Rapper XXXTentacion’s car is taken away by police

Rapper XXXTentacion’s car is taken away by police

South Florida rapper XXXTentacion’s car is towed away after he was shot and killed in what police are describing as a robbery on June 18, 2018.

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  1. Mr.Bobman says:

    Rest easy bud

  2. Ericbutler funrun gameing says:

    He was a good man r.i.p comment if your a big fan

  3. MARKO 00 says:

    Rip Xxxtentacion .. loved your music and your personality. You will be missed terribly 🙁

    • Bass Buster X says:

      Cloud Connected I’ve had both my grandma and uncle die. I’m no kid and neither was he, he made deliberare choices of abusing his gf. There is a 150+ pages report on his actions torwards his ex, I suggest yo ugo read that before you try to defend him. I’m not happy that he died, but not way in hell does he deserve to be called a “hero” or a “legend”

    • Cloud Connected says:

      I don’t really care about your opinion my dude either way. Next family or friend’s funeral you go to and someone takes out their dick and pisses on their grave let me know how you feel, because you coming here and just making your snarky remarks and infecting the comments of people mourning is essentially what you’re doing. Accusations are accusations, whether he did it or not he is still dead, and prior to his passing and after he’d been in jail he made a conscious choice to change his life and attempted to become a better person, promoting love and all around just being positive. He self admittedly said “I used to be a piece of shit, and I know it and I have learned from my mistakes.” Had the entirety of my post not just been ignored by you maybe you would have grasped some of what I have to reiterate here.

      You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors or what makes people get to the decisions they come to that define their actions, he is gone now and he deserves forgiveness, meanwhile you’re here like “he assaulted his girlfriend 2 years ago” Like fuck outta here bro, you’re retarded. In your own mind you’re not a kid but to the rest of us you are because you’re immature enough to be here mocking a life that was lost like you’re somebody.

    • Bass Buster X says:

      Cloud Connected quoting you, “you’re retarded”. I never said he deserved to die if you can’t figure that out by reading what I explicit said, I said he isn’t a legend or anything close to what people are trying to make him be. Trying to be a better person doesn’t make your past disappear just like apologizing to the family of a victim of manslaughter doesn’t bring the guy back to life. To get through that thick skull of yours, he didn’t deserve to die but heis nowhere close to a “legend” or an “example”

    • Cloud Connected says:

      go to sleep kid tomorrow is a school day, maybe learn to read while you’re there too.

    • Bass Buster X says:

      Cloud Connected nice ad hominem you got there

  4. Kendra says:

    I still can’t believe this shit 😓

    • Kaybay187 Kaykay says:

      When Jordan went live he was talking about he was dead but a bunch of people were like he’s not dead s
      o I didn’t know how to believe but I looked it up on YT and it’s said he was shot dead.i wasn’t really sad at the time but later I started watching videos people made honoring him and I started crying and couldn’t stop.but rn he’s still in my heart bio and mind .i didn’t want to accept the fact that he is dead but I have to.we ALL have to in order to make him proud of US he’s watching over all of us now.I hope he has a balloon release and a candle lighting. we will always love you x rip 🖤🖤🖤💙❤️💞🙏🏽

    • Kaybay187 Kaykay says:


    • Jazlyn Edwards says:

      Oston Espinosa stfu 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • - Oiduakni - says:

      Kendra Ward tow truck/tow yard workers gonna be prying pieces off that car.

    • Ramyah Gallagher says:

      He’s not dead he has a video saying he’s not dead

  5. That Kydd rxse says:

    When the showed the video of him in the car there was no blood🤔 then it shows the car dosnt have shooting thru it😱 and if u type his name on google it never says how he died 😶..shit just aint addin up 🥀

    • STEPH Yea says:

      Real question is what was in that bag that they had to kill him for,and how did they know he had it

    • ಠ_ಠ says:

      STEPH I’m not sure if it’s true about the bag being took. That would mean the killer was caught with it.

    • STEPH Yea says:

      ಠ_ಠ media always be lying

    • La V says:

      That Kydd rxse or how many times he was shot. They always tell how many shots were fired!

    • Al. Shaw says:

      That Kydd rxse uh yeah it does say he died. You are fucking ignorant. And that video of him is blurred. Also why is window taped? Hm maybe the gunshot busted it. Believe it or not , some people PLAN murders and they arent gonna miss by shooting up the car. When you google his name it says DATE OF DEATH: CAUSE OF DEATH. Shut up

  6. Mariana Ezekiela says:

    An inspiring rapper sadly taken away .Rest in peace X😢😢We will never forget you🙏🙏💖💖May God bless u & ur family

    • Hortator says:

      Maracas It makes no difference, he was no good fucking prick. Beating his girlfriend and then beating up a gay dude in jail? He was a piece of trash. Good riddance if you ask me, he won’t be missed.

    • Maracas says:

      Hortator yeah he will lol, and if you took the time to actually look into him as a person you’d see how much he made an effort to change, esp. in the last year. He literally changed his aggression into calmness in both his music and actions lol

    • Hortator says:

      Maracas He literally intimidated his PREGNANT girlfriend into dropping charges, idfc who you are but that’s a fucking cunt move and shows who he really is.

    • Christian Gonzalez says:

      Hortator Facts, these X stans are corny Asf!

    • - Alicia - says:

      Dont forget Jimmy,they died on the same day

  7. NGlitchesFTW says:

    He was such an inspiration to me and millions of others❤️😭 rip man, hope your in a better place😫😭❤️ will be missed but never forgotten❤️😭

  8. Valdemar romo says:

    Rip love you man XXX whole life

  9. X Tentacion says:


  10. X Tentacion says:

    I am shocked even in this moment! I can’t believe my boy X is Dead! RIP Man 💔

  11. #DabbinDeadpool #Dab says:

    Why do I have the feeling his murder will go unsolved

  12. Foxy Gameplay says:


    • Masift says:

      Yes retard because Broward county police and paramedics definitely wasted time and Money to help a rapper fake his own death.They clearly identified him as who he was and he’s dead. Get your retarded ass head out of the clouds. If he wanted to fake his own death he would’ve done it like any sensible person, in his own house where pictures can’t be taken for privacy.

    • Iam Lexia says:

      But this time it isn’t fake it’s REAL the boy really is dead

    • Lmao Natalia says:

      Deja_Hype he said that in 2016 x said he was gonna fake his death

    • robert bogert says:

      Foxy Gameplay dammit you cannot fake your death when the fucking police are involved he’s not Tupac he’s not Michael Jackson this is a kid from Florida who happen to make a career outta rapping . He dosnt have the clout the money the connections to fake his death ! Stop already

    • BIG PASTA says:

      You really just said “DEAF”???? Are you really that fucking retarded?

  13. Terry Lunsford says:

    Black on black violence.

    Welcome To America.

    • The crap lord Sell says:

      Savannah Dahlia Ummm Calls me salty, yet, calling me names with all caps like a raging child. Yeah, keep humiliating yourself. It’s really entertaining seeing your own irony.

    • The crap lord Sell says:

      PandasUNITE “White people are the biggest drug dealers”. Yeah, I wouldn’t say that. If anything these drugs came from other countries. Whites just took them and got hold of them. But keep in mind. Us black people foolishly allowed these drugs into our community instead of rejecting them. White people got the drugs from South America and Bill Clinton offer the drugs to us and our dumbasses went down with it instead of saying “hell no”. It’s really both our faults. Nothing won’t change for us if we’re constantly using the same old “It’s all whites fault” argument. I look at both sides of the stories instead of looking at one. And Iran was a civilized country in the 70’s. Everything was going great until some corrupted politicians wanted to rule over them with Islam and they foolishly voted in that guy. So no, America was not at fault for this. They done this to themselves. As for whites being the biggest killers. Yeah, whites were evil back than. But it wasn’t just them. You had the Ottoman Empire that wanted genocide against the Armenians and slaughter Christian boys. Muslims treated non- Muslims as 2nd class citizens. Africans warlords invaded other tribes and kill and enslaved them. Egyptians enslaved the entire race of Jews and us. Mongolians invading China and destroyed their cities and murder innocent civilians. Native Americans brutally tortured and kill off other tribes. The Japanese bombed American innocent soldiers in Pearl Harbor. No race was innocent. And to say that whites were the biggest killer is just ignorant. I studied history of the world. Every race we’re the biggest killers not just one. I met bad people of all races and don’t trust no one in this day of age.

    • dr biz says:

      don’t hate on folks for stealing countries…If that’s what you want to do step your game up and do it. Let me tell you something about these fools in power. They work for the “artist formerly known as the Prince of Darkness” he don’t give a fuck what color you are.

    • dr biz says:

      oh and when did CIA become a race?

    • OBAMAhopeless says:

      Hillary Super Predators

  14. However says:

    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
    Mark 8:36

  15. Asmaa Murad says:

    R.i.p x💔

  16. Lindsay Tucker says:

    It’s like he knew it was coming. So sad. Rest In Peace X

  17. zack parsley says:

    I know he may have done messed up things, but he lost his life. We should all pay him some respect. RIP

  18. LaVar Ball says:


  19. Fressh says:

    No bullet holes?

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