Rand Paul Londonderry Town Hall 05-11-2015

Rand Paul Londonderry Town Hall 05-11-2015

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20 Responses

  1. Tracie T says:


  2. TheGamingPukes says:

    ˙llǝʍ sɐ ǝɯ oʇ qns oʇ ǝɯᴉʇ ǝɥʇ ǝʞɐʇ plnoɥs noʎ uǝɥʇ sʎɐs ʇuǝɯɯoɔ sᴉɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ
    ʇno ǝɹnƃᴉɟ oʇ ǝɯᴉʇ ǝɥʇ ʞooʇ noʎ ɟI

  3. ARCHON205 says:

    The comments here are disgraceful. You people are as ridiculous as the
    republicans who freaked out over Hillary Clinton eating at Chipotle. Grow

  4. Franz Ferdinand says:

    You can forget about rand. Jeb Bush will defeat all candidates

  5. DannyLrides says:

    Can someone explain to me what just happened? You guys are all making these
    out of text comments and competent ignoring the fact that this guy just
    licked the camera lens. 

  6. Ethan Schoefer says:

    One of Paul’s staff licked the camera trying to make it smeared for the
    opponent. That wasn’t paul himself

  7. Kelsey Kubiak says:

    It’s not surprising, as you’d have to be fucking insane to support Rand

  8. dreistreifen says:

    +Kelsey Kubiak Why is that again?

  9. Draven Flores says:

    +dreistreifen Did they not respond? I would LOVE to see who they were going
    to vote for

  10. dreistreifen says:

    +Draven Flores Still waiting, I am sure it will be a response full of
    reasoned ideas and thoughts…

  11. Draven Flores says:

    +dreistreifen Yep, i’ll stay tuned.

  12. Beth Riley says:

    Rubber bullets 4 sd.I
    U r a freaking moron

  13. Emma Curvian says:

    Republicans are retards & Libertarians are fucking Loons, but equally screw
    over the middle class

  14. Horseminge Anonymous says:

    +unifieddynasty by enacting a free market, getting rid of the bases in
    government which corporations like to grab onto, and paving th way for more
    small businesses to crop up as to create more competition. I would read up
    on the issue, I recommend any book by Milton Friedman or Anarchy State and
    Utopia by Robert Nozick. Ron Pauls books are also good reads.

  15. unifieddynasty says:

    +Horseminge Anonymous Do you believe that libertarianism will stamp out
    corruption by limiting the state? Do you believe that companies without
    corporate status are incapable of misdeeds?

  16. jim acosta says:

    +Horseminge Anonymous are you kidding brother, all those things come from
    Republicans, except for regulation but that’s to protect the ppl from
    corporatocracy. Furthermore Republicans are always cutting taxes but for
    the rich not the working class

  17. jdseemoreglass says:

    +jim acosta The “working class” already pay no taxes… in fact most of
    them are the recipients of government benefits.

  18. jdseemoreglass says:

    +unifieddynasty Of course companies are not incapable of misdeeds. The
    contention is that government misdeeds are always worse. After all,
    government holds massive power over the economy and over individual lives.
    They can quite literally forcibly take money out of your pocket. When was
    the last time Wal-Mart took money from you at gun point? What is Wal-Mart
    guilty of, after all…. OFFERING people jobs at low wages? OFFERING people
    products of not the highest quality? Yes, I will take corporate misdeeds
    over government misdeeds any day of the week.

  19. M4CoNsiGli3r3 says:

    Right I forgot democrats are so clean everyone. Yay for abortion (murder of
    children) gun control (communist control), socialized healthcare (big
    government) and pushing every minority belief on everyone else (removal of
    free speech and right to think, sounds a little like hitler). Right
    Republicans are so bad lol

  20. RobynHarris says:

    Rand Paul and his supporters trying to capture the disgusting, repulsive,
    vulgar and depraved vote. In other words, playing to their base. By next
    week, I guess they will be removing their diapers and defecating in public.