Rainbow Six Siege: The Hammer and the Scalpel | CGI Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Rainbow Six Siege: The Hammer and the Scalpel | CGI Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Rainbow is an international special operations unit that pulls the best of the best from around the world, but with operators of different generations and nationalities working shoulder-to-shoulder, conflicts are bound to arise.

Hacker specialist Dokkaebi from Korea collides with the stubborn veteran of the British SAS, Thatcher, in a clash of tactics. It’s up to Rainbow’s newest leader, Harry, to help settle the matter with a glimpse into Thatcher’s troubled past.



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Rainbow Six Siege is an exciting, new approach to the first-person shooter experience that puts tactical combat and masterful destruction at the center of the action. Lead your team of unique, counter-terrorist Rainbow operators through tense and thrilling combat scenarios, and achieve victory through smart preparation and strategic improvisation. Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 and PC.


-THE RULES OF SIEGE: Five versus Five. Attack versus Defend. Infiltrate versus Fortify. Team-based strategy meets intense, tactical combat.
-WORLD’S ELITE COUNTER-TERRORIST OPERATORS: Choose your Operator and wield their unique ability to breach or defend the objective as a part of an elite team.
-DESTRUCTION AS A TOOL: Walls can be shattered; floors and ceilings can be breached. Mastering the tactical use of destruction is the key to victory.
-CLOSE-QUARTERS COMBAT: With tight spaces shaping all combat arenas, tense encounters and up-close-and-personal firefights abound within every Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege: The Hammer and the Scalpel | CGI Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


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65 Responses

  1. Walaba says:

    “He’s a hammer, I’m just a nail to him.”
    So, Thatcher is going to smash Dokkaebi?

  2. George Rezra says:

    Please Ubisoft make a TV series on team rainbow! So many different countries, backgrounds and stories to explore! A movie won’t do justice.

  3. Zz Originals says:

    Hes just angry that he doesnt have Smg 11, let alone a smg 12

  4. MicMac Mike says:

    4:35 Did you guys see the For honor cast?

  5. Lance Davis says:

    I would pay extra for a damn story to go with the operators

  6. Desu Vult says:

    4:51 you know he had to do it to em

  7. albob masta says:

    doors in the next update confirmed

  8. Anex Gesus says:

    He just this way because he doesn’t have the smg-11

  9. Zach W says:

    _Yes! I love Dokkaebi! In all honestly, this is really well done. This CGI is amazing. I’d love a Rainbow Six Siege story mode, or even a series like this. This is amazing Ubisoft._

  10. TheNouvelleFrance78 says:

    Omfg who remember that nostalgic song at the end? It bring back memories of 2015 r6.

  11. Bunty King says:

    I literally got goosebumps while watching that. Bravo.

  12. Mustafa Halik says:

    I was a Thatcher main way before this film but welcome aboard *tips fedora*

  13. IEDB Is Back says:

    When will we get a *_FOKKIN_* Smoke and Mute face reveal?!

  14. AudiR816 Gaming says:

    They should make a CGI of any kind like this atleast every season. A actual movie too. Also nice CGI btw.

  15. TRyHaRD_SPaRkzZ says:

    Thatcher’s angry because of the _fookin laser sights_

  16. Ohm Charan says:

    For the rest of your miserable Fookin Laser Sights…

  17. Sandvich says:

    Thatcher pick rate increases to 99%

    • Kangwa Master says:

      I’m gonna go play him RIGHT NOW

    • Fox Blue says:

      No matter how many New DLC map & operatior they add to the game, u can always choose Thatcher, his EMP grenade was very useful, u just need to know how, when & where to use it, or not use it at that situation.

  18. S15_ JDM_ Fan says:

    1:21 is that his six inch blade?

  19. Bdubz says:

    Oh Dokkaebi is just something else especially with the amazing animation

  20. Swag420vapelord says:

    Can we have a scene of tachanka fighting 18 naked cowboys

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