Ramattra Origin Story | Overwatch 2

Ramattra Origin Story | Overwatch 2

Introducing Ramattra.

The leader of Null Sector is on a mission to create a better world for Omnics… no matter what it takes.

Coming to #Overwatch2 Season 2, Dec 6.

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38 Responses

  1. Stylosa says:

    Ramattra’s voice acting is just incredible!

  2. ThatNerd Nightshade says:

    Such an amazingly deep character to add to the story not a character with just evil intentions, but one who has taken the more destructive path due to the pain humanity put him through whilst trying to get equality for the omnics who live across the world

    • Elim Garak says:

      If that’s depth to you I fear for your generation. This exact character motivation has been made thousands of times throughout pop culture. Read a book.

    • Scale Breaker says:

      Too bad the “story” has no impact on or in the game

    • Jake Mogollon says:

      @William Mlenar agreed

    • William Mlenar says:

      @Uh I mean you could look at another character who is quite similar: Magneto. If the devs play this right, he can be an incredibly deep and complex character

    • Uh says:

      Idk about deep. He wants to be savior to Omnics and forsakes humanity. I like his character and see that they can do a lot with it, but right now they’ve shown nothing that gives his character any real depth.

  3. Amicosayshi says:

    Cannot rightly say how excited I am for Ramattra and Zenyatta interactions. I imagine they’ll be opposite to Zen and Orisa, where she sees him more as a teacher, and Ramattra more than likely seeing him as a philosophical opposite.

    • Julien Da Coolien says:

      @Den Yeah, think they’ll have a relationship similar to Magneto and Charles Xavier.

    • Amicosayshi says:

      @Den Absolutely! I absolutely believe that they’ll be two sides of the same coin and not polar opposites. Just one wants to save the omnics through war, and the other, peace.

    • Den says:

      But i doubt that Ramattra will show any hostility or sass towards Zen, Ram will probably try and justify his ideals to Zen, They might have different outlooks, but i believe that both of them will be civil with their interactions, As we saw in this short, Ramattra has meditated and learnt from omnic monks himself.

  4. Tuvnight says:

    This gives me Sigma vibes. I remember watching Sigma’s Origin Story for the first time, it gave me goosebumps like this one. Blizzard really knows how to make Stories.

  5. Julia Red says:

    Now that we know his backstory we know,that he is not just trying to take over the world,he is trying to protect his people by treating humans like they have been treating Omnics

  6. Yvanne says:

    The idea that Omnics are limited and not reproducible is really cool. Adds so much more weight to their lives

    • Archerfan101 says:

      @Evan_613 their factories where shut down. The one in the Australian Outback was supposed to be granted to them as part of the peace treaty. But the members of The Australian liberation front didn’t take too kindly to that so they attacked and destroyed it creating the irradiated wasteland where junker town is located and its ruins are where Junk Rat found that supposed great and valuable secret/treasure.

    • Archerfan101 says:

      @Squidcaster they where shut down except for the one in Australia. That was supposed to be part of the peace deal between Humans and Omni so following the conclusion of the first Omnic Crisis. Unfortunately however the members of the Australian Liberation Front did not take to kindly to that. So they attacked and destroyed it creating the irradiated wasteland where Junkertown is located.

      Side note: the ruins of that Omnium is where Junk Rat claims to have found an invaluable treasure / secret.

    • Amanda Love says:

      Puts q

    • Everilliem says:

      @Nova Sky How is that a retcon?

    • Everilliem says:

      @paddleknife you just replied to my comment that was not “@” anyone, so clearly you are lol

  7. Fatalis EXE says:

    I feel so sad for him when he holds his fellow omnic dying. He just wanted what’s best for his people and after so much suffering he reached a breaking point. Makes the Omnic faction more sympathetic. Love this hero already!

  8. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    Him and zen are gonna have some of the best serious voice lines in the game

  9. Jordan says:

    Ramattra is simply a amazing something about the mechanical dreads and the voice along with him being a savior for his people is really cool! I wonder what he wanted to talk to Doomfist about in Anubis?

    • Néomorphos Allomorphis says:

      in Overwatch lore, there used to be very powerful AI that were prisoned in important structures to prevent them from taking over the world. Anubis is one of those jails, so the general understandingis that omnics from Null sector want to connect with these AI as they represent the closest thing to their robotic nature in Overwatch’s world

    • CykeOk says:

      Doomfist told Ramattra that Null Sector is doomed to lose unless they ally with Talon.

      Ramattra might have accepted some sort of a deal, but we don’t know the exact terms.

    • Alga MV says:

      @PromusKaa Uhhhh if I recall it right it was somekind of ending during the last archives PvE story in OW1, as they gave us a cinematic trailer after completing it.
      Doomfist and Ramattra is seen spoken with each other in Anubis.

    • PromusKaa says:

      Wait, when did he talk to Doomfist? Did I miss something?

    • TurboGoblin says:

      Probably talon funding or aiding null sector. How’d u think they got that collosus in the cinematic

  10. FratinandMadrik says:

    This seems SO badass! It’s like an alternate reality Zenyatta. Peace wasn’t enough, harmony was a dream, reality leaves robots broken by the hands of men.

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