Rams vs. Bengals | Super Bowl LVI Game Highlights

Rams vs. Bengals | Super Bowl LVI Game Highlights

– The Los Angeles Rams take on the Cincinnati Bengals during Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.

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– Super Bowl 56

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55 Responses

  1. LakeShow Highlights says:

    Cooper Kupp cemented himself as an LA legend in one season, and proved his doubters wrong in the biggest stage of all, congrats to our MVP 🙌

    • Parker Diven says:

      @Shane Miller did you see the “pass interference” in the red zone inside the 10. That wasn’t one,much like multiple penalties against the Bengals

    • Shane Miller says:

      @Parker Diven Bengals got a TD they did not deserve clearly that TD against Ramsey was offensive pass interference no flag.

    • Earth Human says:

      @Misplaced!52 Kupp drew three straight penalties, a defensive holding, a defensive pass interference and an unnecessary roughness, and made important cacthes

    • Kyle Segovia says:

      @Courtney look how many yac kupp had he was making people miss in the open field meanwhile being double teamed. It wasn’t Stafford at all.

    • Henry Smart says:

      @Matt Geiger You have a sad life glad I am not You🙂🙂🙂

  2. Ry Guy92 says:

    I know they didn’t win obviously, but what the Bengals have accomplished in the last two seasons has been nothing short of remarkable.

    • Cornell Finney says:

      @Seros Kal All calls are should noticeable, but we’re talking about Super Bowl fix it the # 2 media market ask the Lakers they know they were help by the referee against the Celtics. Lol🤫

    • Kyle Segovia says:

      What did they accomplish last season? Joe burrow had a losing record when he got hurt also. This season was their only great season.

    • Cornell Finney says:

      @General Smith The game are fix, at lease they seem fair years ago.

    • Cornell Finney says:

      @Purwanti Allan They already won a Super Bowl in St. Louis.

    • 505 says:

      They lost and spent a first round pick on the best player in the draft, it’s expected to be here when you acquire the best players.

  3. Hugo Dalmar says:

    To be totally honest, this is the first super bowl in my life where I would have been genuinely happy no matter who won, both teams played their hearts out, and it was a wonderful game.

  4. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    Being a Rams fan is good these days!

    Bengals tho, these guys are coming back for sure. What they’ve done lately is just spectacular!

  5. AH25 says:

    This years playoffs was very entertaining . Nearly Every game Went down the wire . Congratulations Rams on winning the SB👏👏y’all deserve it 💯💯

  6. Alph says:

    Matthew Stafford deserved this win after his long 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions… But you have to admit Stafford and Kupp combo cant be beat!!! Congrats Kupp for the MVP and the Rams for an amazing win!

  7. AdderTude says:

    Regardless of the outcome, both teams played their hearts out.

  8. MusicalSavior23 says:

    As a Detroit native, it’s awesome to see Strafford win his well deserved ring. I only wonder what he could’ve accomplished had he left earlier.

  9. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    One of the best Superbowl matches I’ve seen, and the absolute best halftime show I’ve seen.

  10. Martin Garr says:

    Burrow and Stafford almost broke their legs in this game but they kept playing that’s crazy

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