Ranking the Elden Ring Bosses from Easiest to Hardest – Part 2 [#1-15]

Ranking the Elden Ring Bosses from Easiest to Hardest – Part 2 [#1-15]

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OH ELDEN RING! It’s finally here. I’m 70 hours deep and completely obssessed. The Elden Ring bosses are phenomenal and as tough as the series has ever had. Today I’ll be ranking the easiest Elden Ring bosses and the some of the hardest Elden Ring bosses in part 1 of 2. Last time we ranked Elden Ring bosses including Godrick the Grafted, Rennala Queen of the Full Moon, Regal Ancestor Spirit, Sir Gideon Offnir the All Knowing, Fire Giant, Red Wolf of Radagon, Magma Wyrm Makar, Leonine Misbegotten, Tree Sentinel (Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree), Flying Dragon Agheel, Dragonkin Solider, Commander Niall, and a whole lot more!

Today we get to rank some wild battles like Malenia, Goddess of Rot, Maliketh the Black Blade, Dragonlord Placidusax, Mogh Lord of Blood, Margit the Fell, Morgott the Fell Omen, Starscourge Radahn, Godskin Duo, and plenty more. Mini-boss ranking soon to follow later this week!

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Video Edited by Tion ➤ https://twitter.com/tionsofcoffee

Godskin Noble ➤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAxUwl1oCWY
Margit Downed in 3 Hits ➤ https://www.reddit.com/r/Eldenring/comments/t3s02n/when_you_do_all_the_side_quest_first/
Godskin Duo Footage with Mimic Tear ➤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYIR43hcjbo

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54 Responses

  1. TheDRZJ says:

    I guess you’ve been told already that Lord of Blood’s curse can be uplifted with the special tear for your flask. And ye, Godskin Duo is bullshit xD

    • Salvador Itriago says:

      The Godskin Duo fight shouldn’t exist. I was humilliated hahaha

    • Nathan Petit says:

      @xRevTheoryx bruh ther is no way using the 5 greatshields goobers make fights a joke lol. Im doin a full shield run and with that summon its legit jus 6 greatshields waking at the boss lol, The summons allow more for fun builds to exist

    • Saito Honshu says:

      @Musashi so much salt cry more, its a fucking game. And your way not a better person if you dont use fucking summons in a game…..

    • Musashi says:

      @Kevin Thomas stop justifying your summon use you noob, just learn the bosses and beat them without it instead of having a mini boss stagger and tank the boss the entire fight while you just do chip damage. It’s lame and overpowered, yea sure it’s just a game and anyone can play however they want who fucking cares, but don’t act like it’s not absolutely broken and doesn’t make every single boss fight 5 times easier.

    • Lagua 123 says:

      In godskin duo you can sleep the the fat one with sleep arrows or weapon buff, makes the fight a joke

  2. Desphinx says:

    I wear my Malenia armor set with pride. The fact that she’s 100% completely optional adds to the sense of victory that I got when I finally bested her after about 4 hours worth of attempts.

    • Dc_Kdart19 says:

      It took me 6 hours to beat her

    • Gryffin The Ginger says:

      Nice profile pic, RTJ are great

    • SSJDARK Drakus says:

      Thank goodness she’s optional I thought she was mandatory 😅

    • Zach says:

      @warmbeer ancient dragon is very overhyped, then again I think every boss in that game is tbh. Fume knight especially, he’s only difficult if you don’t use the smelter wedges

    • sinner says:

      @Andrew Godly i see where you’re coming from, but the feeling varies from person to person. the individual will know, deep down, if the first kill that granted them said armor set/weapon was achieved through cheesing, or if it was a true battle.

  3. MIKEdotEXE says:

    Malenia was the hardest boss I’ve ever faced in a soulsborne title, she nearly broke me and absolutely deserves that #1 spot. Still a phenomenal fight, though.

  4. Farmer Brown says:

    Mohg is hard, but he is a lot easier if you grab his two items. There is a crystal tear that blocks his triple ring blood loss attack and there’s another item that stuns him like his brother morgott
    Edit: Purifying Crystal Tear and Mohg’s Shackle for anyone who cares

  5. Welsknight Gaming says:

    Fun fact, if you apply rot to Morgott in the first phase, you can skip his second phase entirely if you don’t hit him again after the point in his HP bar where it would trigger.

  6. Nick McHenry says:

    I was literally rewatching Part 1 thinking to myself “Damn, when is he gonna drop the next video”

  7. Josh Gillespie says:

    Placidusax is one of my favorite bosses. His name is derived from the Latin Placidus, meaning peaceful/gentle/calm; we basically walked in while a dragon was sleeping/regenerating and killed him. If you inspect him closely the wings look ragged and there are scars everywhere. at 13:45 you can see a stump where a neck and head should be, then just after that around 13:50 when he rears up you can see 2 limp necks with missing heads(one is hanging down on our right, and one is wrapped under the arm on our left, pointing up). We fought him like 40% power if we’re just talking head count, and that makes this fight all the more incredible to me. This Dragonlord was nowhere near full strength and still pulled out enough lightning to make Gwyn shiver; just imagine him at full strength.

  8. Throkers says:

    The longest I spent on a boss was just under 2 hours, except malenia, who took me 12. So yeah, she might be slightly hard, just a tad.

    • Lance the Decayed Guardian says:

      @Berry Amv I respecced to dex/arcane build with rivers of blood katana + 10 and mimic tear ashes + 10, you have to be super aggressive with her along with your mimic tear and make sure you have a lot dumped into stamina and FP it took a couple of tries after that to get used to the timings forcthe weapon art but I was able to finally take her down

    • KDOKA says:

      @Berry Amv probably katana bleed with frost the most retarded one with the most dmg output to have her down quickly

    • Berry Amv says:

      @Lance the Decayed Guardian what playstyle did you switch to to beat her?

    • Benji Gardner says:

      @Wise One1494 I didn’t ask, I knew <3

    • Wise One1494 says:

      @Benji Gardner a little. why you ask?

  9. Slade Valen says:

    I can’t wait to see how the community rankings compare to these. Since it’s open world and alot of bosses can be fought at different times it will be interesting to see what fights move up and down on the list based on multiple runs of info

    • Nitro says:

      @Diana Hatter mimic made the fight a joke for me I honestly kinda regret using it now

    • Dida says:

      @Eclipsed Embers I actually copying ongbal strategy when fighting malenia, and the result you can check on my vid it’s so satisfying. ALL HAIL ONGBAL SENSEI

    • Eclipsed Embers says:

      @Zenitux ONGBAL has a guide to avoiding it. you need to run away from the first two flurries, roll into the 3rd, the 4th will completely miss and go off in the wrong direction at which point you can simply walk away from her to avoid the 5th.
      here’s a link to a video demonstration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72_yLXmIJN4&ab_channel=%EC%98%B9%EB%B0%9C%EC%9D%B4ONGBAL

    • Zenitux says:

      @Eclipsed Embers So far i’ve only seen 3 ways of avoiding her combo.

      1: Be far enough away already so that she doesn’t teleport on top of you with the first flurry. If you are near her when she starts it, it’s a guaranteed death, UNLESS you have method 2
      2: Using a greatshield to block it all.
      3: Die.

    • Anthony Willroth says:

      My two biggest hang ups so far have been Morgott and suprisingly enough, Rykard. His 2nd phase just becomes a frame rate mess on an OG xbone.

  10. Phoebe Hamilton says:

    One thing I found with Malenia is that she’s particularly susceptible to guard counters, which I guess is why they made her attacks heal even on block. That said, used conservatively along with bleed and parries it’s possible to get several ripostes in

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