Ranking Every Cuphead Boss

Ranking Every Cuphead Boss

Cuphead: The Last Delicious Course has finally released, so it was high to rank all the bosses in the game!

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Video Edited by: @TotallyNotJon_

Additional Footage:
Call of Duty Zombies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjYL1QIQq_A

0:00 Intro
0:14 Pirouletta
0:28 Chips Bettigan
0:39 Phear Lap
0:55 Mr. Wheezy
1:13 Hopus Pocus
1:26 The Pawns
1:37 King Dice
2:03 The Queen
2:21 The Knight
2:37 Pip and Dot
2:54 Mr. Chimes
3:08 Goopy Le Grande
3:30 The Root Pack
4:10 Tipsy Troop
4:28 Mangosteen
4:41 The Bishop
4:56 Mortimer Freeze
5:29 Secret Devil Boss
5:53 Cagney Carnation
6:25 Baroness Von Bon Bon
6:59 Cala Maria
7:41 The Rook
7:58 Moonshine Mob
8:29 Ribby and Croaks
9:18 Sally Stageplay
10:14 Glumstone the Giant
10:48 Hilda Berg
11:26 Rumor Honeybottoms
11:55 Esther Winchester
12:38 Beppi the Clown
13:23 Chef Saltbaker
14:02 The Howling Aces
14:49 The Devil
15:51 Djimmi the Great
16:49 Werner Werman
17:31 Phantom Express
18:22 Wally Warbles
19:11 Captain Brinerybeard
19:56 Dr. Kahl’s Robot
21:12 Grim Matchstick
22:25 Outro

Channel Avatars by Charriii5: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1wWQb7GYP6d_FdrNts-DpQ

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39 Responses

  1. Felix SR says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how different us players can experience this game. I had a totally different experience with these bosses. Good video non the less, its always fascinating to hear other peoples opinions about stuff like this 🙂

    • Alex Zee says:

      @coldmisoごみ Not really? 90% of “bullet hell” sequences in virtually any game are less about focusing what’s coming *next* and more so focusing on what’s about to hit you *now*

      I will admit it is intimidating upon first glance, but once you keep in mind to focus on yourself instead of the boss, it gets way easier. That sounds dumb, but it works for me.

    • coldmisoごみ says:

      agreed, but wouldn’t be surprised if dr. kahl’s robot was hard for everyone across every timeline, that boss was hell to beat

  2. Minecraft Steve says:

    It’s much easier to beat the dragon using the charge shot, especially on his last phase, damaging the dragon while firing the least amount of shots possible helps a lot when the fireballs he shoots split into 4 when shot.

    • Minecraft Steve says:

      @Cool cat I mean using the charged bow shot is much better than the trident because the fireballs that the ender dragon shoots split into 4 when shot

    • Kyle M says:

      Grim Matchstick is one of the easy ones to me because of Lobber and Charge. Trying to beat him with the cursed relic was awful though, because it kept giving me chaser or crackshot and set off the fireballs.

      All in all He’s the only world 2 boss I had no trouble with on any difficulty with the exception of the charm

    • Liviu Tatarasanu says:

      @Syrus Grove facts

    • Cool cat says:

      I think he means the ender dragon I mean his name is Minecraft Steve…

    • Syrus Grove says:

      @Liviu Tatarasanu Yeah just use Crackshot it does more damage than Chaser and it will launch towards the closest enemy if you miss the first hit while during only a little less damage.

  3. Raph A. 🌹🍜 says:

    Easy or hard, almost every boss in this game is so much fun to fight and the soundtrack just makes said fights all the more better.

  4. Evan Santoso says:

    In my opinion, Cala Maria is the hardest boss if you are going for the s rank because the last phase is very rng based, for example if you get frozen in front of the spikes that attempt is gone.

    • Tucker T says:

      The king dice fight as a whole made me want to rip my hair out. But the dragon/hydra fight was really easy, i didn’t do simple mode either

    • pichet lai says:


    • GingerVHS says:

      The first time I S-Ranked every boss, she took me the longest by a mile with a whopping 8 hours wasted. But when I recently S-Ranked every boss again, she went down after only about 15 minutes. I just had a good string of events occur all in one run, which goes to show that this boss can either be a walk in the park, or it’ll make your life a living hell.

    • BANAL says:

      and the petrifying gaze hitbox in the 3rd phase isnt the entire beam, just from the eyes to the bottom of the mouth; that should make it simpler

    • BANAL says:

      if you have the dlc, use chalice for the second phase as it kills the eels the fastest

  5. Shefle says:

    Weird how different our experience in difficulty is. I had a hellish time with the bee and the mermaid but beat the pirate on my second try.

  6. Superpotato says:

    Weird how different our experience in difficulty is. I had a hellish time with the bee and the mermaid but beat the pirate on my second try.

    • creb guy says:

      honestly i had like the exact same story lol that bee can suck it

    • MadMaxxed says:

      @vgmaster02if you stand in the back of cagney’s fight and shoot upwards you can dodge every attack
      The brown seeds he throws can’t go all the way to the back corner, so you’re safe from those
      The stuff that gets planted also gets destroyed super fast by the crack shot
      And the boomerang can be dodged by simply ducking.
      The last phase is already easy

      Crack shot OP

    • vgmaster02 says:

      @MadMaxxed Crackshot makes many of the bosses a breeze. That weapon is so stupidly good.

    • Alius 9 says:

      Yeah I only finished the first two areas but I found the Dragon to be not that bad but the Clown to be absolutely brutal.

  7. Zachary Woloszynski says:

    Mortimer Freeze should be way, WAY higher. No way he is easier than the flower, and all the other bosses. I thought he was one of the harder ones in the dlc

  8. Bazinger says:

    I think the carrot is a hypnotist due to carrots being good for your eyesight.

    Also Pip and Dot are dominos, not dice.

  9. JA says:

    I feel like our experiences playing the game were wildly different. Werner Werman and Sally Stageplay were the 2 easiest bosses for me in Isle 3.

  10. hatmo 12 says:

    Grim Matchstick is really a hard a boss. But to make it easier, it’s better to use the lobber instead of the chaser. Because the lobber always hit Grim in any phase and it deals more damage.

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