RAW: George Bush dancing during Dallas memorial service

RAW: George Bush dancing during Dallas memorial service

George Bush seen dancing, so to say, during interfaith memorial service for the five Dallas, Texas police officers killed in an ambush at a march against police brutality.

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20 Responses

  1. - Lethe says:

    A gifted clown, at any moment

  2. Wendy says:

    this is supposed to be an emotional event but you see these presidents
    clowning around

  3. Grateful Floyd says:


  4. 22FIFA says:


  5. BitchAssNiggaWoodySenpai says:

    He a savage for that

  6. Алим Аристократ says:

    И по приказу этого уебка, столько человек сложили головы?!?

    Ну еп твою мать, что за куйня

  7. Jay da Costa says:

    Smacked off his tits…massive disgrace!

  8. k4z3_pt says:

    Just stop talking about Putin after you elect the criminal Hillary Clinton
    and we’re cool ‘merica …

  9. LoboLakerGaming says:

    He was trying to sing a happy song happily. And, he actually spoke about
    the police officers in his speech instead of politics and advancing his
    personal political agenda, unlike Obama.

  10. Legate Lanius says:

    Ohhhh boy.

  11. Роман Курдюков says:

    Калинку сбацал бы ещё!=)

  12. Mexican Cheddar says:

    He knows that hes proud of something bigger than this back then

  13. MilitaryChanel says:

    Fucking America…alcohol,drugs,sodomia..bush,obama.

  14. Lex Luthor says:

    Who let Georgie out of his play pin again ???

  15. cesare bachelli says:

    and why are the dislike almost at 50%. He was clearly dancing, not exactly
    like those in the pub. He was clearly swinging it and having a good time at
    a solemn event.

  16. Doomtrigger says:

    lmao did he malfunction

  17. Michael Coffey says:

    hes high af lmao

  18. Brazconj ny101 says:


  19. Al Capone says:

    he’s also the only one not wearing black

  20. Lyrical kingz says:

    He got high alright I was their.