RAPTORS vs WARRIORS | Toronto Knocks Down 17 Three-Pointers | NBA Finals Game 3

RAPTORS vs WARRIORS | Toronto Knocks Down 17 Three-Pointers | NBA Finals Game 3

The Toronto Raptors take a 2-1 lead in this best-of-seven series as they defeated the Golden State Warriors by a final score of 123-109. Kawhi Leonard led the Raptors with 30 points (9-17 FG), to go with 7 rebounds and 6 assists, while Stephen Curry recorded an NBA Playoffs career-high 47 points (14-31 FG, 6-14 3pt FG), alongside 8 rebounds and 7 assists for the Warriors in the losing effort. Game 4 is set to take place on Friday, June 7th at 9:00pm ET on ABC.

Game 4 ?: Raptors vs Warriors ?: June. 7, 9:00pm/et ❓ ABC

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76 Responses

  1. Meem Memes says:

    Steph Curry (back) questionable for Game 4.

  2. OTJ ToxicTurtle says:

    Warriors: YAWWWWWN Too Easy

    Raptors: Wut da fick u jus say to us


    Danny Green a whole different player in the finals

  4. G10VANN1 TH3 G35 FAN says:

    Us spurs fans remember when we had green and Kawhi ??

  5. Mike R says:

    So based on these past 3 games, what I’ve learned is that as long as the raptors have more than 109 points they’ll win. Lol, warriors have scored 109 points each game so far. Funny

  6. TheDarkenedLightGem says:

    I feel for Steph. He was the only one scoring. This must be how LeBron felt last year…

    • Ragnarok says:

      Imagine his burden carrying all that money and endorsements…

    • CoolBreezy#9 says:

      Difference is that LeBron is trash, Curry is not

    • I Slay says:

      Roman Rouge big facts

    • I Slay says:

      Bro if Lebron had the teammates Curry had 2nite Lebron would of won let’s be real

    • Jay Manning says:

      @I Slay what ifs don’t change history, LeBron’s pretty much been able to choose his own team throughout his career and he’s 3-6 in the finals despite that, he’s also dissapeared in multiple final’s series, didn’t even make the playoffs this year, the longer he plays it seems like his legacy is only getting worse

  7. Remy Martin says:

    fans of 29 other teams are happy tonight LOOL

    • I Slay says:

      real recognize real nigga they won A title without Durant goofy 1 not 2 or 3 but 1 title without durant and that was against a hurt CAVS they lost next year to the exact same team without durant bc the CAVS were HEALTHY this game is just showing that without KD Warriors are overrated and Curry can’t super carry like Lebron

    • washburn11000 says:

      @小谷八輔 I’m a Celtics fan and in no way do i hate the Warriors, in fact if Kawhi wasn’t on the Raptors (he’s my favorite player), I would love to see GS get a threepeat cause it hasn’t happened in a while since Kobe and Shaq did it on the Lakers

    • washburn11000 says:

      @I Slay the Warriors won 73 games without KD too…

    • Cr8zyH says:

      I’m enjoying this series. Lol

    • Cr8zyH says:

      @AstroBorne ???

  8. CORONADO 4LIFE says:

    Game 1 Warriors score: 109
    Game 2 Warriors score: 109
    Game 3 Warriors score: 109
    What a coincidence!

  9. Caleb Holliman says:

    The finals experience finally comes in handy for Danny green

    • Drip gawwd says:

      This Toronto team is hungry. Raptors in 6

    • Steven O'Donnell says:

      Drip gawwd ya sure dude. I hate GS but toronto was lucky klay and kd werent playin. Toronto is not winning in 6 dont kid yourself. This will be a 7 game series if toronto keeps up the intensity. Youre forgetting how historically great GS is just after a couple games

    • Jhonni Boii says:

      Steven O’Donnell everyone knows how good GS is but i still think in 6. Even if KD and Klay play.

  10. Jaden Jones says:

    Lebron calling curry rn asking him how it feel carrying a team

    • Devin Willard says:

      @Jason D the only year love and kyrie showed up was 2016 and the Cavs won the championship.. the warriors still have Green and Cousins.. the Raptors have Kawhi and the Warriors have Steph as super stars right now there is absolutely no excuses..

      And if you remember when Kyrie and Love went down the first year no one gave the Cavs any sympathy.

    • theloverswineverytime says:

      Jason D ….Oh yeah, they helped. But what about last year and all of the other years in Cleveland?

    • CoolBreezy#9 says:

      He’s been doing it for the last 5 years

    • Chris Huerta says:

      @Jason D love lmao ?? that niggas ass

    • real recognize real says:

      What do you guys think about America trying to start a war with Iran??? Iran’s allies(mainly Russia)have all said they have Iran’s back.And they all possess nuclear missles.So what in the hell you people think will happen to America when they invade Iran?? It’s gonna get hot in America.REALLY HOT!!!There will be no more sports to debate about…No more loud mouth Steven A Smith etc….

  11. Star Fall says:

    Raptors were straight ballin

  12. California Condor says:

    Toronto superfan # 55 (Indian guy with the turban) ,was at the game in Oakland!
    Now that’s a real fan ,good for him.

  13. 148.g fORliFE!! says:

    At 9:07 was the Toronto loudest fan cheer than the Golden State fans loud cheer in the first half…crazy Toronto all the way. Crazy game 7 in the future of NBA…

  14. Bigg B says:

    Curry gonna trade the team after the finals like lebron did

  15. misha’s a cinnamon roll says:

    y’all have to remember Kawhi and Danny were mentored and developed around the greats such as Tim, Manu, and Tony… not to mention Pop. It’s no wonder why Danny and Kawhi have been snapping

    • Jhonni Boii says:

      misha’s a cinnamon roll shit it took forever for Danny to start feeling it, but since I’m a Raptors fan (not really on for the finals) better late than never ??

    • theloverswineverytime says:

      Danny Green is only good for shooting wide open 3-pointers. What kind of development does it take to do that?

  16. Adot Burr says:

    No sight sweeter than Golden State fans clearing the building early

  17. Kenneth Petovic says:


  18. a visual device says:

    With every three Toronto sank, Curry was more and more visibly pissed.

    • MeiJah Mitchell says:

      Seriously though…..He was like; DAMN ! These MF’s here just won’t let up, I’m tired asf.

  19. Richard Catalina, Jr. says:

    The more I watch Leonard, the more impressed I am with this guy. He is a complete package. And, a silent leader on the court. Love it.

  20. Elite Agent says:

    whenever Serge Ibaka gets a block he’s face is just??

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