Ramsay Forced to Spit Out BACON & CHOCOLATE PIZZA! | Hotel Hell

Ramsay Forced to Spit Out BACON & CHOCOLATE PIZZA! | Hotel Hell

Gordon can’t believe he’s being served a chocolate and bacon pizza!

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20 Responses

  1. OneToughCookie says:

    Ramsey doesn’t even like Thin Mints, so I think I’ll decide if I like this “chocolate bacon pizza”

  2. Andrej Ericsson says:

    Like pineapple wasn’t bad enough on a pizza!

  3. Tim Stoeter says:

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  4. Donsmacker1 says:

    I love bacon. I love chocolate.
    If you dare to even _try_ to combine them, I’ll find you and force feed you frozen cod.

  5. Nano852 says:


  6. Jack _1078 says:

    Gordon: you like that one?
    Manager: NO!
    Gordon: oh shit, really? ?

  7. Nino says:

    I would have cleaned that plate as soon as Ramsay spat that disgusting pizza onto it. Then I would have taken pictures to prove it

  8. PowahSlap Entertainmint says:

    I guess that pizza didn’t…*meat* his expectations.

  9. Cutie Pie says:

    Gordon Ramsey: “What does that actually mean?”
    The server/restaurant manager: “It means it’s drier than a bone.”
    Me: “Well dang!” ?
    Gordon’s inner thoughts: *takes off glasses* “Amazing!”

  10. Katherine Black says:

    I was waiting for “You don’t put strawberries, chocolate AND bacon on a fucking pizza!”…

    but 2:10 was even better.

  11. VanillaDanila says:

    It’s because the pizza wasn’t…

    *B O N E L E S S*

  12. peace keeper says:

    me: 1:25 oh the dish looks good
    gordon: it looks like someone just shat a brick!!!
    me: umm uh yea THE DISH IS TERRIBLE GOD DAM IT pfff i knew it

  13. Anime Guru says:

    Wow how high were they when they thought a pizza with chocolate and bacon would be a good combo.

  14. TheHexagonGamer says:

    He must have found a bone in the pizza.

  15. Ariel Eliashar says:

    gordons producers- if youll say “fuck me” at the end of a scene, the ratings will bump up

  16. Werloc says:

    The first two actually were plated pretty nicely.

  17. Koldozi says:

    This is why I order my pizza extra boneless

  18. Just Zayed says:

    Gordon- “fuck me”
    Ninoo- “if you insist”

  19. dianna fagan says:

    did Gordon really say “O M F G” its like a white girl is living inside of him

  20. FunZone says:

    The iconic “Fuck Me” at the end Lmao

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