Rampant Reds hit Everton for four | Manchester United 4-0 Everton | Highlights | Pre-Season 21/22

Rampant Reds hit Everton for four | Manchester United 4-0 Everton | Highlights | Pre-Season 21/22

See all the highlights from Old Trafford as goals from Mason Greenwood, Harry Maguire, Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Dalot saw the Reds finish pre-season in style as United beat Everton 4-0!

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41 Responses

  1. John T says:

    Hope Bruno does more of these quality free kicks this season

  2. Justin Chu says:

    At least five times today I thought Martial was Ashley Young

  3. Sani Biswas says:

    Burno was right in the place where the corner ball dropped , he takes the defender with him and created an empty spot, Maguire ran to that spot and scored.

  4. Ibul Azhar says:

    When Shaw kicks the ball from corner..
    Maguire : that’s mine, bruh

  5. Daniyal Kaleem says:

    A wave of Nostalgia as Mata executes that sublime pass.

  6. ankan bhattacharya says:

    The crowd Chanting “Bruno-Bruno”
    Before he scores…This Is giving Cantona vibes….What a moment

  7. Joseph says:

    That free kick was electric at the match, chanting Bruno before he took it. Quality!

  8. Emmy Nice says:

    That Bruno chant was legendary…
    Fans clearly takes the game to another level of competition…

  9. Daily Entertainment TV says:

    Only just got home after a brilliant day at old Trafford.

    BRUNO is different levels..

  10. Abarai Renji says:

    I love how Bruno celebrates a goal in a mere friendly as if he scored in an FA cup semi final… Thats the passion I want to see from all footballer, not just united players.

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