Ramsay In Awe Over Owner Telling Head Chef How To Cook Asparagus | Kitchen Nightmares

Ramsay In Awe Over Owner Telling Head Chef How To Cook Asparagus | Kitchen Nightmares

Customers can’t complain if the owner 86’s everything.

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73 Responses

  1. Captain Avo says:

    Imagine Gordon ramsay in ur highschool comming in and screaming at the cooks

    • Commenting Creatively says:

      Your high school has cooks? Where I went we just had lunch ladies nuking the food for kids lunches

    • Justis Miller says:

      What cooks lol all they do I heat food up in the oven

    • Rex Raptor says:

      +John Shomody nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino nino

    • Captain Obvious says:

      Captain Avo
      I would love to see Gordon yell at the staff

    • Mycroft616 says:

      In my case, he’d have been going to a prison. With the exception of the snacks and drinks in the vending machines, the food in my school’s cafeteria was entirely leftovers from a prison cafeteria.

      THAT I would pay money to see.

  2. biggybtoussaint says:

    “Alright I want everybody’s attention!
    Could I have everybody’s attention! Debbie I need your attention!! HELLO IS THIS NINNNOOOOO!!!!”

  3. Ritwik Nayak says:

    86 my will to live.

  4. The Black Hawk says:

    Good god that woman is a nightmare throwing food to the trash in service hours really WTF

    • Daniel A Millar says:

      The Black Hawk they overcooked a steak so clearly all that perfectly good uncooked steak needs to be thrown in the trash

    • Casperix says:

      +Daniel A Millar Say all you want but at least she got things done unlike her incompetent chefs. It’s not het fault if her chefs can’t cook

    • Daniel A Millar says:

      Casperix lol, the chefs needed to improve without a doubt, but if you don’t think it’s 100% her fault that her restaurant doesn’t run correctly you’re crazy. All she got done was canceling every item on the menu. Also she hired them. So it really is her fault.

    • John Klein says:

      Casperix, that is no excise to throw out uncooked food. Its a huge waste of perfectly fine ingredients and at least the costumers would have something to eat instead of waiting an hour just to be told their food is coming anymore.

      She is/was completely self destructive to her restaurant, way more then her incompetent chefs.

    • The Black Hawk says:

      Food is the primary material in every restaurant , restaurant with no food isn’t a restaurant at all an niether in service hours

  5. Pranab Jha says:

    I was watching master chef junior, so obviously Gordon wasn’t swearing, when I clicked on this video, less than a second in Gordon already was swearing lmao

    Edit: Holy shit thanks for the likes

  6. Feta Cheezz says:

    Nino would *NEVER* 86 anything or tell his Chef how to cook asparagus.

    Nino would instead 69 Denise and then take pictures of his Chef cooking asparagus then clean up after the Chef after dinner service.

  7. Anthony Goodley says:

    Someone needs to 86 Denise tf out of the kitchen ASAP before her biz is done for good.

  8. I'm Questioning says:

    *nothing but respect for my president: Chef Gordan Ramsay*

  9. Epic Tien says:

    86 the owner

  10. Adrian Chavez says:

    86 the restaurant

  11. AZK91 says:

    “I don’t get it, I’m in pain here.”
    “Thank you.”


  12. Anonymous Unofficial says:

    *Greg reminds me of Post Malone tbh*

  13. VatiWah says:

    She seems to be one of those people you don’t want to be in a school group project with…

  14. blameitonablackstar says:

    How tf do you 86 fries 😂😂😂

  15. Steve fromLatvia says:

    I’d like to make a comment but Denise made me 86 the comment

  16. Midnight Cravings says:

    *86’ed the damn restaurant people!* 😂

  17. Peter Mustermann says:

    Me: I broke my leg
    Ambulance: *NINO NINO NINO*

  18. Olympias says:

    lol “86 the fries” *WHAT?!?!? How can you mess up fries??*

  19. candiigurl7893 says:

    So if one person doesn’t like an entree that wasn’t prepared correctly- something that’s not the customer’s fault, Denise just throws them *all* out- even the one’s that weren’t even cooked.

    Denise needs to 86 herself from the business. Replace her with Nino- he’ll get it done.

  20. Monika says:

    The owner is executing order 86 basically

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