Raw: Fire Breaks Out at Dubai High-Rise

Raw: Fire Breaks Out at Dubai High-Rise

A fire broke out in a residential building near Dubai’s massive New Year’s Eve fireworks display. (Dec. 31)

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20 Responses

  1. jirka sejkora says:

    thats why you dont fly cars through buildings..

  2. OCHO says:

    Practicing for 9/11 2.0?

  3. JustAPug Bro says:

    Lol the foil hat wearers are out in force on this vid.

  4. TheFightaz says:

    You would expect this building to fall like a controlled demolition due to
    office fires, but not if it’s not rigged with explosives like the wtc on

  5. Mike Melina says:

    I’m assuming everyone got out already, right? Th.en I can say this: That is
    a “Towering Inferno”.

  6. Wilson Lawson says:

    Amazingly it didn’t fall down! Go figure.
    Maybe Arab sky scrapers follow different rules of physics to American sky
    scrapers in New York.

  7. Franko USA says:

    Did the steel columns melt??

  8. Flame 27 says:

    I was there. the fire started in the middle. how did it spread up AND down.
    does fire spread down?

  9. jirka sejkora says:

    ya..and somehow im decentisied to this happening over there

  10. faceSpace says:

    Oh no! I heard fire can bring down high rises.

  11. Matt Biden says:

    Hey tard-o’s. on 9/11, The fire and impact of the jet weakened the steel
    beams, not melted them. Also, Steel does melt that’s how you make it.

  12. Sportsdude 432 says:

    Probably a hoverboard caused it…

  13. jirka sejkora says:

    im not cheering for it. its a brutal act which claims many innocent lives
    and is no accident. i can only think its aa retalliation and a message to
    ongoing threats.. if you wage war no matter how minisculle it is.. as in
    burning down statues of cities. It is always a message and this needs to
    stop! This eye for an eye mentality is what keeps feeding these acts of
    war..there is a better solution but nobody seems to see it and i must
    clarify its not a religious bound solution!

  14. Mike Adams says:

    stupid muslims

  15. Blodus says:

    Wow the “truthers” are out in full force

  16. DataSerpent says:

    I hope no one is in that building, the fire look like it started in a few
    different places

  17. It's Magic says:

    Is this real?

  18. jirka sejkora says:

    ok sure.. it might not collapse.. but for fire like that to erupt.. youre
    making my point. there are enormous fire supression systems in these
    buildings. You cant just start a campfire without alarming all these

  19. Shamen Underground says:

    imagine all the flaming keffiyehs and burkas running about the streets

  20. aidan frison says:

    Looks like bush has gone international