Rarest Frog in the World?

Rarest Frog in the World?

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote is on the search for one of the rarest frogs in the world, the Lemur Leaf Frog!

Joining the crew on this expedition will be Brian Kubicki, one of the most renowned amphibian specialists in Latin America. Brian has not only discovered and named many species of frogs and salamanders but he has also reintroduced the incredibly rare Lemur Frog to his reserve in hopes of keeping this species alive and on the planet.

The Lemur Frog itself is critically endangered across the globe and only one step away from being considered extinct. So with this frog being so rare you might wonder…will the team actually be able to find one?

Get ready to find out!

HUGE THANKS to Brian Kubicki for joining the adventure and hosting the crew at this location! To visit his amazing amphibian reserve check out his website for details – http://bit.ly/crfrogs

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20 Responses

  1. Fuggie Mcnuggies says:

    The rarest pepe

  2. Jailan Simon says:

    It has the eyes of my little brother 😂

  3. SoCheddar Cheese says:

    If this comment gets lost in the comment section… remember me

  4. Cj Bouchillon says:

    coyote the typa dude do see a spider in his house and make a on location on it

  5. Stimpy 先輩 says:

    *Rarest Frog in the World*


  6. Dr. Insane says:

    That Beard Grow so Fast

  7. EessaDev says:

    Before this video goes on trending.

  8. A Kuntz says:

    The rarest dat boi

  9. SceNoxXx says:

    this frog is lucky that you are not french

  10. Stargell Core says:

    How to catch a frog
    Step 1: Put hands around it
    Step 2: Die

  11. Aiman Abdullah says:

    Name a depressed coffee


  12. A10 says:

    You guys are awesome! Coyote has so much respect for wildlife and it’s contagious. Your videos have brought me so much joy! I only hope that more people will respect animals as much as you do. Good luck on future episodes and you can count on me to watch and enjoy! GodSpeed.

  13. FILTHY says:

    I once knew a frog that was depressed, he Kermit-ed suicide.

  14. A10 says:

    If I had a dollar for every time I enjoyed watching one of Coyote’s videos I’d have 283 dollars.

  15. oliven says:

    pepe is the rarest frog

  16. T D says:

    I prefer my frogs to be *Medium Rare*, but couldn’t any *Uncooked Frog* be considered to be the *Rarest*?

  17. GR3G 1NAT0R says:

    Almost as rare as finding a girlfriend

  18. Online Girl says:

    Who else is watching without socks ?

  19. mon noo says:

    The number of likes I get is the number of days I will go WITHOUT masturbating.

  20. Katherine Black says:

    9:17 Cover the bottom right part of the screen where Coyote’s mouth is and pretend the frog says “Stay wild” when it winks at you.

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