Rams vs. Saints Mic’d Up for a Controversial Ending (NFC Championship)

Rams vs. Saints Mic’d Up for a Controversial Ending (NFC Championship)

Listen in to the Los Angeles Rams vs. New Orleans Saints NFC Championship game mic’d up.

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93 Responses

  1. Ben Drescher says:

    I know the no call was really bad, but you can’t deny how good of a game this was.

  2. Past Monster says:

    I’m a rams fan, but the saints did get robbed.

    I’d be pissed if it was my team.

  3. Wakandian says:

    I’m neither a Rams or Saints fan but I was rooting for the Rams and the play that should have been called pass interference was was horrible so the the Saints should have won

    • TylerIsCoolBro says:

      Jackson Scott That’s literally not true dude come on. Can you elaborate? If you’re referring to the face mask on Goff, multiple analysts have noted that that would have only been the 5 yard variety and wouldn’t have given them a new set of downs. You can’t point to any missed call by the saints that would have been as decisive as the missed PI.

    • †RVSTY TEVSPOON† says:

      Wakandian go watch black panther

    • Daniel Coronado says:

      Should of could of would of but they sure blewdat. Lol

    • FEAR The Walking Don says:

      @TylersCoolBro  Min 3:04 another missed facemask on cooks.

  4. Dub Highlights says:

    why would saints fan even watch this

  5. DaWindyCity Productions says:

    Saints def got robbed… But let’s not act like that was the only missed call ? There’s a thing called recency bias which seems to be present here. Saints still had overtime to get the job done but failed to do so… Still feel horrible for Saints fans but don’t go trying to sue the NFL and replay this game ?

    • Reginald Cummings says:

      If they would of got that call it wouldn’t been no overtime period

    • Miguel Cardenaz says:

      DaWindyCity Productions wouldn’t have gone to overtime if they wouldn’t have missed that call tho?‍♂️. Game would’ve been completely different

    • Dry Boy Eazy says:

      DaWindyCity Productions they could’ve got it done before by running the clock and taking the fg but payton wanted to throw the td (where the missed pi call was)

    • Malik Will says:

      DaWindyCity Productions no it can’t. The end of game directly affects result. The beginning of the game has quarters to come back. I know you haven’t played before so stop lol. You can make up for a missed call missed early not with a minute left.

  6. Dub Highlights says:

    you can tell drew brees really believes in himself. and i honor how he holds himself accountable when he misfires or makes mistakes. really wanted to see him and brady finally duke it out in the big one. congrats to both teams involved though.

    • nocmsa says:

      +Danny Branderson who was their deep threat?

    • Danny Branderson says:

      He was in position, that would’ve been the easiest pick ever if he just watched the ball like he was supposed to. But Rams got robbed in week 9 likely costing them homefield and that was just a bad break for us and it was your turn. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaIyy109Hf8. At 3:20 and you will see exactly what I’m talking about

    • Cody Huesers says:

      +Danny Branderson you ever thought that there could be other factors? Like his best offensive linemen tearing a pectoral muscle? Or the starting guard breaking his hand? Or the Saints having great value brand WRs outside of Thomas? It is also possible that Drew was playing injured.

    • Danny Branderson says:

      Outside of Drew playing injured nothing else makes sense. He had time

  7. Kevin Wagner says:

    Interesting how the NFL is cool with labeling their own video ‘controversial’…

  8. Serik Jones says:

    I love how noody talks about the missed calls on the saints defense

  9. Kiss The Rings says:

    oh yeah yeah yeah Brees choked like Favre oh yeah yeah yeah

    • Felix Hernandez says:

      Crystal Dominique did I say I would be pissed off if they didn’t make that call? No. I said I would be a ticked off, there’s a difference… And I agree, almost nobody would give a damn, but some Saints fan would be a little upset, because they could’ve had a higher score

    • AT reddeadthanos says:

      +Felix Hernandez Brees got a chance but then threw a pick

    • Jesse Evans says:

      Crystal Dominique I would still be mad that’s awful refs are you dumb? Who likes shitty refs?

  10. Oh yeah Pulse says:

    Need I remind you that the nfl are going to provide binoculars for the referees next season

  11. Dark Demonik says:

    If Saints fans want to take this game to court than the Minnesota Vikings should take the Saints to court over bounty gate and force them to give up their championship…. as much as I feel for the Saints being robbed I did not hear any Saints fans crying over Bounty Gate…. Just saying

    • Habshaland Habsha says:

      Go ahead and try what do you wait for

    • gray says:

      Most of the people suing aint even saints fans most of them a gamblers that got robbed of 1k+ dollars

    • E Henry says:

      There’s no comparison that’s like apples and oranges

    • blackandgold51 says:

      Let’s not forget in the 3 year span of “Bountygate” that the Saints were the 3rd least penalized team for defensive penalties. (Fewer than the Vikings) Let’s not also forget that the Saints were the 2nd lowest in fines for illegal hits during that time frame. (Less than the Vikings) We should also not forget, that none of the Saints players were punished for on the field actions, hence whether or not a bounty system was in place, the Saints defense did not try to intentionally hurt opposing players or they would have been fined or suspended. Did they want to hit the opponents as hard as they could in the legal boundaries of the rules, and hope that it knocked them out of the game? Absolutely! But, what defense doesn’t want to do that to the opposing team? They’re call “Remember me shots”. You can’t tell me Anthony Barr doesn’t deliver those kind of shots, ex. Aaron Rodgers. You can’t tell me that Everson Griffin doesn’t try to destroy the opposing QB when he has a blind side sack opportunity. Get over 2009/2010 already. Quit making excuses. The Vikings lost, and it wasn’t due to cheating, unless you call scribbles on a notepad cheating in a game. AP fumbled 5 times in that game and lost 3. Favre threw 2 INTs in that game.  Childress made stupid decisions on the Vikes final drive. That’s how you lost the game. Vikings fans always make the same lame excuses. You still blame Gary Anderson and Blair Walsh I’m sure. Where was the rest of the offense during those losses? Waiting to blame someone else if they failed.And to prove my point. During 2009-2011 seasons which were the “Bountygate” seasons. The Saints were fined a total of $55,000 during that time span for illegal hits. The Vikings were fined a total of $160,000. Almost 3 times the amount. I’m not taking into consideration the over $2 million the Vikes were fined for domestic abuse. So, who was the dirtier team? Who was really trying to injure players? Looks like your Vikes aren’t as clean as you thought


    Guys remember, the Saints blew a 13-0 lead so dont say they got robbed.

    • Mandela Effect Residue says:

      You have a valid point there, and that’s hard to argue against. Yes, I did forget about this point. But you have to admit, this really shows how the referees, with one call can change the game at the right moment. Even with blowing that lead, you still can’t argue the fact, that had that call been made, the Saints would have won that game. But the Superbowl? The Patriots are going to win.

    • musiconfigure says:

      Believe it and wear that BLUE and GOLD right to the Superbowl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_UvGcDZ6CE Rams fight song

    • Airees Lulz says:

      they got robbed

    • Airees Lulz says:

      +Marcus Peters Marcus Peters is the most garbage corner in the NFL. Drafted straight out of a prison yard its no wonder goodell refers to players as inmates ? Saints were robbed, The rams didnt make the superbowl, the Pats, the Saints, and the refs are going to the super bowl ??

    • richard heausler says:

      U’m what about the missed PI calls that kept it that close.

  13. Theqwerty says:

    Karma for bountygate 2009

    • Temp Frostii says:

      Nicholas Jandrue lol Sean Payton literally admitted it happened

    • Dirty Cow says:

      AD HB ikr 2010 they lose to a 7-9 in the playoffs
      2011 lose a heartbreaker to San Fran
      2012 7-9
      2013 couldn’t get out bounds for a chance at a hail marry
      2014 7-9
      2015 7-9
      2016 7-9
      2017 Minneapolis miracle
      2018 this play
      Yep that’s definitely karma

  14. Joshua Hodson says:

    While it does suck for Saints fans that the no-call may have affected the outcome of the game, complaining about referring decisions is a double edged sword. Had the referees got every single call correct the entire season then the Saints (who were the beneficiaries of some of the worst reffing decisions this season) would likely have lost a couple more games than they did and would have likely been playing the Rams in LA which may have affected the outcome of this game. There’s an endless number of “what ifs” and possibilities so there’s no point going down that road. Saints fans need to realize they aren’t the first team (and they wont be the last) that may have had the outcome of a game affected by a bad refeering call and just move on!

    • Ruben Romero says:

      Caleb Shirey they don’t neglect it, he’ll probably receive a hefty fine and maybe a 1 game suspension next season which is unlikely but it’s something that could happen because of blow to the head

    • Dalton Brooks says:

      That is a super bowl…there’s no “what if”…the game is over.

    • Killateral says:

      +Caleb Shirey you can’t review for penalties.

  15. Rodeo Stan says:

    So the saints just gonna act like they didnt get away with some bullshit too?

    • Rodeo Stan says:

      +Kalash Operator You’re goofy as hell. Dante never facemasked brees. It was Dante’s body colliding with Drew’s arm that made brees to throw a bad ball.

    • Kalash Operator says:

      Rodeo Stan I have the game recorded. Just watched it. He grabbed Brees’ face mask you clown

    • Rodeo Stan says:

      +Kalash Operator listen here buddy, you have to watch the play at 0.25 speed at a certain angle and you clearly see Dante does not grab Drew’s facemask he just touches it but after he already threw a bad ball.

    • Malik Will says:

      Dylan Bollinger and time would be left right with like two min? Stop it

  16. d0ntfeedphil says:

    I don’t get all the hate on the Rams,what do people want them to do? There was bad calls on both teams especially The PI and Goff Facemask. Hate the Refs not Rams

    • Cedric Bunch says:

      If they call the face mask on Goff it puts the rams at first and Goal. With the chance of a TD is very likely and would have changed the whole dynamic of the Game. Just think about b4 you say saints got robbed

    • Naturally April says:

      d0ntfeedphil Exactly

    • lolface720 says:

      We ain’t hating on the rams we hating on the refs

    • Ryan Johnson says:

      David Ure not really if he had of turned his head he would of intercepted the ball. It was actually a bad throw which is part of the reason I think they didn’t call it.

  17. Solid Steel343 says:

    Despite the bad call, you have to admit that these were the best AFC/NFC championship in awhile

  18. C S says:

    Saints won the coin toss in overtime. They should’ve scored it’s the 2019 nfl

  19. 21JulioJonesMahomes21 says:

    3:16 ??? “WE SCORED BRO!!” ?????Fowler so used to being a Jaguar he still isn’t used to scoring on offense ⚰ BLEW DAT.

  20. Vijay V says:

    listen, the saints didn’t lose because of that call…. but they would have won had the call been made

    • Terence says:

      TylerIsCoolBro You say that now. But they didn’t run the ball in first place.

    • Ruben Romero says:

      TylerIsCoolBro unless Goff had his facemask called also

    • Bigcat 4848 says:

      +YesYou 123333 they would of got a new set of downs letting them run the clock out to around 4 seconds essentially giving the rams no chance to win

    • Marcos Herrero says:

      TylerIsCoolBro it would have been like 35 seconds. And think about last year’s divisional game with the Minnesota Miracle. Or the Miami Miracle this year. A game ain’t over till it’s over and you can only control what you do.

    • Phillip Bakker says:

      Saints would’ve won on that call and there was another face mask missed on Brees that was missed by the refs in OT. NFL is rigged

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