Rainbow Scratch-Off Nails (stress-relieving nail art search)

Rainbow Scratch-Off Nails (stress-relieving nail art search)

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46 Responses

  1. Puddin' says:

    Cristine: “At simplynailogical does nail art”
    Me: *gasp*

  2. Kate Ērgle says:

    “If you fail at something just try again 3 years laiter” me : failing at math class

  3. Francesca Baltaret says:

    It s so weird seeing the nail polishes organised differently it s like a whole different room

  4. Jonathan C. says:

    “DON’T STEP ON MY NEST” that’s all I’m going to comment I-

  5. Brooklyn Weishaar says:

    Cristine: does rainbow nails

    **Moriah Elizabeth has entered the chat**

  6. Rikachoo says:

    Am I the only person on this planet who doesn’t enjoy ASMR I hate the whispering so much it just makes me cringe

    • A HA says:

      I really dislike human noises too closeby like whispering and other mouth noises, but animals eating things is just so ridiculously satisfying, I don’t know why. Like that bunny who keeps eating loooooooong strips of apple peel. That is just so great and happy.

    • Agustina Luchelli says:

      Asmr is very personal, I also hate whispering or anything that is close up, or people eating, or tapping lol but i do enjoy listeng people cook, or draw, or write

    • FrancesBaconandEggs says:

      Rikachoo I HATE ASMR. It’s weird and awkward and people are so into it it’s CRINGEY.

    • AfroArtz TV says:

      I don’t like whispering but I like the crunchy sounds and rain sounds and something like that

    • AfroArtz TV says:

      @Whyareyoufrowning me too I don’t like whispering but I do like things like that

  7. Theatre Phan says:

    Who wanted to paint their nails during quarantine but failed miserably when they tried to do so?

  8. Grimmie Grimm says:

    Cristine: its so RElAxiNg
    Me: *stressing out because shes painting with her left hand*

  9. ANGEL DUST says:

    The title should be

    “Woman breaks law by doing nail art”

  10. Eviecorn Xx says:

    Anyone else shouted “I hope it’s troom troom”

    EDIT:omg I just got to the part she actually clicked on the troom troom video I’m dead

  11. Allanah Denny says:

    Cristine: painting your nails boosts your confedence
    Me: does my nails before I go out then realising I hate it and have to hide it while I’m out

  12. Franchesqua levi says:

    I feel like all the artists are cringing, especially me because I know what gouache and I use it and I love it!

  13. Autumnpeace100 says:

    I know “Whatdoyouthink?” Is old or over done, but I kinda miss it.

  14. Maria Lindell says:

    For the peeps that might now know.

    Gouache is basically the lovechild of watercolor and acrylics.

  15. Marzette Hjortshoj says:

    cristine 2019: i never leave the house
    cristine 2020: i NEED to leave the house

  16. Random Gacha User says:

    Christine: * makes nail art *
    Me: *wait, that’s illegal…*

  17. Sigrid says:

    “ASMR gets my hair to stand up-”
    That’s called tingles
    “-and run away”
    Oh…. nvm then

  18. oda solbakken says:

    Cristine: makes a nail art video

    Everyone else: wow didn’t know it did that

  19. Rhianna Rajput says:

    “It’s like a lottery ticket, but instead of winning money… you win relaxation”


  20. Morning Coffee says:

    Who knows what day of quorantine:
    The dolfins have returned to Italy
    Cristine is doing nail art again

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