Ravens dominate 49ers, Can the Chiefs turn things around before the playoffs? | NFL | THE HERD

Ravens dominate 49ers, Can the Chiefs turn things around before the playoffs? | NFL | THE HERD

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 33-19 on Christmas Day. Colin Cowherd and Nick Wright discuss if Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is now the frontrunner for MVP, and if 49ers QB Brock Purdy showcased his limitations. Plus, whether or not the Kansas City Chiefs can be trusted to fix their issues before the playoffs.

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Ravens dominate 49ers, Can the Chiefs turn things around before the playoffs? | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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49 Responses

  1. @TheHerdOnFS1 says:

    Check out the What’s Wright? with Nick Wright podcast: http://sprtspod.fox/WhatsWright_YT

    • @JoeCruz-hs2yt says:

      chiefs are done won’t repeat!

    • @dilwalecricket says:

      It’s hard to have elite talent around your QB when that said QB is taking huge chunk out of your salary cap

      That’s what made Brady special he always took a below market deal

      Also Nick can hate on Josh Allen all he wants but for the very first time in his career Josh finally has a running game. Before this Josh was the whole offense

      40 total TD with 2 games to go. And has beaten chiefs multiple times. Nick acts like chiefs will continue to win because they have an elite QB. Other teams have gotten better and their own division is much better than years past

    • @Khimari-vs8hm says:

      This is why I don’t watch this show, you sound dumb. You say Belichek wouldn’t go to the Chargers because they wouldn’t let him run everything, well then why would he go to Dallas where there’s no way Jerry is going to let Belichek run things.

    • @davemauriello8088 says:

      @@dilwalecricket Mahomes is taking less, just like Brady did. Did yo not see all the videos Mike Florio made in the off season about how the Chiefs were underpaying Mahomes?

    • @bryanpotter3882 says:

      Kansas city chiefs are frauds

  2. @smh0825 says:

    What Nick refuses to accept is that while Reid/Mahomes have been “there” before (playoffs, Super Bowl), they have never been “here” before (9-6 and struggling in December)

  3. @InvestBetter. says:

    Lamar Jackson is the MVP, not because of his stats. He’s not “Offensive Player of The Year”
    He’s MVP because on a field of MVP candidates and future Hall of Famers, he was the best player on the field, by a good margin. he won the game, offensively, by avoiding every rush (but one) and extending every play until he won. That’s what MVPs do. CMC and Purdy didn’t do that. Lamar did.

  4. @billsboyak47 says:

    This is the guy who predicted the Chiefs would go 20-0 😂

    • @steveoshei1819 says:

      He obviously doesn’t understand the and never played the game. He talks with a false authority that sounds convincing to others who don’t understand the game. But in reality he’s like a child blindly rooting for his dad’s favorite team. ” the Chiefs will go undefeated this year”! He doesn’t deserve to get paid for his sports knowledge.

  5. @tjayd1225 says:

    Nick is so funny. The ravens have literally the #1 defense in all of football. They predictably made Brock look bad, they’d make any other QB look bad, they’re best at what they do. But if by any chance Brock had a good game he would just blame the weapons like everyone w that same tired casual take

    • @garyweglarz says:

      Stafford and the Rams put up 31 points on the Ravens in Baltimore with 3TD passes and no picks – and lost in overtime. So, maybe not “any other QB” look bad- credit where it’s due – eh. Just saying.

    • @brandnew8633 says:

      Niners are overrated and brock fraudy will be exposed in the playoffs

    • @fiedler230 says:

      @@brandnew8633 Takes like these make me laugh and thank god I am not this stupid because they are not frauds obviously.

    • @elyjahlyons722 says:

      This would be valid if people were just saying that he was a good quarterback. People are saying he’s the MVP OF THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

    • @Scar_instinct says:

      @@elyjahlyons722 mvp is about the best playing QB of that season so far – a mediocre player could have a good run and deserve mvp

  6. @leviathanskye says:

    Nick slams the Bills for “almost losing”, but his Chiefs lost to Aidan O’Connell and the Raiders WHO DIDN’T COMPLETE A PASS AFTER THE 1ST QUARTER! A win is a win, however, a loss to the Raiders with O’Connell at QB is downright embarrassing.

  7. @logitech12345678910 says:

    Mahomes isn’t playing well at all. Never a mention of his poor performances yet other qbs have their interception dissected.

  8. @walter2695 says:

    Nick Wright is morphing into a southpark character more and more every day.

  9. @JBullock54 says:

    They aren’t turning things around this season, Nick. They are what they are

  10. @GoatedAtNFS says:

    the Browns and Rams are the most underrated teams in the league

    • @soldierforChrist1418 says:

      Even when the Rams were 3-6 and I said look out for Rams people were still laughing at me. I also hope that the Jags play better.

    • @daboss258 says:

      As a Ravens fan I agree.

    • @zcam1969 says:

      bills too

    • @stevegoldson67 says:

      Seahawks as well at 8-7. Three losses that came down to the wire and were more just unfortunate than anything. If any small number of things fall their way (refs, injuries, playcalling, o-line play, etc.), they’re beating Cincy, Dallas, and LA on the road and they’re 11-4 and in contention for the #1 seed.

    • @soldierforChrist1418 says:

      Anything is possible but what I would really like to see would be the Lions get the number 1 seed, the 49ers number 2 seed, Seahawks get the number 7 seed. Seahawks play the 49ers and beat them! Rams get the 6 seed and play the number 3 Eagles and beat them

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