Ramattra | New Hero Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2

Ramattra | New Hero Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s latest tank hero is Ramattra, a relentless omnic fighting for the survival of his people.

Overwatch’s first tempo tank, Ramattra combines various lethal playstyles as he transitions between his Omnic and Nemesis forms. Get acquainted with Ramattra’s ability kit in his Gameplay Trailer and get ready for his debut in Season 2 on December 6.

Overwatch 2 is free to play! Choose your hero, squad up, and experience the ultimate team-based shooter today.

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34 Responses

  1. PlayOverwatch says:

    Ramattra arrives Dec 6!
    Learn more about Overwatch 2’s latest tank hero
    📆 Nov 26
    🕙 10 AM PT.

  2. Tahrib Miah says:

    I love how his nemesis-form primary fire moves like Zenyatta’s, and that his ult is like a reverse-transcendence it seems. Really plays well into his lore

    • Nathan Fernandez says:

      @epic style it’s not that crazy. the most that will happen is that you get a 5K team kill. and then it ends. you can do that with a lot of ults. was dva’s ult 1000% removed from the game since OW1 was released? no. in fact it got worse bc she can now kill people by calling down mech. soldier still has a literal aim bot and now they mostly removed shields. same with Bob. so ramattra killing 5 if they stay grouped and don’t run away and then it ending is not insane.

    • Cam says:


    • dark prime says:

      @Sariñana I feel like if it couldn’t they would’ve had an ana trying to dart him and it just bouncing off him or him knocking it away during his ult to signify that won’t work against him

    • dark prime says:

      @Skebaba ram probably life steals with that ult so he might just out heal the entire enemy teams damage as long as they are in range

    • Slayin Derp says:

      @unknown That might be the saving grace.

  3. William Vulivuli says:

    Ramattra’s got such final boss energy to him, absolutely can’t wait to face this menace when the pve comes out

  4. Foxx says:

    “This is not cruelty, this is justice.” Is the best voiceline from Overwatcch in a while imo.

  5. Joshua Park says:

    I like how ramattra is super nice to omnics and robots. Makes you think whether he is actually a bad person or just someone trying to save his species.

    • LORD PVT says:


    • Protobust says:

      It’s kind’ve a duality. Just like how there’re people who surely hate omnics as much as he hates humans, there’s always two far ends of an ideology.

    • Kalob Sprague says:

      Me a him share the same goal

    • Heroes Never Quit says:

      @Snewp_E 2 Um, no. Saving one group of people while dooming other’s is not good intentions. A lot of tyrants have had that same mindset. He’s a villain. Only villains can’t see the good within every race.

    • Heroes Never Quit says:

      He’s definitely a villain. Just like Magneto is a villain. He’s committing the same wrongs that were committed against him. Instead of realizing the *individuals* he’s grouping humans all into the same box and treating them all as enemies. That’s a villainous mindset, not a saviours morality.

  6. John Whinfield says:

    Please release the music for this trailer. It slaps so hard. Every single artistic element of this heroes design-his voice acting, his visuals, his music-is on point in the hardest way possible. What an amazing hero design. Great job to the Overwatch artistic team! Hope his gameplay matches in quality.

  7. orangebear says:

    “This is not cruelty, this is justice” That voice line sums him up perfectly.

  8. Stiddle Diddle says:

    0:34 That legit gave me chills, he’s just too badass

  9. Derek Sparks says:

    “I will break before I yield” better be his ult line. That was too good!

  10. No says:

    The character, the music, the voice acting, the effects, the story 🔥

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