Rams beat Saints after controversial missed pass interference call | SportsCenter

Rams beat Saints after controversial missed pass interference call | SportsCenter

Ryan Clark and Jeff Saturday join SportsCenter to discuss the Los Angeles Rams beating the New Orleans Saints 26-23 in overtime in the NFC Championship Game to advance to Super Bowl LIII. They discuss the controversial missed pass interference call late in the fourth quarter, Sean McVay’s coaching decisions and what the loss means for the Saints moving forward.

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95 Responses

  1. steve c says:

    The legalization of sports gambling will ruin sports. That call was not made because most bets were made on the saints and the sportbooks will not have to pay out if saints lost!

  2. drell2471 says:

    Tom Brady said he’ll retire once he get 1,000 career rushing yards which he did this year plus he won his first Super Bowl against the Rams on February 3 2002 the Super Bowl this year is on February 3 against the Rams so basically it’ll be some fairytale type shit….

    Boom Rigged

    • Trevor Hockman says:

      The refs sucked in both games. And all 4 teams had chances to put the game away but 2 of them couldn’t by the end of OT.

    • DirtySteak says:

      +Matthew Zablocki What the hell are you saying? Non Pat fans have the right to be mad and SAINTS FANS!

    • Mini Fitz says:

      He sed he’s retire at 45 or 46

    • DirtySteak says:

      +Zach Campbell WHAT??? Did you not see that ‘Roughing the passer’ call my boy Chris Jones was trying to swat the ball lmao. Also that Chris Hogan call that it was a catch that put the Pats in the redzone was bs

    • DirtySteak says:

      +Travis Devos Pffffffffffffffffffffffff. Larry Fitz, Peyton Manning, Brett Farve, Drew Brees, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Aaron Rodgers. I mean the list goes on

  3. Jonah Oliver says:

    Boycott the NFL. Do not allow an apology to gloss things over. Cancel all channels in your area that carry NFL games. Do not buy tickets to the games. Do not buy any merchandise. This isn’t just about the Saints. This is about any NFL team you root for. The officiating has been a disaster this year. Hold them accountable.

    • Jeffrey Warren says:

      Yeah don’t allow an apology from a coach paying players to injure other players gloss things over.

    • Oreo says:

      Yeah they screwed Green Bay so many times like the Vikings game not even a fan of both but that was bs

    • Andrew Martin says:

      You do that. I’ll be sitting back with a beer in hand.

    • CJ Dillon says:

      @ Jonah Oliver: Nobody cares if You boycott the NFL! Yes, it was pass interference. However, every game features bogus pass interference calls against defenders! QUIT WHINING AND GET A LIFE !!!

  4. Carlos C says:

    Saints and chiefs should have won. NFL is rigged. Patriots and rams got all the calls. SMH.

  5. Jonathan Diehl says:

    Refs had Rams at +3

  6. healthdios says:

    NFL IS RIGGED. if you guys didn’t believe it before , better believe it now. Goodell is determined to achieve what didn’t happened before which is having a championship in L.A.
    Ironically , the rams were a more honest team back in St. louis when the owners really cared about the fans/players interests. Right now BIG MONEY is at stake, with all the concussion problems , players contracts and protests, along with dwindling tv ratings throughout the regular seasons, this BIG BOY club in charge of the league have to make it attractive for the big markets.

    • r c says:

      The Patriots got in on a fabricated, roughing the passer call too… WWF

    • Christopher Rogers says:

      +MIB MASTER TOY MUSEUM 1979 when you talk bad about a team but remember you’re team choked against them

    • Shawn Golmes says:

      shouldn’t have took this game for people to see it’s rigged it’s sports entertainment they can manipulate the out come of games legally without getting sued these are facts not some made up shit it’s like wwe the just don’t flat out tell you you can look it up it’s sports entertainment it’s rigged fake and scipted

    • shigsho says:

      If rigged there is no way Goodell would have Brady win. Bad calls in both games. Shit happens.

  7. steven reeves says:

    Ok…so you miss the OBVIOUS PASS INTERFERENCE…how bout at least flagging the got damn helmet to helmet hit?! Saints win that game if the ref makes the right call. Bottom line. Credit to Rams. Great team. Lots of talent. Dont mind losing to a good team…but losing to the refs in one of the biggest games of the season and winner moves on to the Super Bowl…yeah…hard to watch and hard to believe and should NEVER happen in any sport. Damn right the fix was in. It was as OBVIOUS as that PASS INTERFERENCE!!

    • steven reeves says:

      +neverlooksatit no…we lost because a fucking ref went blind for not one but TWO simultaneous penalties. Now if you dont wanna admit it…oh well. But the rest of Anerica and the God damn world says differently. So I dont need your validation to prove my point. Every sports announcer and broadcaster echos my sentiment. My issue isnt with the Rams…its with the ref becoming blind and not calling one…but 2 fucking penalties. Now if this happened to YOUR team maybe you would feel like every other human being on the planet does right now..not just me. Some calls will get missed. But THAT SHIT was OBVIOUS!

    • Jeremy Jones says:


    • steven reeves says:

      +Jeremy Jones hey…no need to be all salty. My gripe isnt with the Rams. Nobody’s gonna take your Super Bowl appearance away from you and thats not what I’m trying to do. But had the game been OFFICIATED properly on blatantly OBVIOUS calls…there is no OT and Brees doesnt throw a pick. And you can talk all the shit you want…it is what it is. If it was just me saying this shit it would be one thing…but the whole damn nation is saying it…not just Saints fans. But best of luck to you and the Rams in the Super Bowl. Maybe the same thing happens to you guys and Brady gets the Lombardi. Then hollar back. WHO DAT?!

    • CJ Dillon says:

      To all the Saint fans who are whining. Earlier this season I watched the Saints and Steelers game. The Saints won this game which featured several ridiculous pass interference calls against the Steelers. NO, I am not a Steeler fan. Get over it !!!

    • CJ Dillon says:

      ​+steven reeves QUIT WHINING! Every gams has questionable calls and questionable non calls. I watched several saint games, most notably against the Steelers where the Saints benefitted from several ridiculous Pass Interference calls. GET OVER IT ! I will agree with 1 of your points. Brady and the Patriots have benefitted from ridiculous calls. Remember the Tuck game? It was clearly a fumble! NO, I’m not a Steeler or a Raider fan.

  8. anthony patterson says:

    Both road teams won in overtime with ref interference.

  9. The Resistance says:

    You should be allowed to challenge non calls

    • Chris Noe says:

      Like the multiple face mask non calls against the Saints? One of which would have made it 1st and goal from the 2 instead of 3rd and goal. Instead of tying it up, maybe it’s 24-20 before the Saints get it back. I agree 100% it was a terrible missed call but everyone acting like it was the only game changing missed call is getting annoying.

    • Chris Gaming says:

      Jeremy Jones clearly you care by the way you are copying and pasting this

    • _.A2k._ says:

      Jeremy Jones yeah but I don’t think u realize the saints are the only team that was gonna really make New England lose and now the rams are there and even tho we’re rooting for them it might not happen now

    • Rich Hill says:

      Hell no, y’all tryna really ruin the game now

  10. Brad James says:

    Been a Ram fan my entire life, that said, that was one of the worst no calls I’ve ever seen. Disgraceful to both teams.

    • Sheldon Dinkleberg says:

      +lamont lovett No, because he isnt a sore loser

    • maggie harton says:

      I am a Saints fan! The Rams are the better team. The ref missed a lot of calls the first half that were against the Saints! So dont feel bad Go Rams!!

    • Trev 211996 says:

      +Grass Hopper these are incomparable to an extremely obvious PI.. IN THE END ZONE mind you. And the point seems to be going over your head as there wouldn’t have been an OT had the call been made, I’m sure the whole ordeal lead to Brees being heavily pressured in that OT, also facemasks and holdings have been ignored by EVERY game damn near all season that’s the point so you’rd only adding points to the argument we are trying to make that the officiating has GOT to change

    • Grass Hopper says:

      +Trev 211996 why wasn’t the saints ??? when the refs we’re not calling them on the facemask that would have given Rams 1st and goal one 1 yard line I guess they and there fans ??? when it doesn’t work out in there favor . It’s done and nothing is going to change it. The ball was uncatchable and dam near hut the defender in the back that’s why it was a no call .no matter how you look at it the aints are still loser’s ????????

    • Trev 211996 says:

      +Grass Hopper see but my point is unbiased because I don’t even have a favorite team in NFL yet as I’ve been more focused on NCAA football but you seem to have a clear distaste for the Saints so you think they deserve that non call but it was still deliberate officiating to negate the home team

  11. Don Guillory says:

    What are these people talking about?? Obvious by their reactions the fix was in..

  12. Rasp Berry says:

    Boycotting the NFL and the superbowl this year. That’s just atrocious what happened to the saints and I’m not even a saints fan

    • Travis Devos says:

      +T Reed that’s all sports man. The money and majority of the market is/are on the coast. It’s a business fan’s need to remember that. I’m from minnesota trust me i know how the east coast/ west coast cooking goes.

    • Blism 904 says:

      Did Jaguars wrong last year knock the spunk out us

    • Shawn Golmes says:

      they let you know already it’s fake it’s sports entertainment brah do your research they can legally manipulate the out come of games so the can’t get sued for fixing these games just read brah

    • J. Reapmusic says:

      Same way jaguars and so on

  13. EternalCreator says:

    Pass Interference, Hit on a defenseless receiver, Helmet to Helmet, take your pick ref, standing right there staring at it 6 ft away…

  14. hhumca says:

    The “No Pass Interference” game.

  15. PHILIP CLESI says:

    That’s it for me!   I’M DONE for the season … probably along with millions of people who watched the game on TV and know that the Rams don’t belong in the Super Bowl.   Probably the worst officiating blunder in NFL history!  First thing Monday morning, the NFL should fire whichever referees decided not to call a penalty on that play.

    • Eggy says:

      +Jeremy Jones The call would have ended the game, but they didnt call it and thats the problem. Whether you believe it or not them calling it would have meant that the saints would be playing the patriots in the superbowl.

    • Jonathan Appleseed says:

      PHILIP CLESI Lies. The super bowl is going to be amazing and you’ll definitely watch it lmao

    • Sam Ahmed says:

      Why do you feel this way? Because of that no call pass interference? If that’s what you’re going by, then I’m sorry it’s idiotic. There were plenty of calls that weren’t called for the rams such as the Cam Jordan kick to helmet, the 3 facemask penalties that weren’t called ‘especially the last quarter facemask on Goff, and also the saints touchdown pass that wasn’t whistled dead due to snapping after the clock ran out.

    • LeJon Brames says:

      +Dylan Silchack shut the fuck up

    • DeMarcus Mathes says:

      PHILIP CLESI cjnn

  16. Crazy Bitch says:

    I’m not watching the Super Bowl. And I’m no longer watching the NFL

    • Sam Ahmed says:

      +Shawn Golmes, How’s it rigged? Because of that no call pass interference? If that’s what you’re going by, then I’m sorry it’s idiotic. There were plenty of calls that weren’t called for the rams such as the Cam Jordan kick to helmet, the 3 facemask penalties that weren’t called ‘especially the last quarter facemask on Goff, and also the saints touchdown pass that wasn’t whistled dead due to snapping after the clock ran out.

    • Byroni says:

      Same im done

    • willie suggs says:

      You right this is bullshit

    • Shawn Golmes says:

      +Sam Ahmed listen fuck the game fuck the players NFL has legal rights to fix games because it’s sports entertainment they can not get sued it’s sports entertainment this is what they do they already pick who’s going to the Superbowl before the season starts these facts brah they manipulate the out come of games so nfl put who ever they want in the super bowl when the patriots start winning super bowls after 911 right they have story line if you look at my comments I said right after the rams won i knew patriots gonna win also they are predictable see you gotta look at detail when watching the game not just watch it do you really think a professional official is gonna miss a blatant pass interference call like that in a real playoff game and I’m not a fan of either team they putting it in your face they rigging the games sad but it’s true the fix the games it’s not just one call but they fix outcomes of games it don’t matter who has the better team this is a multi billion dollar industry it’s bout money views so they put story lines together brandy can’t throw farther than a new born baby but they know they will get more views if patriots in the super bowl than the chiefs cause people wanna see him win and alot of people wanna see him lose either they getting alot of views and stupid money.

    • LeJon Brames says:


  17. Chewbacca Flocka Flame says:

    This shit was helllllla rigged. And im a Rams fan…that no call was disgusting and makes me feel like we didnt earn the Super Bowl. Saints wouldve won. Also makes me question my love for sports.. So lame….

    • Quatarius Cobb Tisdale SR says:

      Malik Will you obviously don’t know the rules he threw ball not even in his direction. It was as if he wS throwing to the rams.

    • Quatarius Cobb Tisdale SR says:

      Trenton Gipson He didn’t have a chance no matter how you slice it. It was visible as day he wouldn’t have made it.

    • Josh Aguilar says:

      Thanks for keeping it real homie I agree

    • chewie skywalker says:

      As a steelers fan I can say how do you like it. They call for you when they shouldnt. The Joe haden play that wasn’t interference gets called. But this play doesn’t. How bout them refs.

    • Caleb Delta says:

      You’re not a rams fan! Non called penalties from Saints cost 2 rams touchdowns!!! Non calls were on both sides of the ball. Don’t bend over and drop your pants so easily ya Twink!

  18. john smith says:

    Let’s bottom line this.. Rams offense had major communication problems because of the crowd noise AND rams kept the best running back in the league Todd Gurley on the sideline 80% of the game and Saints still couldnt win lol

  19. Moo WWs says:

    I’m a die hard Packers fan so i have no dog in this fight BUT this was by far the WORST non-call I have ever seen. What on earth were the refs watching!?


      The money

    • john smith says:

      Can’t mention the missed pass interference call without mentioning the missed facemask call on Goff the series before

    • JT says:

      Were u a brett farve fan cause if you are you know plays like that no call is how the saints got to their last superbowl.

    • MrPickelberry says:

      im not a fan of any team in that played last night so i wont be bias. I dont think people have a problem with the rams winning. The rams won cool. The problem is how the saints lost. How ref ball cost a team the game. If the roles where reversed, and the rams got screwed, id feel the same as i do now.league needs to fix this shit. Congrats to the rams for the win

  20. ATLtru says:

    Even if it is was a missed pass interference call, that shit happens to every NFL team. Refs miss calls all the time. Unfortunately it jus happened to be the Saints this time. Im not a fan of either team, but once again this happens to every team. They miss calls in the NBA, NFL, WNBA, etc…. Watch there is gonna be another missed call in the Superbowl, & people are going to be trolling youtube again saying the same thing. Next time it might be a missed holding call, or a missed personal foul call, facemask etc…

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