RAPTORS vs WARRIORS | Kawhi Leonard Drops 36 Points in Oracle | NBA Finals Game 4

RAPTORS vs WARRIORS | Kawhi Leonard Drops 36 Points in Oracle | NBA Finals Game 4

The Toronto Raptors have taken a 3-1 lead in the 2019 NBA Finals Presented by YouTube TV as they defeat the Golden State Warriors by a final score of 105-92. Kawhi Leonard registered a career-high for points in an NBA Finals game as he led the Raptors with 36 points (11-22 FG, 5-9 3pt FG), alongside 12 rebounds and 4 steals in the victory. Game 5 is set to take place in Toronto on Monday, June 10th at 9:00pm ET on ABC.

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Game 5 ?: Warriors vs Raptors ?: June. 10, 9:00pm/et ❓ ABC

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97 Responses

  1. nikeairjordanfly says:

    nothing like watching the warriors getting exposed lol

    • Tropic Mix says:

      @TeZa IceCapGaming Kawhi hasnt healed smart guy, you’re so delusional its ridiculous. Also, golden state still has 3 all stars, Kyle’s thumb was dislocated, Kawhi STILL has knee tendinitis, and did you not see what happened to van vleet?? You bandwagons are on the slow side

    • Tropic Mix says:

      @Kishou Arima you sound like a completely biased idiot. How about in 2015 when golden state fanboys were saying no excuses when BOTH kyrie and love were hurt and lebron was by himself? Or in 2018 when it took the Rockets missing 27 3’s in a row without Chris Paul for you to make the finals, or when Zaza literally PURPOSELY injured Kawhi in 2017, if there were no excuses then, then theres no excuses when its players on YOUR team that are injured, theres. That’s what happens when you put all your cap space into another superstar player, you lose a good bench. You golden state fans and your excuses even while still having 3 all stars and a former finals mvp on the floor is ridiculous. Your argument about bandwagons is very bad, if you only like the team that’s good at the moment, you’re a bandwagon, theres nothing wrong with enjoying a certain good team, but dont flaunt it like you’ve always been a fan. I thought golden state didnt need Durant by the way? Now all the gs fans are crying like little bitches

    • Tropic Mix says:

      @Harsha Sai klay was out for ONE game (literally dropped 27 tonight), cousins had a couple of pretty good games (one being the game they won) Draymond is the defensive centerpiece, and curry cant guard van vleet or lowry stop with the excuses already, you fanboys are trying to find anything to discredit this series and its ridiculous. You cant say you dont need kd and then say you would’ve won if kd was there, that’s you contradicting yourself. Golden state still had 3 all stars, youre just extremely biased.

    • Moses Alexander says:

      @TeZa IceCapGaming Raptors are playing through injuries & if the doctor clear you to play that mean you good to go. No EXCUSES

    • Josh Dupee says:

      nikeairjordanfly yup the west is weak

  2. Matt Sheppeck says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Multiple bandwagons falling apart in Oakland, California, more at 11

    • Nicholas Vandergeest says:

      You can be supportive of the winner

      Just like politics your canadate doesint win but doesint mean I don’t have respect for the president.


      SquidBag I literally saw this comment 11 hours after you posted it. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED


      BuffaloMafia716 Sports teams that share cities don’t count as much for bandwagon hotspots. (See Celtics and Patriots in Boston)

    • SubjektProductions says:

      BREAKING NEWS!!! The fans that the Warriors lost is now Raptor fans lol SIDE NOTE is it me or does the crowd cheer when Toronto scores to lol ? listen carefully lol sounds like they just cheer whenever the ball goes in regardless who shoots it

    • The Six says:

      BREAKING NEWS: People in a whole country that doesn’t when know what basketball is are now Raptors fans and fans of the other 28 teams in the USA are GSW haters like always.

  3. Michael Smith says:

    Kawhi stopped Bron from 3 peating
    He’s about to stop Golden State as well

  4. Kai says:

    Raptor fans are lit, hearing “Let’s go Raptors” in the bandwagon arena was great

  5. cardsblues219 says:

    Steph Curry said after Game 1, “It’s fun to be down 1-0 on the road. ”

    How does it feel to be down 3-1 on the road?

  6. Brandon Thomas says:

    Just think about it, this dude Kawhi is literally a 3PEAT killer, first against Miami, and now. So Cold-blooded, amazing, nothing phases him.

    • Zen Master says:

      Lol in 2014? No sir the heat would’ve had that series. Kawhi’s defense on lebron and last 3 games scoring were huge. Wake up dude.

    • Brandon Thomas says:

      @Charles Needs Donuts Barkley the actual definition of 3PEAT, regarding sports…look it up bro ?

    • Edwin Hernandez says:

      @Eric Monugian let me clarify. Magic Johnson fucked up Lakers by signing Lebum to a 34 year old choke con artist. It’s still not as bad as Daryl Morry signing CP3 to a maximum 3 year deal. That being said yes Lakers are fucked unless we get AD plus Kawhi and or get rid of Lebum shitty contract.

    • Jiren The Gray says:

      +Edwin Hernandez Stop disrespecting Lebron. He’s not a bum and he’s not a choke artist.

    • Tropic Mix says:

      @PugLife 101 no they wouldn’t have, you’re retarded

  7. P L says:

    Turns out Max was right all along…
    Skip crying himself to sleep rn

  8. D S says:

    Kawhi playing like MJ these playoffs n finals .. if raps win. This could arguably be one if the single best seasons from an individual.

    • John Long says:

      Keisha Jones didn’t Lebron lose that finals ??

    • Tropic Mix says:

      @Big money tom he averaged 26 points a game in the regular season, he did good then too.

    • Tropic Mix says:

      @YouReallyDontKnow you mean the same Iverson that was such a ballhog that he never won shit, even with a prime melo, the same melo that even Billups could win with? I’ll give you the others, Magic won the championship his rookie season. Iverson is my 3rd favorite shooting guard ever and was influential to the game, but Kawhi is the 6th player in NBA history to have 14 30+ point games in the playoffs. Lowry? You mean the same playoff choker Lowry that combined for 10 points in the first 2 finals games? The siakam that dropped NINE in game 2? Gasol? The SAME Marc Gasol that dropped a massive 6 points in game 3? Yes, they’re playing great as a team now but there were MANY times this playoffs where they played like complete shit and Kawhi had to carry them, if Kawhi wasnt dropping 35 a game Toronto wouldn’t have even gotten past philly and been in the eastern conference finals. Then, he proceeded to lock Giannis up. You’re a complete idiot if you dont think this dude is at the very least top 5 in the NBA right now. I love how dumbasses act like once a player is doing great that it’s all because of their team, haters do NOT wanna accept that Kawhi isnt a system player lmao. Also “really good”? You say that like this motherfucker is luka doncic, donovan Mitchell level lol, he is GREAT. He said ONE OF the greatest seasons, which it is. I love how Bronsexuals have this mentality where if your team isnt complete garbage you get 0 credit lmao

    • Kevan Jackson says:

      @YouReallyDontKnow The rest of his team is booty. You must be fucking blind. Khawi is the team. He’s the only player out there playing consistently.

    • IateTreys BigSmellyNastyAssHole says:

      D S I wouldn’t say regular season but definitely playoff performance

  9. Rayz Rub says:

    Raptors Win. Drake is gonna be a fool on all Social media tonight..

  10. Secret Agent Randy Beans says:

    I wonder if draymond is still all positive and confident now.

  11. kingejiro says:

    Kawhi Leonard. Enough said

  12. MORTAL KOMBAT says:

    Lin about to get a NBA Ring before Melo

  13. Steven Cravens says:

    The entire NBA salutes you, Raptors. So much fun watching the warriors lose. One more to go.

  14. California Condor says:

    Toronto has won 13 of the 16 quarters in this series ,the numbers don’t lie!

    • Silver Is The Name says:

      California Condor and lost 2 quarters tonight so out of three games and only losing 2 quarters against defending nba champions is crazy

    • California Condor says:

      @Silver Is The Name no man, they only lost the first quarter tonight. 2 out of the last 12 before tonight and 1st quarter tonight. That’s 3 all together.

    • Dame DOLLA says:

      And they won both regular season games. Toronto has been better all season.

    • Julius Ulit says:

      The Raptors has more depth and length.

  15. dhaus09 says:

    This is happening everybody stay calm!

  16. Caleb Holliman says:

    Ibaka and Marc gasol need a ring



  18. Stanley H says:

    Paul Pierce was right when he said today was the last time the warriors are playing in Oracle Arena

    • Marcus Weathers says:

      I saw that Jalen Rose Chauncey Billups and that goofy lady they have in the middle of them all line up and kiss his butt and then take him out to dinner and let him eat whatever he wants on them he was right Paul Pierce ???.
      GSW got served HUMBLE PIE”..

  19. Mike says:

    If warriors don’t win Demarcus cousins take a L for tryna get a ring the easy way

  20. TRISTINO A. says:

    I swear I am never watching the NBA ever again if the Warriors comeback from a 3-1 deficit

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