Rams vs. Cardinals Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2021 Highlights

Rams vs. Cardinals Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2021 Highlights

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41 Responses

  1. Red Pill Freedom says:

    The Rams needed a win like this badly. It’s been a while since they’ve won against a team with a winning record.

  2. twowombmates says:

    stellar editing. almost like the score just mysteriously went from 0 – 3 to 7 – 3! M

  3. Jonathan Blaze says:

    We’ve been waiting since Oct 3rd for revenge…..how sweet it is! Let’s go Rams!!

  4. Peter says:

    As a lifelong suffering Detroit Lions Fan, that’s the best I have ever seen Stafford play. Such incredibly accurate throws under great pressure. He was 0-17 against teams 5 games above .500, so this has been a huge breakthrough game for him. Good for him and you rams fans.. I am now a huge Rams follower now and its fun to watch a team so explosive on offense and defense with such a promising vibe going into the playoffs…

    • Kyle Garrabrant says:

      @James Bliehall ī

    • PDOG313 says:

      Sooooo Stafford taking an 0-16 team with a top 10 defense ONLY 2 times in 12 seasons, along with ONLY having 11 100 yard rushing games in his 12 seasons here, to AVERAGING 4k yards a season YEARS AFTER Megaton retired, to LEADING THE NFL In comebacks/come from behind games, to having Marvin Jones Jr. & Golden Tate have THE BEST CAREERS SINCE COMING IN THE NFL playing here, something Russell Wilson, & Andy Dolton NEVER EVER did (what are their numbers now? 😴😴) to being the 1st Lions QB to make the Pro Bowl since 1971, to playing with a dislocated shoulder! To having 3 different head coaches to countless O.C.’s ALL that & STILL took them to them to the playoffs 3 times but this is the best game you seen him playing being a life long Lions fan? How?

    • Alvarez says:

      If this is the best you’ve seen Stafford play, you aren’t a lifelong Lions fan lmao. Cause he’s had better games than this

    • REZZ BUILDS says:

      @PDOG313 yeah Matt Stafford had great games was always inconsistent though would blow games against teams the lions should have beat all season

    • Alvarez says:

      @PDOG313 exactly

  5. Craig Paulson says:

    2:58 the editing of the games is almost always perfect. I could forgive most editing mistakes, but leaving out half of a drive and missing Stafford’s pass to OBJ for the first TD of the night is almost unforgivable.
    Until that last minute of the game the officials really tried turning the game into Arizona’s favor. At least that’s how it appeared to me. Good game otherwise.

  6. TampaTec says:

    Basically #1 vs #99 but #15:57 offense line watching QB as 99 blazing past them.

  7. Erik Turner says:

    Glad to see Odell starting to find his way; Mcvay feeds everyone.

  8. T says:

    I’m loving seeing Stafford having such a great year with a team that has a chance to be in the playoffs 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  9. Malik Saine says:

    Kupp is such an underrated player! Everything he does on the field makes sense and his feel for the game and intelligence is just amazing. Greetings from a German fan im looking forward so much to watching a game here in berlin or in munich. please let this happen and trust me fan potential is way bigger in Germany than in UK. I whish the whole NFL community a great time with their beloved ones for X-mas and go Big Blue!

  10. Chungus says:

    Ever since Stafford got traded away from my Lions, I’ve been rooting for the Rams. Man deserves a SuperBowl win

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