay and seeded to a few fans, the fans could probably keep the torrent going for years and it wouldn’t cost you anything in hosting costs.

  20. Adam Gaming says:

    If You Are Happy 😊 That They Are In The Backyard Like This 👍🏻

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