Raptors nearly traded for Paul George, Russell Westbrook to try to keep Kawhi – Woj | SportsCenter

Raptors nearly traded for Paul George, Russell Westbrook to try to keep Kawhi – Woj | SportsCenter

Adrian Wojnarowski joins SportsCenter to elaborate on how the Toronto Raptors were engaged in trade discussions with the Oklahoma City Thunder to potentially send Russell Westbrook and Paul George to the Raptors in efforts to resign Kawhi Leonard. Wojnarowski also breaks down what went into the Clippers being able to sway Kawhi Leonard into leaving the Raptors for the Los Angeles Clippers.
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91 Responses

  1. D Whitty says:

    Real deals move in silence. Everybody has said that. It’s not the deals that you’re hearing about that you should worry about. It’s the ones you hear nothing about that always shock the world

    • DThaMaestro says:

      Teams win. Judging players for not winning on poor teams is ignorant.

    • D Whitty says:

      DG 1 bro the pelicans have the best squad right now than they’ve had in the past decade. And they still have money to spend. Kill me with that noise. They were never dedicated to surrounding a team around AD until he wanted to leave.

    • john lul says:

      snakes move in silence

    • Tex Chu says:

      Amazing how they were able to keep that under wraps involving 3 teams (OKC, Clippers, Raptors) and 2 Camps (Kawhi, PG). Kawhi had it planned out the whole time – Ciips or Raps if either gets PG. If neither gets, then Lakers.

  2. DJ ShaqTown says:

    Kawhi basically told PG to request a trade thats crazy, Kawhi Thanos bringing balance to the league lol

  3. Htown Lifer says:

    Russ calling out for PG in OKC locker room

    but he dont know PG aint there no mo…

  4. J Rilla says:

    Paul George knew he couldn’t win with Westbrook that’s why he requested a trade ????

  5. dire mire says:

    The deal with toronto didnt break down because of siakam only, if you listen to Woj there were other factors that the raps couldn’t get over.

    • james vercille says:

      @grrrindz Sounds like the ‘one hit wonder’ really got you butt hurt.. Did you have money on the game and lost?

    • Kosta Tourlentes says:

      They just won the chip. You sound stupid as hell. Stop embarrassing yourself

    • Reformed Doomer says:

      @grrrindz you so salty nigga. Raptors couldn’t match all the draft picks and weren’t sure kawhi would stay even if they got Russ and PG

    • Brick City says:

      grrrindz y’all thought you were gonna get Zion, Kd, and Kyrie and you got randle and Bobby Portis ??. The knicks are a fucking joke and they cancelled a meeting with kawhi cause they wanted to get other players. Hope y’all are happy with a shitty version of Zion ??

  6. Phillip Ealy says:

    Both Indiana Pacers draft picks that’s crazy Pacers wouldve had a championship

    • azma775 says:

      Shane def agree on that one

    • azma775 says:

      Phillip Ealy imagine what PG would look like coming up in the spurs development

    • Phillip Ealy says:

      @azma775 i mean u rite but to be a small market like Indiana they kno how to draft players an make em into all star caliber players all im saying…

    • Bryan _350_ says:

      Phillip Ealy no, literally the spurs have the best shooting coach in the league, he wouldn’t have the shot he has without the spurs

  7. E H says:

    If i were Boogie i would call the clippers and volunteer to take a spot on the roster for that 5 million they have left in cap space.

  8. Tushar Sondagar says:

    Glad he didn’t join the circus and is gonna make his own way w the clippers. Respect.

    • PrinceOfM4rs20 __ says:

      yeah and he’s never gonna win a title again so he kinda shot himself in the foot. karma will come to collect for that snake PG

    • Mike909ism says:

      Best player in LA is Anthony Davis. You can book it, he will be unstoppable, with Bron passing the rock! I’m ready baby.

    • DatsWet-_- says:

      LordFilet Mignon I don’t know about that when he comes back from injury ?

    • Cuh Nation says:

      Raw Status TV you crazy brah Kawhi has passed Lebron

  9. Benazer Dugasan says:

    Okc must trade westbrook to the eastern teams and rebuild with those lots of 1st round picks..

  10. Tim Skeval says:

    although this is irrelevant to the video, Ryan Hollins should not be an ESPN analyst

    • Bax Mrackney says:

      Tim Skeval him and will cain both gotta go they are fucking terrible

    • Roman Paint Pros says:

      He’s being paid by Maverick Carter via LeBron’s money, same way Shannon Sharpe, Chris Broussard, Nick Wright, Brian Windhorst and executive producers are… It’s Fake News at it’s finest

    • George L says:

      Sam Presti deserves GM of the Year. In a matter of 6 years he lost Durant, Harden, Ibaka, and Paul George.

    • TROS SPONSOR says:

      Agreed. That nigga’s commentary makes no sense

    • Brendan Henry says:

      There’s actually some topics I’d like to listen to but when I see Ryan there I switch videos

  11. Allan Oliveira says:

    being a OKC fan (like i’m) is like watching GOT. no character is ever safe.

  12. FrEddy F says:

    Let’s take a minute to realize the Thunder essentially traded Oladipo (before he even had a breakout year) for 5 1st round picks and two solid players ?

  13. Clips 36 says:

    Masai knows better then to trade for Russell Westbrook

    • rodzor says:

      @Cookazor Pascal Siakam

    • Big Boi says:

      So y’all really would rather have the roster u have rn than a big 3 of kawhi pg and Russ ?

    • Chris Clark says:

      Guessing Lowry, Siakam, Ibaka and two firsts.

    • darkwalker says:

      @Big Boi Yes we would. Depth is important, and Russel Westbrook would ruin team chemistry.

    • jamsoup says:

      @Big Boi obviously we’d rather have Russ, Kawhi & PG13… but that was never really an option. now it seems like Kawhi was always going back to Cali, and OKC was just dangling those players to the Raps as leverage to get more from the Clippers.

  14. Myco Lorgeat says:

    We had
    James harden
    Kevin Durant
    Serge ibaka
    Enes kanter
    Victor Oladipo

    • Victor H says:

      Because no one can blossom playing with Russ. That’s why they do great elsewhere.

    • Michael Parker says:


    • Michael Frempong says:

      Myco Lorgeat Dion Waiters, Jeremy Lamb….

    • DarkNate Lo says:

      Kanter trash

    • BrianSmith1993 says:

      @That guy who is banging Ayesha Curry lol he was a 6th man, and he was not trash..being a 3rd option in OKC was holding his potential back, but if he woulda just took less money they would have been the warriors b4 the warriors with Steph,Klay and Dray…Westbrook, Harden, and Durant ill take anyday over Splash bros

  15. LIL BOONIE VERT says:

    All the analysts are now acting like they knew he was going to the clippers.????????

  16. Mc Evens Bien-Aime says:

    All those talks prove that ultimately Lakers was Kawhi last option! The media has it all wrong all this week!!!! mannnn!!! Who was their source finally?

    • Fred Rich III says:

      They never usually have a credible source. They either make it up so that they can sound cool or the person that they are talking to doesn’t know

    • Jerome Martin says:

      Jordan Dekker Right! Cause PG13 skipped on the Lakers and soon as Kawhi called he packed his bags

    • Douglas Taggart says:

      @Neil M Yes, all of them were in play. The reason why Woj is saying that Leonard would have went to the Lakers is, because he knew Ujiri had hangups about the trade for George and Westbrook. If the Clippers didn’t land George, Leonard would have went to the Lakers. However, Leonard likely sensed that OKC would do the deal.

    • Dolled Anguidjol says:

      Jordan Dekker yet if he was to sign with the Lakers you would’ve complained about a superteam .The enigma of a LeBron hater .

    • Mc Evens Bien-Aime says:

      It’s hard to say players don’t want to play with Lebron. I would rather say high level players even though there are some exceptions. We have seen Anthony Davis, Chris Bosh, Rondo, Dwayne wade, Joel Embiid, Derrick Rose, James Jones, Mike Miller, Ray Allen, Shaq (lol), Danny Green coming to Lebron’s team, or wanted Lebron to play with them. We stil have a lot of others who don’t want to but it becomes a debatable question then

  17. UNDERSTAND THAT! says:

    Kawhi Leonard Trade so Big it caused an Earthquake in California. Probably Laker Fans Throwing a Fit.

  18. A Friendly Hobo says:

    Kawhi really is the anti KD. He would rather form his own team and beat the best instead of joining them. The nba is finally balanced. I love it.

    • Mikeman Jordan says:

      NBA was never unbalanced

    • Slimmy Jimmy says:

      The Green Pill Mindset Paul George isn’t a top 5 player. That’s LBJ, KD, Kawhi, AD and Giannis. Not in order. So PG13 is probably top 10 who hasn’t achieved anything joining a team that didn’t get past the first round. Nothing like joining a 73-9 team with 3 all stars.

    • Philipp Ghadiri says:

      Patrick you are stupid

    • Linda Mitchell says:

      Kawhi would have been a Laker if the PG deal didn’t go through. That was his third option. I don’t see him as a anti KD but a player that makes chess moves.

  19. Hasan 1907 says:

    I assume russ is gonna get traded, and with that trade, the okc team that could’ve been a dynasty will be destroyed without getting one chip…
    If they only payed harden back in the day ?

  20. Mr Smarty Pants says:

    It’s Ok for PG to force his way out of 2 teams, if it was Lebron he would have got crucified..

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