Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Ember Rise – New Operator Gadgets Teaser | Ubisoft [NA]

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Ember Rise – New Operator Gadgets Teaser | Ubisoft [NA]

New Operators need new gadgets. Luckily we have the best R&D Director in the business. Will you take a new approach or burn things down? Swing into action or set up an ambush?

Join us this weekend for the Operation Ember Rise full reveal at #RaleighMajor.



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Rainbow Six Siege is an exciting, new approach to the first-person shooter experience that puts tactical combat and masterful destruction at the center of the action. Lead your team of unique, counter-terrorist Rainbow operators through tense and thrilling combat scenarios, and achieve victory through smart preparation and strategic improvisation. Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 and PC.


-THE RULES OF SIEGE: Five versus Five. Attack versus Defend. Infiltrate versus Fortify. Team-based strategy meets intense, tactical combat.
-WORLD’S ELITE COUNTER-TERRORIST OPERATORS: Choose your Operator and wield their unique ability to breach or defend the objective as a part of an elite team.
-DESTRUCTION AS A TOOL: Walls can be shattered; floors and ceilings can be breached. Mastering the tactical use of destruction is the key to victory.
-CLOSE-QUARTERS COMBAT: With tight spaces shaping all combat arenas, tense encounters and up-close-and-personal firefights abound within every Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Ember Rise – New Operator Gadgets Teaser | Ubisoft [NA]

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100 Responses

  1. Pk Slime says:

    Ok so I get to be Spider-Man

  2. Al says:

    Never clicked faster

  3. This Guy says:



  4. Alexios Yeah says:

    Please name the operator with the first gadget ‘YEET’


    Lol how do they manage to keep this game interesting after 4 years I really don’t know

  6. Anthony SINGZ says:

    Okay, as I comment this, Coreross, Zen, and Mattimo, are all recording a video about this.

  7. Employee OfTranstarDUH says:

    Cant wait to YEET straight into objective like NOTHING

    • Diego the Dinosaur says:

      Clorox bleach there’s probably 2 operators

    • Employee OfTranstarDUH says:

      @Diego the Dinosaur I think thats already been confirmed WAY beforehand lol

    • Not a meth dealer says:

      Its fenna be so dope

    • G r e g g says:

      Lmao I just want my plat charm

    • Jason G says:

      I know it seems cool but Your going to get murked if you vault into the OBJ with that thing.. Unless its silent once you hear that thing hit your going to look hard at that window. Not to mention the split second or once you vault in to get your bearings is going to be your dead most likely.. Could offer a great distraction on a final push if your other attackers are pushing doorways though.

      Similar to hearing an ash charge’s delay it going to definitly grab your immediate attention.

  8. Mr Bandirito says:

    Is Mira like the Lucius Fox of R6?

  9. The depressed Manatee says:

    Everyone ganster till the robot pull out the glock

  10. Prophet of regret says:

    I hope we get another cinematic like thatcher and dokkabae

  11. Flyin Rai says:

    Imagine just yeeting yourself through a window like that

  12. Compaction Baggage says:

    Imagine placing armor in outback bedroom. Then an operator flies through a window and bowling balls half your team.

  13. MONISH V J says:

    itsvery different from previous teasers and I like it. Mira voice is sweet.

  14. Sparky Boi says:

    Everyone be talkin bout that yeet but nobody talking about how Ash rushers are gonna get decimated into hell.

  15. RussianAlligator says:

    Spider-Man but with guns
    Captain Americe but with exploding shield…..and guns

  16. Edward Wilkinson says:

    For those who are wandering who ‘Jordan’ is, it’s a reference to thermite

  17. Toxic Gaming says:

    If the operator doesnt scream YEEEET when flying into obj then it’s already done wrong ?

  18. Art says:

    Every r6 player: “ugh ubi is running out of ideas”
    Ubi: hold my data limits

    • andrew moore says:

      Last few operators have been meh

    • Wesley Nyandoro says:

      Bruh I don’t even care about this season being trash the next one, even if it has one or 2 recycled guns, looks lit af

    • Dimitris G. says:

      But they will always have 2 types . On attack someone will track like jackal dokaebi , lion ,etc
      And on defence a way of trap Kaplan Frost lesion etc. They have the same abilities basically .

  19. Astro Dude says:

    So many people are gonna be Team Killed with that Shield

  20. The Parrish says:

    First Hibana, then this girl? Damn Thermite got game

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