ranking up your friendship

ranking up your friendship

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87 Responses

  1. Artur Renato B.B says:

    If only real life was that simple.

  2. ItzSage 2 says:

    Vine is dead but he still found A wAy to meme

  3. Elleviathan says:




  4. Airmo says:

    I’m still at rank 1 with my own mother…

  5. StickMaster500 says:

    Fire Emblem is a Nutshell

    EDIT: I’ve not played Persona. I’m sorry

    • madison brown says:

      Vella lingwaton honestly Robin and corrin were just one more character to me. Well, Robin was an especially likable and relatable character and corrin was absolute garbage, but that’s besides the point. Fire emblem games are about enjoying the characters. You don’t need to have a [insert wish fulfillment character here] to enjoy it. That said, I haven’t played shadows of valentia either, because cash money yo

    • Rasyadi Harta Wiguna says:

      Nersius play all of them u don’t have to play everyday, like me always play old jrpg like suikoden, breath of fire, SMT titles when i have a time bc my friend keep asking me to play goddamn pubg, moba or any game with serious mode well sometimes play yu gi oh DL just to open packs

    • AzureSteel says:

      You’re a Nutshell.

    • Naqu says:

      F!Robin x Chrom supports:

      F!Robin: Oh no I saw you naked


      Chrom: Oh no I saw you naked


      yeah lets just get married

    • Vella lingwaton says:

      madison brown lol yeah I’m the same but that’s how some people are. If you get the money I would say definitely get shadows of Valentina, the characters are all pretty great and while they have less supports the ones they do have feel less forced then in awakening and fates where people are thrown together because they have to have a certain amount

  6. Axel says:

    Persona 5 in a nutshell.

  7. A level 3 mage says:

    Max rank, hey were best friends now right?
    Time to never spend any more time with you, I have all the effects

    • MIA. MIU says:


    • Wraith says:

      stop, you’re approaching dangerous levels of too real

    • Micheal Hudgens says:

      Max Ranked Teddie’s Social Link!

      Teddie: Yes my Persona is evolving!
      I bet my Improve Persona is going to look awesome…
      Wait my Ultimate Persona lame, and my Golden Ultimate Persona look stupid!
      Screw this!
      I’m going to call upon something stronger inside of my Heart!
      “Then he pull something out of his Heart and it’s a Hat? A Black Hat? Then Teddie put it on”
      Star Platinum I Choose You!

      Star Platinum: Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora!
      “Then he beat up Yosuke”

      Yosuke: Owww! What the hell man!

      Teddie: oops…

  8. Matthew Krumlauf says:

    Those new abilities you just never actually wanted

    • Asan Ali says:

      one-third of a kind WHAT??? That ability is AMAZING dude. Restoring all the breakable objects in a palace is OP m8. How is it a bad ability?

    • Beastwolf1 says:

      After I played through the new game + a 3rd time with multiple millions of the ingame currency after abusing flu days to kill the reaper a bunch of times and you carry over all your items/persona I have no reason to Loot. So after every other fight getting stalled gets annoying.

    • Asan Ali says:

      Beastwolf1 yes, but I am talking about New game. Not +. In NG+ I am literal God in my game (immune to everything but All Mighty and have cap money) so of course I dont need those buffs.

    • one-third of a kind says:

      Asan Ali Well, it isn’t like it does much, I spend as little time on palaces as possible (usually) and going back to collect items after every 5-ish battles isn’t my forte. Besides you need 4 kindness to level up Futaba’s confidant which was kinda late for me on my first run, which, admittedly, was a blind run.

    • Anon says:

      it’s not really an achievement to be op in persona games (once you’ve reached final boss)

  9. 2Bit Creations says:

    Just wait till Rank 6, when he feels comfortable enough to raid your fridge when you’re not home. That’s when the fun _really_ starts!!

  10. Ellie Arnold says:

    (Am I the only one who wonders if he uses the same mustache or has like 200 stocked up or something? Lmao)

    • KappaPride says:

      that’s his actual mustache he sheds it and re-grows it everytime he switches characters. He also doesn’t edit his videos! He has multiple cameras looking at differen’t places and just switches the view from one to the other while instantly moving in place at the right time!

    • Ellie Arnold says:

      KappaPride omg it makes so much sense

  11. Vinicius Cavalcante says:

    ” There’s no going back”

  12. HalfHazardous says:

    You should do a full on “friendship ranking” montage.

  13. PR0MAN01 says:

    Rank 8. Your friend no longer feels self conscious about eating your food.

  14. Chroneplays von Chrone says:

    Miitopia anyone?

  15. Raziel 2499 says:

    What comes at level 69?

  16. Aria Blarg says:

    I’m ready for this Persona

  17. Cap'nCinnamonBun says:

    At Rank 10 your friend will sacrifice their life for you.

    Just like every other friendship

    • Nicholas Brooker says:

      It’s not hard to die. It’s hard to kill for your friend. Harder still to help them when they’ve murdered someone to cover it up. And hardest of all to take the fall for them, go to prison, be a pariah forever, just so your friend can be free and live their life. I’ve never had a friend that fanatically loyal, don’t know I’d even want to. But again, dying is easy.

    • The Redoric says:

      yeah just make sure you don’t rank up any further because at rank 11 they leave you for a girl friend.

    • Meme is love Meme is life says:

      Eyyy its cinnamon.

    • Mat Leiras Xavier says:

      At rank 10 your friend is important enough to you that you can use him as a sacrifice to become an apostle of the God Hand.

    • ToastyInspiration™ says:

      at Rank 11 they’ll sacrifice your life for them for you.

  18. Wilfred Cthulu says:

    Dreams are good what do you dream about?
    I dream about things and also stuff.
    Olivia and Robin’s relationship improved.

  19. Godot says:

    GTA IV friendship system in a nutshell

  20. Hippo Reddy says:

    Persona 5 at its best 😀

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