Rajon Rondo is a key piece for Lakers’ playoffs hopes – Stephen A. | First Take

Rajon Rondo is a key piece for Lakers’ playoffs hopes – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith really likes what he saw from Rajon Rondo in Thursday’s win vs. the Boston Celtics, saying that he could be extremely important in a slower paced playoff matchup. Max Kellerman and Jalen Rose discuss the Los Angeles Lakers’ young players now having more freedom because of the trade deadline passing.

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107 Responses

  1. caleb scott says:

    Rondo turns into a top 5 point gaurd in the playoffs, it’s a fact

  2. This bitch loud in every movie says:

    The thumbnail got my potna Rondo lookin like a G ????

  3. Hanley Taylor says:

    Well some call him Playoff Rondo.

  4. Milestonecomics says:

    Rondo,LeBron,Kuz, Ingram,Lance went off.

  5. WeLiveLifeWell says:

    Jalen literally just said yesterday they weren’t making the playoffs this year, so which one is it, my guy? ???

  6. Corpy Hogan says:

    This team when everybody is healthy is pretty good

  7. that baller kobe says:

    If he doesn’t make that shot, everyone in the media is looking for a new narrative, is LeBron losing a step? Blah blah blah

    • Curtis Jermaine says:

      Media would never shade Lebron. Only Skip Bayless says anything remotely anti Lebron. Everyone else all day everyday Lebron lovefest! It would have been a Brandon Ingram drumming. It’s never Lebron’s fault! Only wins are credited to him. ??

    • Cara de Huachinango says:

      I saw the complete game. There was a point in the game when Rondo is sitting all alone with 3 empty chairs next to him, No one said anything… but a few days ago we saw the same thing with Le Bron blah-blah-blah-blah Bron is a Cancer, Bron here, Bron there. Rondo hits the winning shot ” this guy is a complete leader and mentor blah-blah-blah”. I’m sick of this shit.

    • Mamba Out says:

      +Cara de Huachinango when players sit alone, its because players are checking in. Not because nobody want to sit next to them. They legit dont have enough seats for all the players at times. That’s why you see some of them on the floor sometimes. The media strategically take those pictures to start drama.

    • Cara de Huachinango says:

      +Mamba Out Exactly!

    • Rico Style says:

      right smh

  8. Petty Peter says:

    NBA seasons are too long! Regular season records don’t matter in the playoffs. I think the Lakers can be dangerous in the playoffs…

  9. Hassan Whiteside Headband says:

    they should have kept Zubac but i like Muscala for the outside shooting

  10. Kobe Bryant says:

    Imagine how Milwaukee feels right now. They’ve been kicking everybody’s ass all season. The warriors only lost 1 game in like 3 weeks. And the sixers got Boban the goat and are now the best team in the east but espn only cares about the .500 lakers because of (you guessed it) Lebron… if he wasn’t there, the lakers would be a league laughing stock with this same record lol

    • Nicholas Simmons Thomas says:

      +Alex Torres isn’t lebron 3 and 6 in the finals ????

    • James I suck the refs off before games Harden says:

      +Starr Evans he doesn’t wanna be anyone but himself.

    • K2 World says:

      Bro the nba love lakers period lol plus Bron is the best in the league so of course they are going to get press. If Durant was there or curry it would be the same

    • Leonard Brown says:

      You must really hate the coverage of the Knicks. I think they’ve been to the playoffs twice in 20 years but ESPN still manages to discuss them at least twice per week LOL.

    • Leonard Brown says:

      Plus lack of coverage is a good thing. Look at the Celtics. Everybody crowned them in the East. Brad Stevens was being considered a top five coach in the league. Boston was considered a big threat to the Warriors. Now…they may not make it out of the 2nd round and some Celtics fans hate Brad Stevens.

  11. A Friendly Hobo says:

    Jalen Rose yesterday: “Lakers ain’t going to the playoffs.”
    Jalen Rose today: “Lakers are making it to the playoffs but not the conference final.”

  12. gubb yiu says:

    Been telling everbody this rondo is that dude

    • iloveit says:

      +Legend__ 21 This one is for you, enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4Y3MdUlSGE

    • Legend__ 21 says:

      iloveit thanks but I already know rondo is an amazing player especially in the playoffs but it’s funny that people try to act live they’ve been talking about rondo all year once he hits a buzzer beater and starts to get recognized more ?

    • Legend__ 21 says:


    • iloveit says:

      +Legend__ 21 Oh, I see… yes, Rondo is one those players people love or hate, me- I love… sometimes I have to roll my eyes with his antics, yet they are so Rondo and I’m ok with that. I’m a celtics fan and have always appreciated his brilliance and have been frustrated with his not bringing it every game… but I truly do think that he just gets bored regular season with some teams… hence, the national t.v. Rondo and the playoff Rondo.

  13. JD 1 says:

    Rondo is a clutch player, he gets better when the pressure is on the most. So basically he’s the complete opposite of Russell Westbrook

    • Ash Gonzalez says:

      Legend__ 21 u dont determine clutch just off of buzzer beater points, its about stepping up when it most matters which can be the whole game.

      He named Playoff rondo for a reason boi

    • Supa Slime says:

      Ash Gonzalez cause he get hurt in the playoffs that’s it… old brittle pussy

    • TheRealH2dut says:

      Arsene meanwhile Westbrook is either leading the league or tied with butler for the most in the last 2 or 3 years.

    • Treytheking08 says:

      +Donie Caldwell and what alot of you ass holes dont realize that’s having killer instinct it’s a difference between being clutch (shooting) and having killer instinct (doing what ever it takes down the stretch to get the win. making plays playing lockdown defense or scoring) rondo has killer instinct the nigga not clutch.

    • Treytheking08 says:

      +Supa Slime nigga go get you some business

  14. Mark Darnell says:

    Amazing how winning shuts everyone up.

    • CodyS777 says:

      LNZOCUVS and so has alot of other teams. Lakers are trash and you know it.

    • Mark Darnell says:

      +Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN Yes, but when your losing, the story, the narrative, and plight changes with the media. You do play to win. But the report every loss like your suppose to win every game. Winning and losing is part of the game.

    • Phillip says:

      Sure does

    • key on says:

      First Last you think the Clippers without Harris and an injured gallinari team will hang onto the 8th seed or Kings young team holding off Lebron? Lmaoo.. they aren’t behind by much at all.. you acting like they’re out by 10 games foh

    • key on says:

      kefkapalazzo1 that’s not true at all

  15. Никола .Бакърджиев says:

    rondo saved the lakers and luke waltons job atleast for a minute

  16. Tiito Motivs says:

    Lakers beat OKC without LeBron and was blowing out the rockets before Lonzo went down ??‍♂️. People need to realize the Lakers are a good team when healthy. Without lebron they’re still a good team but weren’t making the play offs they only needed one player to push them over the hump which is lebron. You can’t remove a player and think they’re going to perform the same. Even golden state suffers from not having a complete team and they have 5 all stars. Lakers are legit

    • Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry says:

      Omg Lakers beat us in a season game?. They are champions!!!!!

    • George Harry says:

      dooomsday666 I thought they looked better without bron tbh. That warriors game was really good. Couldn’t believe how close it was or that lakers even had a 10 point lead

    • il villain says:

      They got blown out by the Pacers without Dipo??? and they had Bron? So the fact that they beat the Rockets, OKC and even GSW in the regular season don’t mean jack in the playoffs. Lonzo, Hart, Kuz and Ingram have zero playoff experience and the Kings have made some smart moves trading for Barnes which tells you that they are gunning for that 8th seed. Lakers might miss the playoffs altogether, and if the get the 8th seed then it’s GSW and they will be waiting with the brooms

    • Lex Stacks says:

      Lakers got destroyed by okc in LA last month.. worry about moving up from tenth place before you start comparing your team to the 3rd seeded team..

  17. Mzb Slim says:

    A former Celtic Champion Wearing Purple & Gold at TD Garden as member of LA Lakers Hit Game Winning Buzzer Beater. Now you can’t write better ending story than that.

    • mediacenter man says:

      This was some video game shit, let these ‘conicidences’ sink in
      1. Of all the people for the ball to fall to, it was RR
      2. It was a buzzer beater
      3. It was the LAST shot
      4 .It was a game winner
      5. Against his former team
      6. In front of the Celtics bench
      7. At the TD garden
      8. Always dissed for not having a jumpshot
      Still way better than the Superbowl!!!!!!

    • Spacy Adams says:

      I watched the re-run of the game and when I saw that happen, I just said, “the irony”.

    • Sir Mendez says:

      Mzb Slim I admit it this is a great story but let’s stop it with the “can’t write a better ending” Rondo isn’t retiring this year. Rondo didn’t hit that shot in a championship game. It was a regular season game. Not down playing the shot or the story, I am just downplaying the whole “end part”. I doubt that’ll be the last time Rondo plays the Celtics

    • elgriego331 says:

      +mediacenter man Yeah cuz that was LAs Super Bowl lol . In Boston we win the whole thing!

    • Don Alejo says:

      I AGREE


  18. rdepaul34 says:

    Yesterday Jalen said Lakers won’t make playoffs. Today Jalen said they will get in and win a round. These “experts” make me cringe. Get any Tom, Dick and Harry to do the same job.

  19. NLMB GBE OTF says:

    Y’all must have forgot we was playing good until Bron Rondo and Zo got hurt and the Lakers still missing 3 players

  20. Anakin Flow says:

    i swear if rondo can just work on his damm jump shot he can still make the hof off first try … it just kills me he couldve been top 5 pg of all time if he just work on his jump shot …. love that dude rondo

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