Raindrop Cake – RE-VS Episode #1

Raindrop Cake – RE-VS Episode #1

NEW SERIES ALERT: You asked for it. You got it!
Rob tries to re-create one of Corinne’s failed projects in this
first episode of RE-VS.

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20 Responses

  1. Angela Minicone says:

    i tapped as hard as i could

  2. Vurbun Von Scrubledorf says:

    Raindrop cake, drop top cake.

  3. remirocks123 says:

    Anyone watching this in school??

  4. lovemyslowee says:

    make fried beer

  5. Kentin Nichols says:

    Corinne should redo Rob’s pencil carving video

  6. Louis Tejani says:

    Please do a food art competition against Corrine ?✨✨❤️❤️

  7. sayasukaindomie says:

    ” I like it better when you swallow” – Corinne, 2017

  8. Jess Strudwick says:

    So if this failed, and Corrine has to so your failed pins, does that mean she has to re do this one? Till someone gets it right?

  9. mj yu says:

    Mushroom lights for Corrine’s garden!!! ?

  10. Martini says:

    Howtocookthat made a perfect raindrop cake by switching the agar agar with clear geletine sheets

  11. Scarlet Conquest says:

    Rain drop
    Drop top
    This isn’t a cake
    Just stop stop

  12. Emii Is madly in love with Josh Dun oh my gawd. says:

    Just guessing (I am in no way smart but just listen) you know how when you put hot water in a glass and it gets all foggy? And when it’s cold water it’s really clear. Like when ice is really clear when it’s really solid and cold? Then for the cake…Well then couldn’t you boil it to mix all the ingredients then cool it then put it in the fridge? Would that do anything?

  13. Erika Morino says:

    Corrine’s gonna make a lot of bowls

  14. vennicat says:

    Hello. I’m going to be that technical person because I work with agar a lot. The funny thing about it is, it has to be a very specific temperature range for it to go see through. The water has to be simmering. It does not need a rolling boil, that’s what makes it cloudy. You want to add it to simmering sugar water and take it off AS SOON AS you don’t see granules anymore.

    CORINNE, this is your chance to REVS Rob AND TAKE BACK THE GLORY

  15. AlyssaVsTheWorld says:

    Ok Rob we all love you but,,, you kinda remind me of an angry hobbit. Anyone else see it?

  16. Dusk1812 says:

    If this series continues we’re gonna see a lot more of Corinne.

  17. Ya Boy says:

    DIY bong

  18. Jaden St. John says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t put alcohol in it

  19. Alex MacNaughton says:

    its fun watching American’s get confused over the metric system

  20. Jade Hsin says:

    watching americans struggle with the metric system is so fucking amusing

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