Randy Orton RKOs Nia Jax after she dominates the Men’s Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble 2019

Randy Orton RKOs Nia Jax after she dominates the Men’s Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble 2019

The Viper shows no remorse against Nia Jax, dropping her with a blistering RKO after she flattens the competition in the Men’s Royal Rumble Match: Courtesy of WWE Network.


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66 Responses

  1. rahul jaganath says:

    Now that’s equality for you ?

  2. Maine Cyclist says:

    Having her eliminate Mustafa Ali was stupid, as he’s not fully established on the main roster yet. There were others she could have bounced without damaging them.

    However, eating that RKO was equality achieved.

  3. MaccaMania says:

    The 30-Man Royal Rumble was actually fairly entertaining. I loved seeing Gargano, Mustafa Ali, Andrade Cien Almas and Aleister Black in there, they all killed it. There was also some really good storytelling with Samoa Joe and Ali, Ziggler and McIntyre etc. I was skeptical at first when Nia Jax entered the match, but seeing some inter-gender wrestling which wasn’t just the women beating up the men was super enjoyable. Everything worked pretty well in the match, even the Kurt Hawkins mini-storyline was entertaining, although I’m pretty sure Kofi botched both of his saves lol

    • MaccaMania says:

      EnMaMu14 yeah I agree, maybe even leave out No Way Jose, who added absolutely nothing to the match and was a waste of a ‘surprise entrant’. RVD teased a return to wrestling not long ago so I was super hyped that he’d show up as well.

    • Yuri Green says:

      *Curt Hawkins and it’s just “Andrade” now, sorry

    • MaccaMania says:

      Yuri Green nah don’t worry that’s my bad, I haven’t been watching WWE too often recently and didn’t know Andrade’s ring name had been changed. Cheers for telling me.

    • João Pedro Speranza says:

      Not only this match but the whole event was one the most entertaining Royal Rumble PPVs I’ve ever watched!

  4. Pablo Menendez says:

    This proves that the PG era is finishing

  5. Thessalonica Reigns says:

    That RKO made Nia lose 100lbs in no time.

  6. Deni zen says:

    Most satisfying thing on the entire show

  7. IndieGamer06 says:

    This moment was both awesome and a huge surprise, i truly did not expect that coming.
    Props to wwe for that.

  8. Thought we were Equal says:

    What the hell! Men are beating women now??

    Makes me want to watch wwe again.

  9. Zandie Anderson says:

    Where Bray Wyatt .?? He’s not here to Royal Rumble ?? .. oh my …. I’m excited to waiting Bray Wyatt , but he’s not here … I’m really look bad for Royal Rumble 2019 :'(

  10. GODWiN Siby says:

    Ok now give her punt kick

  11. alexander the awesome says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact Michael cole thinks Shelton and Apollo are the same person

  12. Philipe Silva says:

    Nia did a wonderful job there…?

  13. Kai BuscusHD says:

    I can’t for feminists to watch this and get triggered! ????

  14. Kai BuscusHD says:

    You smell that. It’s called “Gender Equality”! ??????

  15. Carlton Abosi says:

    So if I RKO my wife, will she press charges?

  16. Jim Jimkovic says:

    Thank you WWE for giving Nia this small cameo in the men’s RR. This is the single most talked about segment in the entire show and caught everyone’s attention. It’s moments like this where the unexpected happens and drama, suspense, confusion & mayhem is created in the minds of a rattled audience that WWE becomes compelling to watch and everyone sits up and and wonders “Now what happens next’? Well done Vince and Team !! Expecting more entertaining stuff like this in the future. Today Nia had fun with her brothers in WWE – RTruth, Mustafa, Ray, Randy and Dolph by taking bumps and selling their moves well. Good show !

  17. Ethan Martin says:

    If she’s allowed in the men rumble then Braun should be allowed in the female rumble

  18. Justin Gonsalves says:

    Randy’s reaction after that RKO was priceless??

  19. Golden Star says:

    Now have Strowman enter the 2020 Women’s Rumble.

  20. Gamer Is Playing says:

    Nia Jax got the perfect reward she deserved. Super kick, 619 and RKO.

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